The Complete Regular Season Schedule for All 22 Teams


Now, before you go complaining about any errors let me say I did this pretty quickly. That said, there’s a few qualifiers:

  1. I went down each team’s schedule and picked the first eight teams that were invited to Orlando to create each team schedule. If an opposing team already finished playing eight teams in their own schedule, they were skipped.
  2. Since this is all in Orlando there aren’t actually home and away teams, I merely put those in as a prediction to the jerseys each team would likely wear.
  3. There are six teams in which they could not fill their eight game schedule because all of the other 22 teams completed their own eight games. Because of that I took liberties to assign each of the those six teams to one another in the last couple of games needed. (Designated by asterisks in table)


OKC ThunderLA LakersLA ClippersDenver NuggetsUtah JazzDallas MavericksHouston RocketsMemphis GrizzliesPortland TrailblazersNew Orleans PelicansSA SpursSacramento KingsPhoenix Suns
vs Utah Jazz (G1)vs Houston Rockets (G1)vs Brooklyn (G1)@ SA Spurs (G1)@ OKC Thunder (G1)vs Phoenix Suns (G1)@ LA Lakers (G1)@ Portland Trailblazers (G1)vs Memphis Grizzlies (G1)@ Sacramento Kings (G1)vs Denver Nuggets (G1)vs New Orleans Pelicans (G1)@ Dallas Mavericks (G1)
@ Washington Wizards (G2)vs Denver Nuggets (G2)vs New Orleans (G3)@ LA Lakers (G2)vs New Orleans Pelicans (G2)@ LA Clippers (G3)@ Portland Trailblazers (G2)@ Utah Jazz (G3)vs Houston Rockets (G2)@ Utah Jazz (G2)vs Memphis Grizzlies (G3)vs Brooklyn Nets (G2)@ LA Clippers (G5)
@ Memphis Grizzlies (G4)@ Utah Jazz (G4)vs Dallas Mavericks (G2)vs LA Clippers (G4)vs Memphis Grizzlies (G2)@ Sacramento Kings (G3)vs Sacramento Kings (G4)@ SA Spurs (G2)vs Dallas Mavericks (G4)@ LA Clippers (G2)@ New Orleans Pelicans (G4)vs Dallas Mavericks (G3)vs Dallas Mavericks (G5)
vs Denver Nuggets (G4)vs Utah Jazz (G5)@ Denver Nuggets (G3)@ OKC Thunder (G4)vs LA Lakers (G3)@ Portland Trailblazers (G3)@ Dallas Mavericks (G6)vs OKC Thunder (G3)@ Boston Celtics (G3)vs SA Spurs (G3)vs Utah Jazz (G6)@ Houston Rockets (G3)@ Indiana Pacers (G3)
@ Miami Heat (G5)@Toronto Raptors (G6)vs Phoenix Suns (G2)@ Toronto Raptors (G5)@ LA Lakers (G4)@ Phoenix Suns (G3) @ Milwaukee Bucks (G5)@ Milwaukee Bucks (G3)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G5)@ Memphis Grizzlies (G6)@ Utah Jazz (G7)@ Orlando Magic (G3)@ Washington Wizards (G7)
@ Denver Nuggets (G8)@ Brooklyn Nets (G6)@ Miami Heat (G6)vs SA Spurs (G4)vs Houston Rockets (G4)@ Indiana Pacers (G5)vs New Orleans Pelicans (G7)@ Brooklyn Nets(G8)vs Sacramento Kings (G6)@ Denver Nuggets (G7)@ New Orleans Pelicans (G6)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G4)
vs Phoenix Suns (G8)vs Indiana Pacers (G7)vs SA Spurs (G6)@ SA Spurs (G5)vs Utah Jazz (G8)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G6)@ New Orleans Pelicans (G7)vs Memphis Grizzlies (G7)@ Sacramento Kings (G8)vs Indiana Pacers (G6)@ Miami Heat (G7)
@ LA Clippers (G8)vs Indiana Pacers (G8)vs OKC Thunder (G8)vs OKC Thunder (G6)@ Dallas Mavericks (G7)vs Milwaukee Bucks (G7)vs Toronto Raptors (G8)vs Boston Celtics (G6)@ Orlando Magic (G7)vs SA Spurs (G7)@ OKC Thunder (G7)
Milwaukee BucksToronto RaptorsBoston CelticsMiami HeatIndiana PacersPhiladelphia 76ersBrooklyn NetsOrlando MagicWashington Wizards
@ Boston Celtics (G1)vs Milwaukee Bucks (G1)@ Milwaukee Bucks (G2)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G1)vs Indiana Pacers (G1)@ LA Clippers (G1)@ Boston Celtics (G2)
vs Miami Heat (G1)vs Washington Wizards (G1)@ Indiana Pacers (G2)vs Miami Heat (G2)vs Washington Wizards (G3)@ Sacramento Kings (G2)vs OKC Thunder (G2)
vs Memphis Grizzlies (G5)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G3)@ Toronto Raptors (G4)vs Phoenix Suns (G4)vs Toronto Raptors (G3)vs Washington Wizards (G4)vs Sacramento Kings (G5)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G2)
vs Washington Wizards (G5)vs Boston Celtics (G3)@ Brooklyn Nets (G4)@ Orlando Magic (G3)vs Phoenix Suns (G6)vs Boston Celtics (G4)@ Brooklyn Nets (G5)@ Brooklyn Nets (G3)
vs Houston Rockets (G5)vs Denver Nuggets (G5)@ Washington Wizards (G6)vs OKC Thunder (G5)vs Houston Rockets (G6)vs Portland Trailblazers (G5)vs Orlando Magic (G4)vs Indiana Pacers (G4)@ Milwaukee Bucks (G5)
@ Washington Wizards (G8)vs LA Lakers (G5)@ Memphis Grizzlies (G8)vs Denver Nuggets (G6)@ Sacramento Kings (G7)vs Houston Rockets (G7)vs LA Clippers (G6)vs Brooklyn Nets (G7)vs Boston Celtics (G5)
@ Dallas Mavericks (G8)@ Milwaukee Bucks (G8)vs Portland Trailblazers (G4)vs Phoenix Suns (G7)@ LA Clippers @ Washington Wizards (G7)@ Orlando Magic (G6)vs New Orleans Pelicans (G8)vs Philadelphia 76ers (G7)
vs Toronto Raptors (G7)@ Houston Rockets (G8)vs Miami Heat (G8)@ Boston Celtics (G8)@ LA Lakers (G7)vs Orlando Magic (G8)vs Portland Trailblazers (G6)@ Philadelphia 76ers (G8)@ Milwaukee Bucks (G6)
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