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Game Day No. 61: at Golden State Warriors

Oklahoma City Thunder (34-26, 14-16 away)


Golden State Warriors (45-14, 23-7 home)

Saturday, Feb. 24 :: 7:30 p.m. CST :: Oracle Arena (19,596)
TV Coverage:ABC (5 DirecTV, 8 Cox, 705 HD, 5 AT&T U-Verse, 5 Dish)
Radio Coverage: 98.1 FM/640AM/97.1 Tulsa
View from the enemy: Here.
Line: The Oklahoma City Thunder are a 9-point underdog. The over/under is 234½.
Online Stream: Watch ESPN | WWLS Sports AnimalLive Stats | Twitter | Facebook
Game Notes: Thunder: here | Warriors: here


  • The Oklahoma City Thunder take their three wins in their last four games to the Bay Area to play the Golden State Warriors in their third showdown of the season.
  • Oklahoma City is fresh off a buzzer beating win over the Kings and the Warriors survived a comeback from the Clippers, both on Thursday night.
  • Oklahoma City is 2-0 against the Warriors this season, winning in Oakland and Oklahoma City.
  • The Thunder haven’t won the season series against the Warriors since 2013-14 season, when Westbrook hit that wild overtime corner three in Oklahoma City.


  • You can catch the radio on Oklahoma City’s WWLS, 98.1 FM. Matt Pinto will be your play-by-play voice. If you’re in Tulsa, catch it on 1450 AM.
  • ABC will roll out Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Lisa Salters for their broadcast crew. Sorry about the Mark Jackson.


  • The Golden State Warriors are 45-14 on the season, second in the Western Conference.
  • Over their last 10 games, the Warriors are 6-4.
  • Golden State has won four straight home games. Their last loss? To the Thunder on Feb. 6.
  • Overall, the Oklahoma City Thunder are 137-108 against the Warriors.
  • When the games are played in Oakland, Oklahoma City is 6-11.
  • The Thunder beat the Warriors 125-105 earlier this month and then beat them 108-91 in November.
  • Oklahoma City hasn’t won two games in Oakland since the 2011-12 season.
    Patrick McCaw (wrist) is out.
    Draymond Green (shoulder) is a game-time decision.
    Jordan Bell (ankle) is out.
  • The Thunder’s largest margin of victory over Golden State came on Feb. 17, 2012, where Oklahoma City prevailed by a score of 110-87 (23-point margin of victory).
  • Meanwhile, the Thunder’s largest margin of defeat (26 points) happened twice with the most recent occurrence coming earlier this season on Nov. 3, 2016 (122-92 defeat).


  • Andre Roberson (ruptured patellar tendon) is out for the season.


  • The Thunder come home for a solo game against the Magic, then go on the road to Dallas to round out the month.


  • The Philadelphia Warriors, named after the 1920s team that played in the American Basketball League.
  • They won the championship in the inaugural 1946-47 season of the Basketball Association of America.
  • The Warriors moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco after the 1961-62 season and retained their nickname.
  • When the team relocated across the Bay to Oakland in 1971, they were renamed the Golden State Warriors.

Three Keys to the Game

Force turnovers

When you’re No. 1 in points off turnovers and the Warriors are one of the worst teams in turning the ball over, this is something where Oklahoma City has to capitalize. If the Thunder come out and their defense is spectacular, they’ll run away with it again.

Defend the three

The Kings drained 12 three-pointers on Thursday night. Oklahoma City cannot allow that type of production to the Warriors if they expect to have a shot in the dark against the Warriors. If the Thunder hold the Warriors to less than 10 threes, this game probably falls to Oklahoma City.


Oklahoma City needs the Big Three to show up more than ever before. Westbrook needs to be efficient and slicing like a hot knife through butter. Paul George needs to be exceptional on both sides. Carmelo Anthony needs to hit his open shots and be smart. If they do this, the Thunder will win.

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Paul George more Nightwing than Robin

Nightwing is a DC comic book character who on occasion assists Batman in his endeavors but is not his sidekick like a Robin. Nightwing can work alone, and be seen on the same level as Batman on occasion. Russell Westbrook is Batman. Always has been always will be, but Oklahoma City now has a second superhero in town, and that superhero is Paul George.

In the NBA, “Batman and Robin” has become a thing in which media and fans use to describe a duo on a team, think Kobe Bryant and Shaq, Shaq and Penny Hardaway, or finally, one a little closer to home is Kevin Durant and Westbrook. In every one of those duos, something happened to fracture the duo, and they all went their separate ways. This new partnership in Oklahoma City though feels right, it feels like a perfect combination, a bit like peanut butter and jelly.

George and Westbrook are yin and yang. Westbrook is a force of nature that is coming at your neck every single night with no remorse, he keeps defenses on their heels whereas George is more of a cool, calm and collected kind of operator where Westbrook is loud, he roars, he is demonstrative where George is a silent assassin, a thief in the night.

George brings something special to the table, he is an elite defender with a defense-first mentality that pairs perfectly with Oklahoma City’s best defender Andre Roberson, who so far this season when paired with George, has made the Thunder into one of the elite teams in the NBA for defense.

This season George is having a career best year in three-point shooting, hitting 43.2 percent of his shots, while also shooting 44.8 percent from the field, that could be attributed to playing alongside an elite point guard like Westbrook. On the defensive side of the ball, George is in the running for defensive player of the year, leading the league in steals averaging 2.2 per game while also leading the league in deflections per game and total deflections with 4.4 per game and 247 deflections for the season.

George has brought something to the table Westbrook and the Thunder desperately needed after last season’s one man rampage. It’s someone Westbrook can rely on, someone to take a share of the workload off of Westbrook’s shoulders. When Westbrook passes the ball to George Westbrook can trust George is going to make the right decision in either making the extra pass or taking an important shot. Another problem George has assisted in fixing is when Westbrook has a seat on the bench, the lead is not going to become a deficit by the time he checks back in, like it was the case last season.

The skill George brings to the table more than anything is his elite defense. George is going to shut down the oppositions best player whether that’s LeBron James or Kevin Durant, George can and will compete with them on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball. That’s what Westbrook was missing last season. It’s someone who can bring the fight and give the opposition someone else to worry about, and have to plan for when coming up against the Thunder.

With all the positives George brings to the Thunder, he also brings along a big question and problem.  He’s only contracted to be in Oklahoma City for the 2017-18 season. Then, he has the option to enter free agency. The people of Oklahoma will be praying to the basketball gods that Westbrook, Sam Presti, and the organization has done all they can do to make George want to stay in Oklahoma City, to continue on the battle to bring a championship to Oklahoma.

Some inside the organization saw this as an opportunity for Westbrook to rewrite a narrative that has been told about him. The incorrect narrative that’s “You can’t play with Westbrook.” People in the media point out James Harden who left through trade, Durant who left in free agency, plus a sleuth of other former teammates. The “You can’t play with Westbrook” narrative got louder after the George trade that saw Presti trade Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Oladipo went on to become a first time All-Star this season for the Indiana Pacers. This season, Westbrook has gone out of his way to make George feel welcomed and wanted in Oklahoma City, a big moment came when George was snubbed for the All-Star team.

“Unbelievable. I think it’s just outrageous, in my opinion,” Westbrook said. “I don’t know who else made the team but got four people from one team, you’ve got guys complaining about getting snubbed until they get in, you’ve got guys just talking about it all the time.”

Then, there was this past weekend at the All-Star media day, when George was at the podium talking to the media, some fans decided to chant “We Want Paul! We Want Paul!” While Westbrook was sitting a short distance away talking to media he overheard the chants, and stopped mid-sentence to yell out “Paul ain’t going nowhere!”It’s over for that!”.

George to his credit has been very receptive and appreciative of Westbrook’s efforts to recruit him this season talking to Rachael Nichols of ESPN, George talked openly about what Westbrook’s words and actions have meant to him, and the effect they are having on his future.

“Russ is the reason why this decision is becoming, even more, easier to make, is the character Russ [has],” George said. “A stand-up guy and he has his teammate’s back.”

Paul George has shown he isn’t just a Russ sidekick. George is a star. He is a Defensive Player of the Year caliber player. George is worth the risk Presti took trading for him. Come the start of the 2018-19 season, if all of Westbrook’s hard work has paid off and George is in a Thunder jersey, the Oklahoma City Thunder are a real threat to becoming NBA title contenders. Especially, with a healthy Andre Roberson returning.

One thing has become clear this season PG is no Robin.

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Thunder, T-Wolves favorites to sign Joakim Noah

Connect Billy D. to another Florida player, but not Al Horford this time. According to ESPN’s Ian Bagley, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Minnesota Timberwolves are the two who could stand out and be the favorites if Joakim Noah would accept a buyout from the New York Knicks.

Minnesota makes a ton of sense as former Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau and Noah have a longstanding relationship during their time in the Windy City.

Noah played under Thunder head coach Billy Donovan during his time as the head coach at the University of Florida. Noah won a national championship while there.

Drafted by the Bulls in 2007 in with the ninth overall pick, Noah was a stable in the vaunted Thib’s defense for years. He was an all-star for two of his nine seasons in Chicago but sour grapes saw him sign a stupid large contract with the Knicks last season.

Noah, 32, is set to make $17.7 million this season. He has $37.3 million remaining through the 2019-20 season.

Noah has only appeared in seven games this season, barely registering on the radar of productions. Last season for the Knicks, he averaged 5.0 points on 49 percent shooting and grabbed 8.8 rebounds per game. He appeared in 46 games.

This makes a little sense for the Thunder. Dakari Johnson isn’t the answer at back up center. They’re running Jerami Grant out there when Steven Adams gets into foul trouble. Oklahoma City desperately needs some bench help in the bigs department. It’s unknown what kind of shape or health he’s currently in.

Noah currently is not agreeing to a buy out. The Knicks announce in January, Noah won’t be joining the team for the foreseeable future after a confrontation with head coach Jeff Hornacek. If Noah was to agree to a buyout, the Thunder could swoop Noah up for approximately $815,686.

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Thunder should avoid Avery Bradley

With Andre Roberson out for the season with an unfortunate injury, their defensive inefficiencies are going to be exposed. You’re losing the NBA Defensive Player of the Year front runner. So, you’re obviously going to find your way to other players to help stop the hole.

The first name that most Thunder fans jump to is Avery Bradley and on the surface it sounds great. He’s a solid two-way guard, albeit undersized to guard the three, and he’s a three-month rental. There is no long term commitment to a player who’s expected to garner around $20 million in a new deal.

There is reports of the Thunder being interested in Avery since his acquisition by the L.A. Clippers.

However, you avoid Bradley, not for his basketball issues, but for his off the court issues. Bradley is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Cleveland when the Boston Celtics were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Though TMZ Sports is the first to report the allegations. Even the Washington Post admits they do deserve some credibility, though they have been wrong on lifestyle issues.

According to the TMZ report, Bradley entered into a non-disclosure agreement with the accuser, with negotiations reaching as high as $400,000.

“Mr. Bradley absolutely denies having engaged in wrongdoing whatsoever,” Wolf said. “The confidentiality agreement specifically refutes and denies the validity of all allegations of any wrongful conduct by Mr. Bradley. The sole purpose of the agreement was to protect the reputation and privacy of Mr. Bradley and his family.”

Bradley’s attorney, Brian Wolf of Lavely & Singer in Los Angeles, told TMZ that his client maintains his innocence.

In my opinion, when a said person enters into a settlement, it ties in their guilt. If there was innocence, there is no reason to pay of an accuser. The US Gymnastics paid Ali Raisman in a non-disclosure settlement after her accusations. Innocent until proven guilty? Sure, in a court of law. However, in the court of public opinion, when Bradley entered this agreement, he admits guilt and is paying hush hush money.

In this age of allegations of convictions of sexual assault, there should be no settlements of hush money. If you’re innocent, clearing your name should be the most important, not “protecting your name.”

This paragraph is most telling:

After the incident, the woman contacted Bradley and accused him of assaulting her. The two sides came together to work out a deal to keep her quiet and prevent her from releasing any video, photos or audio.

You look at Rodney Anderson who faced allegations but cleared his name through lie detector (I know their not admissible in court) but that and other information cleared his name. The NFL lineman, Carl Johnson, has fought his accuser in court and eventually she was charged with a plethora of things such as filing a false police report, etc. Bradley decided to pay this woman off.

The Thunder pride themselves on doing it the “Thunder way.” They care about their presentations and have dismissed players like DeAndre Liggins after being accused of beating his girlfriend with an xBox. Though, his release was after he was arrested. All charges were eventually dropped against Liggins after his girlfriend fled and never appeared in court.

If you trade for a player who has been accused of sexual assault, you’re telling everyone that only winning matters. Not how a player represents the organization. It’s telling how they could potentially do that but release Nate Robinson for his antics while he was still an okay basketball player.

Avoid a player within these allegations. Bradley is not the type of person the Thunder should want or need around the clubhouse. Sure, he could help the Thunder even win a championship.

What’s more important? Character or winning?

If the Thunder do successfully trade for him, we’ll know.

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Big 3 dominate, Ferguson dazzles in 133-96 destruction of Lakers

The Oklahoma City Thunder (21-17) defeated the Los Angeles Lakers (11-26) 133-96. The Thunder gave an all-star performance in the city that will host the 2018 NBA All-Star game, most notably by their big three. It was the largest margin of victory for the Thunder all season.

Russell Westbrook, playing in his hometown, finished with 20 points on 10-of-17 shooting, six rebounds and 12 assists. Paul George, playing near his hometown scored 24 points on 9-of-14 shooting. Carmelo Anthony registered 21 points on 8-of-14 shooting.

It was a big game for a number of reasons. Oklahoma City was riding a two-game losing streak going back to the controversial ending against the Milwaukee Bucks. It was also the first time that George was playing in Los Angeles since being traded to the Thunder in July.

Needless to say, many people were intrigued about George’s arrival in Los Angeles.

“No, no regrets at all,” George said in regards to his handling of trade rumors while he was with the Indiana Pacers Tuesday at practice. “All that was said was that a destination I would love to go to. There wasn’t, you know, a ‘hey, gunpoint to the head, send me here.’”

Westbrook had a very Westbrook answer the same day when asked about if he was making a sales pitch all season to George.

“Win a championship, beat that pitch,” Westbrook told reporters.

The George-to-LA talk will continue but the Thunder did their part tonight.

After being down 10-0 early, Oklahoma City started catching fire with Anthony and never looked back. The big three combined for 65 points.

Andre Roberson missed his second game with an injury and Billy Donovan had rookie Terrance Ferguson start. That is where the fun began.

Ferguson exploded on to the scene and scored 24 points on 9-of-12 shooting (6-of-9 from three) and stole the show. Amazing dunks, crisp shooting and high energy gave Donovan and Thunder fans hope for the rookie’s future production as he dazzled the court.

While most of it came towards the end of the game, that didn’t stop the Thunder’s big three from enjoying the performance Ferguson had. Players were noticeably encouraged after each Ferguson dunk.

The Thunder’s starting five combined for 102 points — outscoring the Lakers entire team.

Anytime the Thunder’s three main players combine for shooting 60 percent, they are a tough team to handle. To tall a task for the young Lakers who were playing without second overall pick in this year’s NBA draft Lonzo Ball.

It was one of the more dominant performances of the season for Oklahoma City. December was kind to the Thunder which saw them go 12-5 after disappointing for much of the beginning of the year. Tonight’s win is exactly what they wanted going on their west coast road trip.

The Thunder look to keep up this momentum Thursday against the LA Clippers in Staples Center.




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Westbrook becomes scoring leader in franchise history

During the celebrating of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 112-107 victory over the Houston Rockets on Christmas Day, a milestone went under the radar. Russell Westbrook passed Kevin Durant for all-time leading scorer for the Thunder with 15,967 career points, 25 more points than Durant.

The record does not include the Seattle SuperSonics history or Durant’s rookie season as that season he played for the Sonics. The Thunder moved from Seattle in 2007 in time for the 2008-09 season.

The all-time leading scorer including the SuperSonics is Gary Payton with 18,207 who played for the SuperSonics between 1990-2003.

With Westbrook signing his five-year extension in the preseason Westbrook has made the decision to become a Thunder/Sonics legend not that he wouldn’t already be talked about as one but Westbrook staying for five more years puts him in position to become the all-time leader in the history books.

Some of the records Westbrook is chasing are:

Games Played

Payton holds with 999 Nick Collison is third on that list with 902* Westbrook is sixth with 702. If Westbrook plays every game for the rest of the season he could reach fifth which is Jack Sikma at 715. If Westbrook plays his career average of 70 games a season Westbrook would finish with 1,052 games making him the all-time leader.

Minutes Played

Held by Gary Paton which is 36,858 Westbrook is fifth with 24,020. If Westbrook plays all 82 games playing his average minutes of 34.2 minutes per game he would play 2,804 minutes per season which would add up to after five more years 38,402 minutes making him the all-time leader in minutes.

Field Goal Makes and Attempts

Gary Payton leads with 7,292 field goals and 15,562 attempts Westbrook is fourth in field goals with 5,531 and second in attempts with 12,795. Westbrook averages 7.9 field goals on 18.2 attempts so over five seasons Westbrook could finish with 8,770 field goals and 20,257 attempts making him the all-time leader.

Three-Point Makes and Attempts

The leader of three-point makes and attempts is Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant with 1,143 and 3,009 attempts Westbrook is fifth in three-point makes with 760 and fourth in attempts with 2,429 Westbrook makes an average of 1.1 on 3.5 attempts per game so add five more years and Westbrook would have 1,211 in makes and 3,864 attempts making him the all-time leader in both categories.

Free Throw Makes and Attempts

Kevin Durant leads the organisation with 4,599 makes and 5,212 attempts Westbrook is second with 4,145 and 5,070 Westbrook averages 5.9 makes on 7.2 attempts which over five more years would leave him with 6,564 and 8,022 attempts which would make Westbrook the all-time leader.

Total Rebounds

The leader of total rebounds is Jack Sikma with 7,729 Westbrook is fifth with 4,468 Westbrook averages 6.4 per game for his career so add five more years at that pace and Westbrook would have 7,092 leaving him as the second most rebounds in Thunder/SuperSonics history.


Gary Payton is the all-time leader with 7,384 Westbrook is second with 5,630 Westbrook averages eight per game for his career over five more years Westbrook could finish with 8,910 making him the all-time leader. Steals Gary Payton leads with 2,107 Westbrook is third with 1,224 Westbrook averages 1.7 per game over his career add five more years and he would finish with 1,921 which would make him second on the all-time list.

Westbrook has put himself in a position to become the greatest SuperSonics/Thunder player of all-time by re-signing with the Thunder for five more years instead of leaving to go back home to Los Angeles to team up with a LeBron James or now teammate Paul George instead Westbrook decided if he was going to win an NBA championship it was going to be in Oklahoma City, if he didn’t win a championship he would be happy saying he was a one-man team and could say he gave his all to OKC.

Statistics are from https://www.basketball-reference.com

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Rockets Meltdown 12.25.17

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Houston Rockets 112-107 on Christmas Day at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Thunder improved to 19-15 on the year. Oklahoma City played really well on both sides of the ball and the Rockets fans couldn’t handle it. This one was a fun one. Enjoy your Christmas present, Thunder fans.

  • I’m just wondering who’s all available and if josh smith will be starting
  • Based on the way we played recently, this is a loss. It will be very ugly.
  • should just rest harden, ego, and ariza. F this rigged league and disney
  • I have been excited for every Rockets game this season, but, this Thunder game….I am not.
  • Harden goes for 75
  • the commentators are getting on my nerves with their never ending chattering. shut up for a bit.
  • Gordon scared by Westbrick…come on man
  • I missed you Clint
  • another game with pathetic defense
  • is zhou qi avaliable to play tonight
  • Amazing seeing how well OKC is playing
  • you can really leave roberson open now that his hand is injured.
  • westbrick is playing like a retard again.
  • Ariza brought the Threeza for Christmas.
  • Westbrick being saved by Adams
  • Predetermined officiating.
  • Nene swinging the meat.
  • Steven Adams is better than Capela but this board would never say that
  • Let Westbrick get his, get Adams in foul trouble by going to Nene down low.
  • Happy to be up after the 1st as OKC started really strong
  • Nene was hacked and no call smh WTF I NBA REFS!
  • Harden the brotha version of Santa with that beard
  • Wtf is Weber getting so much play. He got nudes on MDA?
  • eric gordon can NOT dribble to save his life
  • Westbrook was murdered ! Lol ! We know how you feel Westie
  • Westbrook is 0-6 with 0 points. Look for him trying to shoot out of a slump.
  • Lookin good so far. Beard hasn’t even gone super saiyan yet.
  • BS call ref
  • Melo and Adams are the only reasons this game is close
  • if westbrook had good bball iq instead of bricking shots he would start feeding Melo who has the hot hand.
  • 5 inch growth spurt in high school huh? I had several of those in High school.
  • Wow Westbrook is already 2-11 D:
  • adams out here playing volleyball and getting lucky. he’s a beast though.
  • adams really might be the best player on the thunder.
  • You forget that Adams is only a year older than Capela. Dude looks like a 35 year old man.
  • Westbrick all about that cocaine life
  • Stfu OKC crowd
  • Harden fookin’ lazy
  • This game is so much more fun to watch than the Cavs-Warriors game.
  • jesus christ what a tough shot by melo
  • rockets DUMBASS ERRORS keeping this game close.
  • Roberson is getting in Harden’s ass..
  • Harden sh!tting his bed against Roberson, what’s new?
  • This team sucks
  • Every pass is so lazy.
  • this is too painful to watch
  • damn harden gonna lose the mvp tonight.
  • Playoffs series against OKC will expose him big time. He can’t do sh!t against Roberson & PG13.
  • This game is over harden looks scared of Roberson.
  • Man how great would it be if we had someone like Melo we could just throw him the ball and have him create his own shot.
  • Falling apart
  • OKC is playing the best defense I’ve seen all year
  • What is this collapse we are watching?
  • Clint doing work…. clank clank clank
  • ryan anderson is so useless lol
  • The Rockets with crooked eyesight
  • Harden is being locked up by Roberson 1-1 (as usual). This is straight up embarrassing
  • roberson can’t shoot!!!! how is he still getting to the basket!!!!
  • damn westbrook went from like 0-7 to 9-19
  • NBA refs forever sucking @ss
  • The thunder have an incredibly mediocre team.
  • The thunder don’t impress me lol struggling against a injured Rockets team
  • ****kkk off ref
  • Refs coming in hot
  • alright all we need is to score 1 more point than them in Q4!!
  • when’s the last game the okc big 3 all shot 45% or better? i have 50/50 on never.
  • This OKC team isn’t scary at all.
  • Pretty good game if you’re a neutral NBA supporter here
  • harden forgetting that he was in an nba game
  • hopefully westbrook chucks them out the game.
  • Harden can’t even score on Felton, but Ariza is saving his pathetic ass tonight
  • This is gross lmao
  • Weber, do you not know how to take a charge?
  • What’s the purpose of Weber?!
  • felton’s fat ass (literally) fouled egordon
  • Here come the refs
  • LET WB shooot!!!! dont give up the drive ffs. do they even have a scouting report
  • Any foul… . Westbrook gets what ever he wants
  • Anderson is so disappointing man.
  • They haven’t missed a mid-range shot, contested or not
  • Hack Roberson NOW
  • These refs suck for both sides
  • Trapping Harden and Rockets have no answer..
  • george now at 58%. making 20 footers while having his arm grabbed. not much you can do when nba players are making contested jumpers.
  • If I were Adams I’d get Chinese shoe deal rather than continue to sport Derrick Rose kicks…
  • OKC can’t play any better. Mother filers hitting everything and getting every call
  • I cant stand Westbrick
  • roberson banks that **** in. **** this game.
  • Hacking is a sign of desperation.
  • How do you airball free throws as a non-big? Roberson is an embarrassment
  • that guy who is holding Harden to 6/17 shooting? yeah, what a bum
  • I’ve seen it enough. Westbrook > Harden.
  • Roberson….boy.
  • wtf was that…..
  • **** okc
  • Iso-Harden chucking ugh
  • Dammit Dammit Dammit !!!!!!!!
  • that was terrible.
  • Allowing a blocked 3PT ?!!?
  • Da **** was that last sequence?? I have no words….
  • **** MDA!
  • When does CP3 getback. ****!
  • Harden tried to draw the foul (and failed miserably), instead of making a shot. This guys is a fraud
  • God awful…what a terrible stretch with paul out…we pretty much are nediocre without him
  • **** the coach.
  • LMAO, with the game on the line, Harden tries to flop and get a call. Unbelievable. JUST DRIVE IT IN OR MAKE A REAL PLAY. DON’T PLAY FOR THE WHISTLE.
  • So ****ing dumb, what a terrible shot…
  • say what you want about westbrook, but he just be wanting to win more sometimes it comes down to energy and who wants its more
  • F*** u OKC
  • On that block of Hardens 3. I love……loooooooooove that he stands there instead of hustling back to help stop the open layup. Just infuriating. No heart.
  • It was just a matter of time where we get exposed
  • Westbrook will never win a championship with OKC
  • I don’t think we can beat okc in 7 game series.
  • F**** Morey and his crappy ass scrubs.
  • Regular season games don’t matter.
  • this team is ****ing stupid.
  • That was just ****ing pathetic.
  • I hate Christmas now.
  • **** you, RW and OKC.
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OKC’s quest for improvement is both simple and difficult

Inconsistency has become the theme of the 2017-18 Oklahoma City Thunder.

By now the factors are well known. Paul George. Carmelo Anthony. New faces with different roles. The pieces that should flourish are flawed. The weaknesses that have surfaced have yet to be corrected to a satisfactory level.

Of course, we are only 30 percent into the season. There is ample time for a team led by the reigning MVP in Russell Westbrook to change this theme. The lowest expectation of optimism can be described as thus; at some point this team will realize it’s incredibly talented and start winning games.

While the Thunder have been inconsistent, strangely enough there are consistencies discovered when watching this team. The obvious strength lies with the defense. Oklahoma City has leaned on their length, athleticism and ability to out-physical most teams in order to win or stay in the majority of their games. Putting the defensive numbers in perspective paints a less optimistic picture.

While Oklahoma City’s defensive numbers for this particular season are impressive and elite, they are not special when looking at recent history, and even if they were, you are not winning a championship as a one-sided team in today’s NBA.

Currently, the Thunder rank second in defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) at 101.3 behind the Boston Celtics at 101. Over the last 10 seasons, the Celtics’ current rating would rank dead-last of the previous teams who led the NBA in defensive rating in their respective seasons. Also in the previous 10 seasons, only two teams — the 2007-08 Celtics and the 2014-15 Warriors — both led the league in defensive rating and also won an NBA championship in the same season.

This is going to make a strong playoff run, let alone a shot at a NBA Finals, difficult.

The Warriors are great due to their flexibility, versatility and balance on both sides of the floor. Previous champions have had similar adjectives attached to their résumés. What the Thunder have is a great foundation. Something to depend upon while they tinker with the on-the-court chemistry and offense as a whole. However, if they want to hover around .500, then they can be dependent that their defense will keep them in almost every game. That is not the goal.

So what needs to change?

That’s simple: The offense needs to not only improve but become substantially better. What can they possibly do?

The options have been floating around ever since Anthony chuckled at The Oklahoman’s Erik Horne and replied, “Who, me?” at a question insinuating that the former New York Knick might come off the bench at Thunder Media Day. Would Anthony as a sixth-man actually improve Oklahoma City. The numbers make a case, albeit not exactly a home run case.

Billy Donovan has played lineups consisting of Westbrook and George without Anthony a total of 857:32 minutes this season. The Thunder are plus-5.1 points better when this happens. This fuels the thought that Oklahoma City and general manager Sam Presti were better served with only taking George in the offseason and forsaking a shot at Anthony.

Especially when you compare lineups of Westbrook and Anthony (only plus-1.4 better) and Anthony and George (pus-3.5). The Thunder are better without Anthony on the floor according to some numbers.

That thought process is flawed. Are the Thunder better with only Westbrook and George on the floor? Yes, but not by a wide enough margin to make serious improvements.

Anthony coming off the bench would not be the cure all Oklahoma City fans are looking for. You would then be asking Alex Abrines to improve his defense on the fly or take away Jerami Grant’s spark plug factor away from the reserve role that has become a positive for this team.

Trading away Anthony — when it is undetermined if you could get some quality assets in return to help this season — is not the answer either. If the Thunder are going to prevail from their dynamite summer, they have to work to win for this season first.

The true answer has always been the same. Get better. Both simple and difficult.

Little things like moving off the ball — something Westbrook and Anthony struggle with — to force the defense into mismatches. Feeding the hot hand — Anthony was on fire in Philadelphia before the Thunder let an 11-point lead with five minutes to go turn into a triple-overtime thriller; Anthony only took four more shots the rest of the game.

The difficult task is going to be the big three actually making it all happen.

If Oklahoma City is going to realize it’s potential, Anthony must remain in the starting lineup. A bench unit with Anthony leading the way would not fix the problem but continue its symptoms.

One time for those not paying attention. Oklahoma City has time to right the ship. They are winners of seven of their last ten outings and appear to be close to breaking through the .500 hurdle. They sit at the seventh seed in the West and are only two games back in the loss column to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the fourth seed.

This team has the talent to go on a tear. 7-3 in your last 10 games is difficult to navigate in the NBA. All it will take is another great 10 game stretch and there will be a different attitude surrounding this team.

It is all up to Westbrook, Anthony and George.

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Warriors Meltdown 11.22.17

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Golden State Warriors 108-91 for their first win over the Warriors in almost two years. Russell Westbrook was bananas. The Thunder were amazing and the Warriors meltdown is worth it. They’re not horrible but they’re funny and they definitely credit OKC while bagging on their own team. Enjoy the first Warriors meltdown forever. Here you go:

  • one day, these games against thunder won’t matter so much but for now, let’s shut them down!
  • roberson took 4 damn steps before that shovel pass
  • This is getting feisty! love it!
  • Our ball handling is really horrible
  • Whichever team stops turning it over will take the lead
  • Playing dumb so far
  • Uh-oh. 2 fouls on Durant
  • More home cooking
  • Seriously what has Looney done
  • taken up minutes from Bell and McGee today
  • Do we have to give up 30+ every 1st quarter?
  • Hi Warriors. Play defense
  • This is so painful to watch
  • this is comedy
  • it’s awesome we’re only down single digits
  • It seems like Steph has completely forgotten that OKC is long and that the passing windows are smaller
  • OKC are playing D and they are hustling for loose balls, active hands in passing lanes …. vs. us not doing anything like that!
  • Wish we could just fast forward to the 3rd quarter
  • So OKC kinda sucks. What’s going on here?
  • anthony traveled at least twice on that play
  • refs making their presence felt once again
  • What’s the reason for trailing a significantly inferior opponent
  • Snap out of it !!!!
  • Remember: The Warriors are getting the Thunder’s best shot—the third quarter will tell the story.
  • Ahhh this home officiating
  • Westbrook is like the athletic pinnacle of human existence. Holy shit at that drive and dunk
  • it still amuses me that westbrook can be demonstrative and it’s called being passionate, but green does it and it’s disrespectful
  • Somebody wake me up when the Warriors have a call go their way.
  • Warriors are screwed
  • 95% chance they win this game
  • Warriors keeping it close.
  • gotta weather the storm
  • Kinda feel like they need to get blown out. Cuz they really not playing well at all recently
  • Any other team would be up 20 on the Warriors.
  • Like that?
  • Embarrassing
  • OKC is a bad rebounding team yet they already have 7 off rebounds tonight SMH
  • Andre is a -17, gross
  • Hoping for another 2nd half OKC collapse
  • I’ve been saying OKC is the only team that can beat the dubs in a series
  • OKC announcer: “dribbling unmolested.” Did I hear that right? Lol
  • Warriors are up against the league. That is not something that is easily overcome
  • klay ice cold
  • WTF, Durant?
  • LOL Pack it in. We done here
  • This is a blowout
  • wait how are we getting blown out
  • dubs dont get blown out
  • Warriors, what are you doing???
  • You knew that was going to happen, Dray.
  • f*** these refs
  • What happened to those 2 being cool lol
  • KD needs to calm his ass down , jfc
  • Dubs in their own heads now!
  • Why can’t we hit our shots? Is OKC’s defense THAT good?
  • I’m done. Not going to waste next 15 mins of my life watching us play like sh*t
  • Kerr looks like he checked out of this game about 8 hours ago.
  • Curry deserved that. No energy at all and Russ made him pay
  • Steph never wins a loose ball race, lol….so soft
  • We are playing like a JV team.
  • F***ing Draymond. Stop getting Ts. Kerr, just send him to the locker room
  • George just gave them the shimmy…oh nooo..
  • any reason to be concerned?
  • Westbrook is irrelevant. Let’s go home.
  • LOL Iguodala that wsa horrible
  • Jesus…I have no idea what Iggy just did
  • i hate those lazy one handed passes by steph, i think teams are anticipating those passes….if i were a high school coach, i wouldnt tolerate those lazy passes!
  • Westbrook just clowning us and we’re doing nothing.
  • westbrook gotta chill wins 1 of the last 8 and acts like he’s won the championship lol
  • Westbrook and Melo brought it tonight..
  • You know it’s not your game when Raymond Felton is hitting pullup 22-footers
  • I wish Klay would have shown up to the arena and that Steph would have had a Red Bull before the game
  • Nice game by the Thunder but I’m more unimpressed by the Warriors.
  • lol warriors are getting their asses kicked tonight
  • Kerr is acting like an idiot instead of coaching
  • Overall the foul calls been complete doo doo. But we getting worked anyways
  • Warriors just don’t have “it” so far this year.
  • very happy Westbrook finally got his ring tonight
  • the Thunder got up for the game and the Warriors didn’t
  • just another game? that cliche is wearing thin
  • Pretty sure the warriors will never win again
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Thunder introduce Felton and Patterson

The Oklahoma City Thunder formally introduced Raymond Felton and Patrick Patterson on Tuesday morning.

Patterson will wear no. 54 and Felton will wear no. 2. It will be only the second time in franchise history someone has worn no. 54. Chris Wilcox wore it in Oklahoma City’s first season. No. 2 has been popular, being won by three different players: Thabo Sefolosha, Caron Butler and Anthony Morrow.

Felton, 33, has played for six teams over his career. He was named to the 2005-06 NBA All-Rookie team. Felton recently played with the L.A. Clippers.

Felton is a veteran-savvy point guard who went to North Carolina. One major plus for Felton is he has remained healthy throughout his career. He has played in more than 65 games for 10 of his 12 seasons.

“Being a 12 year guy, the goal is to win a ring,” Felton said. “This organization has been one of the top teams for the last 10 years.”

Last season, Felton averaged 6.7 points in 21.7 minutes per game, providing a quality back up for Chris Paul. He shot 43 percent from the field but only 31.9 percent from three.

Last season, Patterson appeared in 65 games and started in eight of them for the Toronto Raptors. He averaged 6.8 points per game on 40 percent shooting to go along with 37 percent from deep. Rounding out his usual box score, he averaged 4.5 rebounds.

“Everyone is taking less money to win,” Patterson said. “Our goal is to win a championship here.”

A career 37 percent shooter from deep, the Thunder have in effect swapped Taj Gibson — who signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves — for Patterson, a player who can stretch the floor and demand defenders away from the paint.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will introduce Paul George tomorrow at 6 p.m. We’ll have your coverage live on our social media accounts, so make sure you’re following.

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