Author - Matt Tierney

Statistical Analysis of Why Chris Paul Will Dominate HORSE

Per ESPN, a HORSE competition is in its final stages. Chris Paul is among the reported contestants. Everyone else should forfeit now.

We are in trying times, my friends. All we have in the NBA world, and frankly the sports world, is a game of HORSE hosted on ESPN.

The logistics of this event are unclear. How will they broadcast a game of HORSE with everyone staying in their respective homes? I petition that they setup a giant Zoom conference call, open to the public, where fans can communicate directly with the players. That would be so awesome. I don’t know if Zoom can handle that bandwidth, but the CEO should be fired if it can’t.

In any case, Chris Paul has been listed among the contestants alongside Trae Young and Zach Lavine. Presumably more will enter, but these three are the only ones reported at the time of this article.

I look it upon myself to do some statistical research as to why Chris Paul will win this competition by a landslide.

The Basics

We’ll begin with the simple stats among these three players.

As we breakdown these players, we have to throw almost all traditional stats out the window. In HORSE, there are no defenders. No crowd. No other players on the court. It’s a different kind of pressure.

Let’s first look at the basic shooting statistics. I think most fans have not realized the incredible consistency of Chris Paul long-tenured career. He has shot above 45% FG in 11 of the past 12 years (the only year was 2018-2019 in the D’Antoni offense). Over his 15 year career he has only shot below 35% 3PT twice, one of which was his rookie season. That right there is marvelous consistency.

Obviously, Trae does not have the same record, but it should be noted that we have only seen Trae shoot above 35% 3PT this season. Last year he was at 32%. He also has a pretty low FG% compared to CP3 because he relies so much on the outside shot. Not a good look for a HORSE competition.

Lavine matches up pretty well with CP3 but still doesn’t have the same midrange game. Although he has recorded 45%+ FG his 6 years in the NBA, his highest is 46.7%. Paul, on the other hand, has recorded a career-high 50.3% in the 2008-2009 season. And from the looks of it, he has not lost a step this season.

Shot Distribution

Trae is a crowd favorite because of his incredible range this season. However, this success is because he can make these shots with a defender in his face. But as mentioned, there are no defenders. I would argue any player with range can make logo 3PT shots alone on the court.

That means overall shot distribution is a significant factor. Sure, you can make the long range shots, but what about everything else.

Chris Paul is, by far, the most consistent player across all shot ranges.

Paul: 44.4% rim, 27.3% midrange, 28.3% 3PT

Trae: 60% rim, 5.4% midrange, 36.6% 3PT

Lavine: 57.1% rim, 6.8% midrange, 36.1% 3PT

The most obvious answer to these stats falls on the recent changes in the NBA that has removed the midrange from most offenses. Little did they know that this would be their demise if and when a global pandemic forced them to play a game of HORSE rather than a usual NBA game.

Did Chris Paul know this would happen the whole time, which is why he continues to succeed in areas that have since been eliminated from NBA offenses? It makes you think.


A game of HORSE among NBA superstars is no breeze. One can assume this game will last at least 30-40 shot attempts, if not more.

I took a look at each players’ performance when shooting 30+ field goals in a game. Here, Zach Lavine has the clear advantage.

In his three such games this season, he is a whooping 54-96 (56.3%) from the field, clearly above his season average. Expect Lavine to succeed the longer this competition extends.

Trae Young has more games 5(five) with 30+ FG, but was 56-150 (37.3%) ‚Äď below his season FG%, indicating there is some tapering in his accuracy over time.

Chris Paul, unfortunately has zero games this year with this criteria. Thunder fans shouldn’t be too surprised here, as we have seen CP3 enter a leadership role in which he tries to get others their shot, specifically SGA and Gallinari. It’s clearly worked, which is why we haven’t seen any crazy field goal attempts from the Point God.

Final Verdict

Let’s break all of this down.

A game of HORSE requires consistent shooting ability, a wide distribution of shot ranges, and endurance.

Chris Paul exceeds in the first two categories, while Lavine has proved incredible endurance in high-offense performances. That said, we don’t know how CP3 would perform because he has not needed to do this. Trae and Zach are on lottery teams with very little offensive help. CP3 has a highly versatile offense with lots of weapons.

This means that while Lavine could prove to be a contender, CP3 has the stats to prove his worth in a game of HORSE. While Trae is a fan favorite, I don’t believe the stats support his success in this competition.

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Thunder Family Feud: Episode 1

The inaugural Thunder Family Feud is here!

Click the logo above to see the full audio podcast. Follow along with the YouTube video below if you want to play!

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2K SIM: Heartbreak at Staples Center

The OKC Thunder fall short 109-101 to the Los Angeles Clippers thanks to their two superstars. Paul George is stupid butthead and no I’m not being a child YOU’RE A CHILD

If you tuned in last night for our 2K livestream, you were in for quite a game. Both teams played tremendous basketball ‚Äď fast paced, great defense, great scheming. For a moment I forgot we don’t have any real sports because this game was almost as good.

Kawhi started the game on fire, getting 15 of the first 25 points for the Clippers. But after he subbed out in the 2nd quarter, it was all Paul George. In addition to his 44 point performance, he locked down Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for most of the night. The sophomore star still went 7-13 from the field, but they were not easy baskets. Likewise, Kawhi clamped Gallinari all night who went a miserable 4-14 FG.

Steven Adams was the savior of the 3rd quarter. He finished with 25 rebounds, and about 15 of them happened in about 7 minutes of game time. Nearly every missed basket by OKC in the 2nd half was put back by the 7-foot New Zealander.

As we approached the 4th, the Thunder’s small six-point lead quickly dissipated. It was back and forth, running and gunning, with lots of transition offense. An exciting quarter from start to finish. But OKC collapsed in the final two minutes of gametime.

Shai allowed multiple inside cuts, resulting in easy baskets by Paul George who was already having a fantastic night. Tack on other missed assignments defensively, some highly contested shots offensively, and the Clippers took a lead for the first time since the beginning of the game and never looked back.

The prolific performance by PG masked an equally impressive night for the Claw, tacking on 31 points alongside 7 rebounds and 5 assists. These two elite defenders lived up to their name against a young rebuilding team.

Final score: 109-101 in favor of the LA home team. The Thunder will sit tight and face the other LA team, the Lakers, on Sunday. A difficult back-to-back, but some promising performances tonight against a Western Conference powerhouse. They hope to finish the game stronger, both defensively and offensively.

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Things You Should NOT Do While Quarantined

All my life, I’ve been training to be quarantined. Social distancing? Mastered. The only virus I’ll get is the one on my computer after clicking an email from the Prince of Nigeria because I’m so bored and just want to chat.

I’ve been collecting data and gathering resources on mistakes others have made during these trying times. Here are the results of things you should NOT do while quarantined.

[An aside: I’m addicted to saying “these trying times” and every time I say it I think of that scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Danny DeVito offers an egg to the backseat passenger during these trying times. It always mades me laugh.]


1. Do Not Commit Arson to Your Own House So You Can Collect Insurance

Image result for girl smiling behind fire

I’ve been getting this question a lot. In principle, this seems like a nice source of money while you are stuck at home. What people fail to realize is that once your house burns down you won’t have a place to live. And all of your possessions will not survive. And the federal government will likely find out and arrest you.

In actuality, this is a net loss financially. Therefore, you should stay away from self-arson attempts at the moment.


2. Do NOT Buy a Family of Baby Monkeys Off the Internet

Image result for ross monkey

Who didn’t love Marcel? That critter got into all sorts of goofy trouble. It sounds like a grand old time to get a bunch of Marcel’s while you can’t see your friends.

However, according to the CDC, fecal matter via monkey is unsanitary and has the possibility of containing many viruses, possibly the hottest virus around town these days. I don’t have the data to support their hypothesis, so I will take their word for it.

Therefore, monkeys are out of the question. Not worth the poop if you ask me.


3. Do NOT Yell “M-M-M-MY CORONA!” in a Public Place And Then Sneeze Very Loudly

Granted, it is a very funny joke. You’ll get all of your friends to laugh. But everyone else will start to throw tomatoes that they have on hand for some reason. [An aside: Why did people in the old days throw tomatoes when they were displeased by something? Do they just carry around tomatoes in case they want to express their dissatisfaction in the form of a vegetable?]

Also you shouldn’t be in a public place. That was a test and you have failed. Now go back home.


4. Do NOT Lick Toilet Seats

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is the only one that is actually kind of real. People are idiots.


5. Do NOT Hit Golf Balls Off an Airplane Wing Into Downtown Manhattan Like Will Smith Did in I Am Legend

Image result for i am legend golf plane

Unfortunately in this apocalyptic scenario, there are still other people alive. So you’re very likely to hit someone or break a window to an apartment building. Stick to hitting golf balls on a driving range, preferably with at least 8-10 feet separation from the other golfers.

You can bring your dog if you want. The main issue with this scenario was the airplane and downtown city areas, not the dog.


Well there you have it: things NOT to do while quarantined. I hope you all are a little more informed in these trying times.


I promise this is still a Thunder website. We will have Thunder content later today!

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2K SIM: Thunder Destroy the Nuggets

Listen dude. There’s no basketball. I can’t leave my house. Tonight I talked with an actual human on Skype and it was the best moment of my day by far. I’m going insane over here. I need this. So just shut up, let me have some fun, and GET READY TO WATCH SOME THUNDER BASKETBALL.

In what can only be described as an avalanche of OKC offense, the likes of which you would normally find in the Denver mountainside, this game was a blowout in the second half. Thunder win 114-87 to move half a game back of the 3rd seed! OKC came in winning their last three games, last of which in Atlanta without Trae Young.

Tonight, we saw multiple ‚Äď that’s right, multiple ‚Äď Gallinari dunks. One of which was a fantastic alley-oop from Dennis Schroder.

Everything Going Thunder Way

The Thunder were excellent on both ends. Defensively, Steven Adams and Nerlens Noel were at their absolute best as rim protectors, while Deonte Burton was disrupting all night with multiple steals leading to transition points. Offensively, CP3 was on fire from midrange (as usual), Dennis Schroder produced all night with a team high 24 points, and Steven Adams racked up a career-high 26 rebounds.

Meanwhile, the Nuggets had nothing going their way. Nikola Jokic lead the team with 18 points but on 8-17 shooting, and Jamal Murray was an abysmal 3-13 from the field. Defensively, assignments were mismanaged constantly, as we saw countless points scored in the paint with ease. In fact, OKC scored 70 of their 114 points there, resulting in very limited need for the outside shots to fall (1-10 from 3PT).

The key factors were transition offense and bench production, led by none other than 6th man of the year Dennis Schroder. We also saw some flashes of Deonte Burton and Lu Dort, who has proven to be a reliable factor regardless if he’s coming off the bench or starting.

OKC will rest for the weekend and travel to Miami for their next game. A win would position this team into a potential 3rd seed. Meanwhile, Miami looks to retain their 4th seed as the Pacers and 76ers lurk behind them, only 2 games back.

Stay tuned for more coverage as we continue our NBA 2K SIM series!

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Fiction: Thunder Win Blowout in Washington

This game never happened. The coronavirus happened. But the coronavirus can’t stop me from pretending it happened. Below is the recap of my pretend game.

Offensive Assault

The game began as many have begun this season: Steven Adams posts up and drains a midrange floater. This set the tone for the offense, and we saw constant penetration into the lane by the likes of SGA and Chris Paul. Dennis Schroder, who has been so consistent for most of the season, just didn’t have it tonight.

But he wasn’t needed, as Gallinari and Ferguson provided the outside shooting, leading OKC to a comfortable 111-95 victory.

The Washington bench was an interesting one, to say the least. John Wall, dressed in bright red pants and what can only be described as a sport coat that ate some plaid pants but stopped halfway, threw up his signature gang signs after every 3PT shot. However, he did this for both the Wizards and Thunder, so we were all a bit confused.

Image result for john wall attire

Scott Brooks, who seemed to be in a state of confusion this evening, kept mistakenly gathering the Thunder players around to draw up the play. This happened on almost every timeout. Steven Adams repeatedly followed along by accident, but most of the roster realized the situation and simply ignored him. Bradley Beal, once again, was sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter down 20 points, murmuring to himself and shaking his head. He scored 57 points on 23-of-25 shooting.

Italy Comeback

Gallinari, after a somber month for his home country, produced a refreshing and successful performance, as he led this Thunder team with 27 points on 5/9 from 3PT. In the postgame interview with Nick Gallo, he dedicated his night to family and friends back home, seen recently doing the Macarena from their respective apartment balconies. As he passed the camera, Dennis decided to throw in a “helluva player” for good measure.

Tonight’s win was yet another testament to OKC’s road game success. They will continue on the road this week, as they travel to Memphis and Atlanta in a back-to-back slate starting Tuesday.

Until then, Thunder UP!!

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OKC Blue Season Cancelled


Malika Andrew and Woj finally report what was very much expected: the G League will forfeit the remainder of the season.

This comes at no surprise. Unlike the NBA, the purpose of the G League is not to crown a champion at the end of each season. It is an opportunity for athletes to develop and perhaps become studs in the NBA (shoutout Lu Dort). Without the ability to play, you might as well end the season.

Nevertheless, it is disappointing to lose basketball, at any level, once this coronavirus mayhem subsides. Players like Lu Dort, Kevin Hervey, and Deonte Burton have shined in that environment; without the remaining season we won’t have the opportunity to find other hidden gems.

Meanwhile, the NBA is still attempting to formulate a timeline on their return. Current estimates based on CDC recommendations show a return in mid- to late-June without fans. It is unclear if the season will resume where it ended or if some games will be removed to catalyze the remaining regular season.

We will keep you updated as we receive new information. Even in these dark days, don’t forget to…



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Quarantined? Here’s Six Minutes of Steven Adams Goofing

House Hunting Highlights

  • “Need high door frames” – proceeds to duck under every single door frame
  • Adams is not a fan of small bath tubs
  • “Double steel‚Äď whatever she just said”
  • Always gotta test your fences by climbing on them. Good on Steve.
  • Steven Adams knows his wood.


Steven Just Goofin’

Now for just 5 straight minutes of laugh out loud moments from quite possibly the funniest NBA player during media availability.


Watching this again, I completely forgot about some of these:

  • Steven Adams describing his trainer as that “little Serbian guy” and that he occasionally punches him in the stomach before taking a free throw is a hilarious visual
  • “How confident are you in your offensive abilities?” “Oh I don’t care”
  • The infamous astroloporinthis afforincis injury


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69 Things To Do While We Wait for Basketball

All sports have been cancelled. Large gatherings are banned. What do you do?

Turns out there are a ton of “things to do when bored” lists online, and they are all ridiculous ideas. But I decided to make them better. I expect everyone to do all of these by the time basketball resumes.

1. Color

Paper, walls, antique furniture, the world is your canvas!

2. Go for a walk

In your house. Not outside. Outside is for losers.

3. Clean your room

What am I, your mom? Nah go crazy dude.

4. Clean your sister’s room

What am I, your mom? Nah, go TP it.

5. Do your homework

NOT. You were about to do it, weren’t you? Freakin nerd.

6. Play a board game

Step 1: Find a board. Step 2: invent a game with said board. Perhaps a “walk the plank” type deal.

7. Read a book

Get out of here nerd.

9. Reminisce through old pictures

They don’t even need to be pictures of relatives or friends, just look through some random dude’s album and laugh about how there wasn’t colorized television.

10. Watch Netflix

Chill optional. I heard Contagious is a must-watch.

11. FaceTime your friend

Just kidding, who has friends?

12. Build a fort

Notify a contractor of your plans. Develop a blueprint. Order a cement truck. Forts are to be taken seriously.

13. Play with your dog

Give many boops, but remember to wash your hands post-boop. A post-boop hand wash is a top 3 hand wash.

14. If you don’t have a dog, use your imagination

Use your couch cushion. Pet it like a dog and see what your friends say. Alternatively go adopt a dog, you coward.

15. Take a nap

Pop out the old fashioned Nyquil kit and go to town, baby.

16. Find a DIY project

Found. Now don’t do it.

17. Watch basketball

Ah wait nvm

18. Build a puzzle

In order to make the pieces you need several different puzzle cutout tools, which you probably don’t have. Instead, just work on a puzzle already constructed.

19. Play outside

Outside is for nerds. Nerd.

20. Draw a picture

Recreate the scene from Titanic where she’s like “paint me like one of your French girls” except the girl is your dog and the canvas is a tennis ball and you actually just throw it to him and play fetch.

21. Clean the bathroom (my mom used to tell me to do this when I told her I was bored)

Then how will you know where to find that pair of gym shorts buried under the rest of your dirty clothes? Don’t do this, you’ll ruin your whole system.

22. Paint your nails

GUYS ONLY. Girls, if I see a single paint on a nail I’m gonna lose it.

23. Organize your closet

Start by finding a closet. If it’s empty, you’re golden. If it’s not, take everything out. Now you’re golden.

24. Learn something new

Did you know that reading books is for nerds? Check. Done.

25. Learn how to do origami

DO MO MODIGOTO MR ROBOTO. That’s what I think of whenever I hear that word.

26. Listen to music

Always passes the vibe check. Make sure the music is something that was released seconds ago so you can ask your friends “hey have you heard this new song?” and alpha them when they haven’t heard it

27. Complete a word search

Many words are kidnapped and abducted every day. It is your duty to find them and return them to safety

28. Make a “to-do” list

The only thing on it should be “watch sports”

29. Play Wii

Just loop the Wii music for 10 hours. Same thing.

30. Or some other gaming console

My personal favorite is the Xbox. Not Xbox One. Just Xbox.

31. Annoy your siblings

If you don’t have siblings, find a stranger (that does not have coronavirus) and annoy them instead

32. If you’re an only child, annoy your parents

Disregard, see #31

33. Sing a song

Doesn’t have to be a published one, just scream random syllables at various pitches and eventually you’ll get there. Be sure to do this in a public setting

34. Take a shower

Clean yourself you dirty animal.

35. Eat

Skip. Only weenies eat.

36. Play sudoku

Make sure you can count to 9 before you begin.

37. Make a bucket list

Pail, milk bucket, mop bucket, regular bucket, etc.

38. Call a grandparent

Should probably actually do this one. These are trying times.

39. Go to the gym

Don’t go to the gym.

40. Write a poem

Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone is freaking out, we are all in a tremendous amount of trouble

41. Go to the pet store


42. Make a list of places you want to travel

As long as it’s nowhere in Europe or Asia, and probably Australia and South America and Antartica and Africa. And no where outside your current state. Actually just stay inside.

43. Watch music videos

You got the singing part down earlier, now just record yourself doing that and post on all social media platforms.

44. Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years

Dear me, Remember that one time everything stopped because of Coronavirus? Crazy stuff, man. Signed, me.

45. Take another nap

Double nap days are good days.

46. Play Candy Crush

Are you an 75-year-old woman trying to kill time before her grandkids visit? If no, please skip.

47. Write your own song

Roses are red, violets are blue, i’m reusing this one, because I’m running low on ideas

48. Buy some helium balloons

Better yet, just take all the helium you can find. Once we run out, you’ll have a monopoly on the helium market.

49. Poke holes in the balloons and suck in the helium and then call people

No, save the helium!

50. Do a craft

Craft a strongly worded letter to Adam Silver telling him to let us watch basketball again.

51. Watch the clouds

While singing your original song. Do not stop looking at the clouds while singing loudly, even if people start to stare. It just means they’re jealous.

52. Eat some more food

Wow, eat much? Jeez

53. Make a photo album

Go to your local supermarket. Bring a disposable camera. Turn the flash on. Wait by the produce section. Take a few photos of strangers who do not want their photo taken. Send the pictures to your local CVS and you’re all set!

54. See what the highest number you can count to

Mine is 9, what is yours?

55. Go to the park

An imaginary park. Don’t actually go to a park.

56. People watch at the park

By people I mean you’re dog. Watch your dog. At home. In your imaginary park.

57. Make up imaginary stories about people

One time my friend stole $5,000 dollars from a bank and he lives on 514 Hickory Lane. Thank you, officer.

58. Do a crossword puzzle

Right some words and cross them up like Jamal Crawford. Then do a puzzle that you did not construct yourself.

59. Learn an instrument

My recommendation is the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. That instrument can give very precise details about the chemical structure of a compound.

60. Talk in an accent

Be sure to do it in front of someone from that area of the world. I’m sure they won’t find it offensive in the slightest.

61. Play iSpy

This requires access to the Pentagon. If you have it, great, if not it will take about 10-15 years for the proper training.

62. Hang out with your friends

Imaginary friends of course. In your imaginary park.

63. Try to lick your elbow

This will kill about 5-7 minutes of your time.

64. Make breakfast for dinner

Get crazy!! Breakfast for dinner! Lunch for dessert! Beer in your cereal bowl!

65. Sit by the fireplace

Perfect activity as we head into the summer.

66. Hang out with your family

Gross. Don’t do that. Hang out with your imaginary friends instead.

67. Tell funny stories from when everyone was little

Who is everyone? Are you seeing people? Why were they little?

68. Have a movie marathon all day

Too much running. Just watch a crap ton of movies all day.

69. Do some online shopping

Might I suggest this particular site:


And there you have it. 69 very obvious things to do if you can’t watch sports, but with a twist. More lists will be developed soon.

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Irresponsible and Insensitive: Criticism of Rudy Gobert and Utah Jazz Organization

Before beginning, I want to take a moment to acknowledge those who have contributed positively to an otherwise frantic and scary situation.

  • Thank you to all of the media staying on the scene, including Royce Young and Erik Horne. Their reports were essential, as many of us received very little information from the NBA or individual teams.
  • Thank you to the medical staff, including the OKC Thunder doctor who stopped gameplay before it began. Without their help who knows how many more could be infected.


How It Started

The Utah Jazz first reported Rudy Gobert was out with an illness at 12:24PM ET the day of the game. This is approximately seven hours before tipoff. Now cross reference this news with their released statement last night.

“This morning a player on the Utah Jazz tested negative for influenza, strep throat and an upper respiratory infection. The individual‚Äôs symptoms diminished over the course of today. However, in a precautionary measure, and in consultation and cooperation with NBA medical staff and Oklahoma health officials, the decision was made to test for COVID-19.”

Something doesn’t add up here. During the days leading up to this, all NBA news was about proposals to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 around the league. When someone on your roster is ill, COVID-19 should be the first concern.

According to the statement, other tests for the flu, strep, and an upper respiratory infection came back negative. Medical staff should know that this is a sign it could be COVID-19. Detection of the flu and this disease are not the same. Again, no decision was made to test until later.

It should be noted that the CDC requires teams to test for the three aforementioned infections prior to a test for COVID-19. Given that information, it is understandable that the COVID-19 test came later. However, if there is not enough time to perform the required tests, and the results will take up to eight hours, the logical decision is to keep Gobert and Emmanuel Mudiay (who was also sick but later confirmed safe) in Utah until it is 100% safe for them to travel. Instead, they were sent to OKC anyway.


Gametime Panic

Fast forward to the game. Literally minutes before tip-off, the results for this COVID-19 test are complete. This forces OKC medical staff to take drastic measures to stop the game, causing panic in the arena. Finally, it is announced the game is cancelled and fans are asked to leave. Because the results are still in their preliminary stages, there is very little information provided to the fans who are naturally concerned for their own safety and well-being.

News and speculation begins to swirl, as some believe a staff member of Chesapeake arena may have been infected, some believe it was a player on the court. About an hour after the cancellation, reports of Rudy Gobert’s diagnosis begin to circulate.


Are the Jazz to blame?

An interesting report to highlight is Chris Paul’s confrontation with the Jazz bench.

Based on this description, it seems clear that the Jazz players knew the gravity of the situation. According to other reports, the Utah roster waved goodbye as they returned to the locker rooms, seemingly sure they would not return.

Did the Jazz roster believe there was a possibility that Gobert was infected? If so, why did the team allow Gobert on the plane?

My speculation is this: the Utah Jazz intentionally dismissed the unlikely yet catastrophic possibility that their star center was infected with COVID-19. They badly wanted him to play, and in the hopes that he recovered, the Utah Jazz decided to send Gobert on the plane to OKC. A decision that, ultimately, could infect a city that had no confirmed cases of the virus at that time.

He resided in a room of the 21c Museum Hotel, where most visiting teams stay the night. He likely made contact with some hotel employers, staff members, and residents of the Oklahoma City area.

Today, we know about his infection and the underlying consequences in the Oklahoma City area. His fellow All-Star Donovan Mitchell, who attended an event at Del City High School the day prior, was also diagnosed with COVID-19.


Rudy Gobert’s Carelessness

Although I believe the Jazz have much to blame in this situation, Gobert’s acts should not go unnoticed. At this point, most people have seen the clip. Gobert jokingly touches all the microphones on the podium before leaving. Days later, doctors confirmed his diagnosis. Because of the incubation period of COVID-19, Gobert was likely carrying the disease at the time of the video.

We later discover that Gobert’s careless actions have created some concern among his fellow teammates.

Although I don’t believe this to be as egregious as the Utah Jazz’s decisions, it is still wildly disrespectful and irresponsible. In all likelihood, Gobert’s decisions will impact another member of the Jazz organization.


Looking Ahead

We know now that the NBA will stay suspended for at least 30 days. Someone was bound to become infected anyway, but last night’s events really forced the league’s hand.

Had Utah been more precautious, the spread could have been mitigated. Instead, they made a basketball decision to bring a sick Rudy Gobert so he could possibly suit up for an important game, rather than a human decision to leave him in Utah until the proper tests were complete. The result is one of the craziest situations in NBA history.

No one knows what’s going to happen. It seems like every minute there is a new development, and the whole picture changes once again. The only thing we can do is protect ourselves. Be smart. Stay hydrated. Leave your residence only if necessary. And be sure to help your loved ones.

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