Author - Matt Tyranny

Hilariously Bad Thunder Trades: Part 2

We’re back to review some more tremendously terrible trade ideas on the internet.

NOTE: This article was created prior to the chaos that ensued Tuesday night / Wendesday morning. Because of those trades, two of the ideas were removed since they are irrelevant now.

Magic-Suns Three-Way Trade

Right off the bat we have a problem that begins with “S” and ends in “GA”. Sure, that Phoenix 1st round pick gets juicier by the day. However, the logic is that we are trading SGA for a pick that will someday hopefully develop into a player like SGA. It’s a backward trade. Also Mo Bamba lol no thanks.


Clippers-Pistons Three-Way Trade

When I first saw this I thought “Well, Roberson is the only player we give up so eh why not?” But then I looked at the picks. We give our 2020 Denver AND the 2022 unprotected Clippers pick? For Maurice flippin’ Harkless? And no picks? Are you on crack? Should I call the police?

Also, why does every Pistons trade have no more than 7-8 players involved? What is going on with their contract situation that causes such chaos? So many questions, so little time.


Jazz Trade for CP3

Quite possibly the most useless trade in the history of existence. At this moment, CP3 is fairly better than Mike Conley. Ed Davis is a wash with Mike Muscala. This trade doesn’t even help the Jazz that much, if at all. I refuse to believe CP3 will wear a Utah jersey during his lifetime. No thank you.


Knicks-Nets Three-Way Trade

Alright, there’s a lot going on here. First, why would the Nets want Gallo? They won’t need him this season because they’re not competing for the title, and they can’t afford to pay him this offseason because they just got KD and Kyrie on max deals.

Second, Bobby Portis. Again. Why are people so determined to get this guy in OKC? Also Joe Harris needs to be on a championship contender, not a rebuilding team. I love him, but he deserves better.

Also Kevin Hervey lol. Why is he in here? It’s not even for salary purposes, he’s just thrown in for no reason. That made me chuckle.

Thanks for tuning in to Part 2. There may or may not be a Part 3.

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Hilariously bad Thunder trades ideas

If there’s one thing we know about NBA fans, it’s that they make rational trades for their organization. Sam Presti and Masai Ujiri, take note: we know what we’re talking about when we throw out a four-way trade with our entire starting roster included.

Here are some trades I found on that people actually thought were good ideas.

By the way, these are from the first two pages of Oklahoma City Thunder trades. I didn’t need to dig very hard to find this gold.

Clippers-Celtics-Blazers Four-Way Trade

First of all, whoever thought swapping Adams for Whiteside was a good idea needs to seek help at once. I actually laughed out loud at that. Second of all, it’s a four-way trade with 10 players. The last time a trade like this happened was over a decade ago (2005).

An aside: This 2005 trade involved 5 teams (Utah, Boston, New Orleans, Memphis and Miami) and 13 players, the most in NBA history. Imagine being the guy that has to coordinate this for your organization. Absolute chaos.

Overall, we would be trading three starters on our roster for mediocre role players and a terrible Gordon Hayward contract who is on the same timeline as Westbrook and PG. Makes zero sense. This had to be a Celtics fan.

Suns Trade for Gallinari

“Hello Presti would you like to trade your valuable expiring contract to us, a terrible organization with no chance of a playoff run, in exchange for a slightly less valuable expiring contract?” Love it. Just love it.

Raptors-Pistons Three-Way Trade

I don’t think I need to explain this one that much. Trading SGA would require an absolute haul by OKC, and to put it mildly, Fred VanVleet, Norman Powell, and Markieff Morris don’t exactly meet that. Also getting rid of Bazley in this deal would make this the biggest NO of all-time.

Clippers-Celtics-Raptors Four-Way Trade

I don’t know why people are fascinated with four-way trades but these bunch on this website seem to love them. Remember when I said 13 players in a trade was the NBA record? Well, apparently this person thinks history repeats itself.

Imagine being a Celtics fan watching your team play, and then the next game the entire roster is completely different. An absolutely hilarious scenario to imagine, but is possible the closest thing to impossible you can expect in a trade deal. My guess is this person was trying to make salaries work and just found himself in a web of player exchanges. We’ve all been there from time to time on the trade machine.

Celtics Trade for Adams

This is the most Boston Celtics fan trade of all-time. We’re giving up Steven Adams for someone older and more expensive with a couple terrible picks included? Presti would throw the phone through the window if Danny Ainge asks for this.

Raptors Trade for Schroder

If there’s one thing we know about Dennis Schröder, it’s that he wants to be the third-string point guard behind Lowry and VanVleet. Yes, he’s probably better than VanVleet, but do you think Toronto is just gonna give Schröder his minutes at the drop of a hat? Unlikely. He would be in an even worse position to become the starter than he is in OKC right now.

Of course, trades are about the team not the players. So regardless of Schroder’s situation, I’m not giving up Schröder for Powell and Stanley freakin’ Johnson.

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