Career highs   
PointsKevin Durant25932013-14
Points per gameKevin Durant322013-14
AssistsRussell Westbrook6702010-11
Assists per gameRussell Westbrook8.62014-15
BlocksSerge Ibaka2422012-13
Blocks per gameSerge Ibaka3.72011-12
ReboundsSerge Ibaka7072013-14
Rebounds per gameEnes Kanter112014-15
StealsRussell Westbrook1552010-11
Steals Per gameRussell Westbrook2.12014-15
FT MadeKevin Durant7562009-10
FT AttemptedKevin Durant8402009-10
3PT MadeKevin Durant1922013-14
3PT AttemptedKevin Durant4912013-14

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