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Heat Meltdown! 4.9.18

The Oklahoma City Thunder clinched the playoffs with an impressive victory over the Miami Heat. The Heat fans didn’t really comprehend what was going on. A lot of coach hating and a lot of officiating hating. They didn’t even talk about the Russ triple-double, besides calling him a stat stuff. The only thing he was stuffing on Monday night was them W’s! Enjoy the meltdown!

  • Is this a game the Heat even want to win? If they want to lose, am I really in? Not sure…
  • Watch us blow them out.
  • Think I loss my typewriter, haven’t touched over a year, now I’m annoyed
  • So, what happens to thunder if they get eliminated in first round? Iggie?
  • I’m tired of losing, can we win this game?
  • Holy chit what a start
  • wow Heat looking like a pretty decent playoff team right now, 03/04 Pistons 2.0
  • Melo sucks
  • 16-1 LMAO
  • Did OKC get trashed in SoBe last night?
  • So many FT bailouts this quarter. You lucky OKC
  • wtf melo plays defense??
  • i have an exam during wednesday’s game smh i’m in shambles
  • GTFO fatty felton
  • Felton always walks around like he needs a hip replacement
  • dont like playing this thunder team, weird team
  • okc 15-5 run since i’ve turned on the game smh I SORRy
  • Up 6 after that start is pitiful.
  • Man, this is just a parade to the line for OKC huh.
  • Uh oh, Russell getting warm
  • Why is PG so open all the time
  • man, PG so smooth
  • no resistance at the rim against brodie
  • These refs got me hot.
  • How many rebounds is Westbrook gonna get! THIS IS MADNESS
  • i thought PG was in a slump…?
  • Never in my life have I seen someone stat stuff the way that Westbrook does.
  • This ain’t my first rodeo; Wade is just saving his threes for the Elimination games.
  • we are making them take tough shots. i like our chances
  • letting okc bench score is no bueno. careful
  • Who do we gotta stomp on for some free throws?
  • Our bench killed us again.
  • chalm do something about felton
  • **** you Spo i burned a 2nd round pick in Fantasy on Whiteside and he never played in the 4th and now when fantasy season ended and i have a bet on OKC you play Whiteside… **** prick
  • The Oklahoma City FThunder.
  • Lmao we really falling to eighth huh
  • We never get home cooking
  • Talent
  • lol Spo is such a Joke
  • Well I for one am glad I ordered three Papa John’s pizzas at half price after the Atlanta win cause that’s looking like our last win of the season, playoffs included.
  • This team will get curb stomped in the first round.
  • I missed the newest episode of The Terror for this ****?
  • We suck muy grande
  • We just got outscored by 27 points in the fourth. Probably couldve done a little better.
  • WTFFF i had to leave after 4th quarter started… AND we got blown out in that time????
  • Umm just got out of a meeting…wtf happened!?
  • must be one of the worst games ever to start off 16-1 lead or something? i was cooking chicken and missed it
  • Westbrook with more rebs than Whiteside!!?
  • Hard to beat a team starting three guys who have 50 point per game capabilities. That doesn’t include Paul George either.
  • he got felton mad and then we felt his wrath
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Thunder dominated in DC; 120-98

Feb 13, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) shoots over Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat (13) during the first quarter at Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder (31-25) were thoroughly dominated by the streaking Washington Wizards (33-21) 120-98. Despite an early push to make the game competitive, the Thunder just had little in the tank tonight.

Oklahoma City found themselves in a hole to start the game, finding themselves down as much as 16 in the first quarter. A second unit burst led by 5-8 three point shooting from the bench in the first half, game Thunder fans hope for a solid road victory in the first half.

Then the third quarter reared its ugly head again.

While Oklahoma City entered the second half down 12, there was still hope. A 34-19 third quarter squashed any and all hope for a good game.

“We just weren’t ready to play,” Russell Westbrook said, who finished with 17 points and four rebounds and assists each in a season low 24 minutes.

Westbrook’s plus/minus resulted in a career worst -36.

It is easy to assume that the Thunder were simply hungover from the emotional loss Saturday night against the Golden State Warriors. Make no mistake, the Wizards are one of the better teams in the NBA and should have had the Thunder’s full attention. According to their leader, Westbrook, Oklahoma City was not ready to play.

“I think guys have been playing hard, but we’ve gotta consistently play hard,” Anthony Morrow shared. “We didn’t bring that today. We gotta have an edge every time we step on the court.”

Morrow finished with five points on 2-of-8 shooting.

Besides Westbrook, no starter broke double digits in scoring. Midway through the third quarter, when the Thunder were down 26 points, the starters were pulled and did not return to the game.

For a 10 minute game stretch, the Thunder missed 24 consecutive shots. It was that bad.

Billy Donovan revealed prior to the game that he was worried about the Thunder being emotionally drained heading into the game.

“Prior to the game, we were not at the level I am accustomed of seeing. That’s what this NBA season is, 82 games,” Donovan said.

The Wizards were led by John Wall who had 15 points and 14 assists. As a team the Wizards shot a sizzling 62 percent from the three point line. Bradley Beal and Markieff Morris combined for 45 points on 15-of-22 shooting.

Despite the disastrous result, Joffrey Lauvergne had an exceptional game, fishing with 17 points on 6-of-7 shooting. Cameron Payne continued his recent upswing in production by 12 points and shooting 2-of-4 from the three point line. The second year Frenchman was one of the few players who appeared to be in tune with the game.

Oklahoma City will return to the Chesapeake Arena for a Wednesday match against the New York Knicks. It will be the final game before the All-Star break.


Start quickly F

While the Thunder brought the deficit to single digits, the score early in the first at one point was 22-6. The Thunder were not ready for this game and it showed in the opening minutes.

Limit Wizard’s FT attempts F

It had little affect on the game, but Washington’s 28 free throw attempts — and 23 makes — were an indication of the Thunder’s lack of readiness level for the game. Oklahoma City actually shot more three throws — 30 — but the Wizards got to the line too often when it mattered in the close portions of the game.

Hey Bench, show up F 

The Thunder scored 60 bench points but it was mainly out of necessity due to Donovan pulling the starters in the third quarter. When Oklahoma City needed a push from their second unit, there was nothing to be found. The loss of Enes Kanter continues to haunt this team weeks after his injury.

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Thunder tame the Bulls 109-94

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

It what was maybe the most complete game of the season, Oklahoma City thumped the Chicago Bulls 109-94 on Monday night.

The Thunder improved to 23-16 on the season and grabbed their first road win in a tough January slate.

We certainly have a long stretch ahead of this month,” Thunder head coach Billy Donovan. “Previous road trips helped us get this win tonight.”

It’s Oklahoma City’s first win in the Windy City since March of 2014.

“Just take this one game at a time,” Russell Westbrook said. “Continue to move forward.”

Westbrook finished with 21 points, nine rebounds, 14 assists. It’s the fourth time this season he has been one point, rebound or assist shy of triple-double.

Oklahoma City came out firing early on, grabbing a quick 31-20 lead off an Enes Kanter and-one opportunity early second quarter. The lead continued to balloon for the Thunder through fantastic ball movement from Westbrook, who had seven assists at halftime.

A Joffrey Lauvergne three-pointer and a Kanter put back all of a sudden saw the Thunder hold a 39-22 lead with 8:59 left until halftime.

Westbrook nailed his only three-pointer with two seconds left in the half, putting Oklahoma City up 61-46 at the break.

Steven Adams and Kanter feasted on the worn out Bulls. With Jimmy Butler sick and Dwayne Wade banged up, both eventually left and did not return, the twin towers lit up the Bulls for 42 points and 17 rebounds. They were a combined 20-of-25 from the floor.

It’s the second time Kanter and Adams have scored 20 each in a game (Dec. 25 vs. Minnesota).

“All year long they continue to make my job easier on both sides of the floor,” Westbrook said.

Taj Gibson hit a free throw, cutting the game to a 67-57 Thunder advantage with 6:51 left in the third and there were signs of a Thunder collapse. However, Oklahoma City went on a 22-7 blow up to give Oklahoma City a 89-64 lead with 54 seconds left in the third.

Victor Oladipo finished with 13 points on 6-of-9 shooting. Alex Abrines hit one three-pointer, finishing with seven points. Andre Roberson had 8 points tonight.

The Thunder dished out a season high 30 assists.

No rest for the weary as Oklahoma City welcomes the rival Memphis Grizzlies into Chesapeake Energy Arena on Wednesday night. Game is scheduled for 7 p.m. and will be a nationally televised game on ESPN.


Defend the three: C

Oklahoma City allowed Chicago to score 35 percent of their deep balls tonight. Which didn’t really matter as Chicago couldn’t hit a two really to save their life. Oklahoma City can say they were pretty lucky with what they allowed. Against better competition, this could be a dagger.

Get to the FT line: F

Oklahoma City only took 11 free throw attempts tonight. Like the first key, it didn’t matter much as Oklahoma City shot the lights out. Had the Thunder missed some shots, this could have changed the game considerably. Oklahoma City lived to fight another day.

Bench: A

Oklahoma City’s bench had the most points (40) since their New Year’s Eve win over the Clippers (53). They were 17-of-32 from the floor and really dominated when they were in the game, particularly Enes Kanter, who finished with 20 points and 11 rebounds.

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