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It all happened in a matter of minutes.

Rudy Gobert, confirmed by Shams Charania and Woj, was diagnosed with COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Minutes later, the NBA suspended the season indefinitely.


Chaos in the League

The entire series of events, starting with the abrupt stoppage of the OKC Thunder game tonight, is one of the most bizarre points in NBA history. Even more crazy is how the whole situation came about in the first place.

According to the Utah Jazz PR, Gobert was tested for the flu and a respiratory infection which came back negative. Despite still feeling ill, he went to Oklahoma City. It was not until later that he was tested for the coronavirus in which the result came back positive moments before tipoff.

Why did they not test for coronavirus earlier if his other tests came back negative? If he is fact feeling ill, shouldn’t that be an indicator that something is wrong? Why was he allowed to travel in the first place? Just an absolutely horrible job by both the Jazz organization and Rudy Gobert. For this, and of course this monstrosity.


NBA Suspended

There are so many things left unanswered. Is this suspension precautionary until they formulate a better plan? Will they wait until this disease is fully cured?

How many others have already been infected? Will the NBA quarantine all of those future infected players?

At this point, there’s just not enough information. All we know now is that we have at least one infection and at this moment others are still being tested. We will provide more information as we get it.

Today is a somber day for basketball fans. What will we do? What will we watch? Leave your ideas. Please. I’m desperate.

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