Day 2 and Melo Still Makes His Rebounds Loud and Clear

Nuggets are against guards under 6’10”. Everyone is missing buckets. Carmelo Anthony is still Carmelo Anthony. A look into the first two days of real live basketball.

Basketball is back. I’ve never been more excited for meaningless scrimmage games in my entire life.

Sure, everyone is shooting the ball like they haven’t seen a hoop in, I don’t know, 133 days. But WHO CARES IT IS A BALL CLUNKING THE RIM ON LIVE TELEVISION.

Day One

Day one was pretty meh. The most notable thing was that Miami’s graphics team did a clever move adding crowd noise and visuals to the screens around the court. (It would be a real shame if OKC had some LOUD city footage to put on those very screens. A damn shame)

Zion is out, PG and Kawhi played in limited minutes, and we saw rotations that you would expect for this type of scrimmage environment. All pretty melodramatic.

And oh yeah, this actually happened. Apparently Denver implemented a “you must be this tall to ride” rule during the quarantine.


Can you imagine this lineup against the Rockets? Thoughts and prayers to PJ Tucker.

Cover Your Ears, Kids

We went from Olympic Melo to Hoodie Melo to now Slim Melo.

Regardless of the Melo, we are already getting some loud and proud rebounding, so to speak.

Later in the game, CJ vs. Rim. The rim won. HIT THE SQUAD RACK MY MAN.


In Thunder News

Per Joe Mussatto, Billy Donovan says “everyone” will be available. And by everyone, that means *everyone*. It’s been over two years now, will we see the long-awaited return? Tomorrow is the big day. 4PM CST. Book it.

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