The Thunder beat the Suns in a game they probably could’ve lost if it wasn’t for a big fourth quarter from the boys! The Suns fans seemed to keep everything in perspective with their season but you definitely see them lose it as the fourth quarter rolls around. Enjoy the Meltdown!

  • The NBA this year is so weird! Crazy!
  • interesting shot selection from booker so far…
  • Thunder are a really really good team if they could add one more shooter
    His name is Paul george
    i meant on top of him
    playing on top of a player is a bad strategy.
  • Slow it down Book. He is all over the place.
  • Gonna be another 30+ shot attempts game for Book
  • suns fans seem determined to hate the only good things about their franchise apparently
  • Its almost as if . . .That when players look for Ayton, he scores? Good to know
  • we have no one that can guard westbrook
  • thunder can beat you in so many ways
  • Can someone please challenge Westbrook?
  • 3 games in 4 nights against the 3 best teams in the west the f*** is this
  • Play. F***ing. Defense.
  • The defense by the Suns that quarter was about as ugly as a two dollar hooker.
  • Abdul Nader is flexing on us…
  • How fat does Felton look though
  • russ+adams against our bench = moment of truth
  • this team is so much improved to early in the year it’s not even funny
  • What a run That bench mob with defense and speed is so fun to watch
  • I really feel like we’re a 500 team the rest of the season
  • OKC shooting 61% and losing by 1
  • Nader the latest to be put into the HOF after playing the Suns.
  • Westbrook going for the quadruple double tonight
  • so many dumb turnovers
  • You know what’s one smart way for our offense to get going? Get Ayton going!
  • Awful call. Oubre took the charge on WB but didn’t get the call
  • lmao that’s the definition of a superstar call
  • Watching that half was absolutely exhausting.
  • Send Melton to G-league, it’s getting embarrassing.
  • OUbre going to file for patent infringement for blowing kisses, Mikal
  • Nader is killing us
  • 9-0 OKC run. Time to sit a couple guys…
  • this game would be a lot more satisfying if booker was shooting normally
  • Devin get ya head out of ya ass bro
  • ayton staying with schroder. guy is a freak of giant proportions
  • How many points do the Thunder have in the paint? My goodness.
  • 177, just a guess
  • Adams hurt hope he’s ok
  • Yeah, but I won’t complain.
  • Do the Thunder always play this fast and this out of control? My God. This is exhausting just to watch.
  • Back to back turnovers
  • I still don’t think Josh has guarded Westbrook.
  • That was a wild first 3 quarters
  • Can Crawford just fucking stop.
  • Scoreboard broken
  • And Adams is back
  • Crawford has no business being in.
  • That’s it folks …game over. Can’t win at home , despite PG absence…good night
  • Ice cold
  • That’s game.
  • Game Over We could have had this one.
  • Okay so I just checked in. 18-4 this quarter no thank you.
  • WTF is going on
  • Igor has NO clue , Nooooooo f****** clue how to manage this team !!!
  • I hate hearing OKC fans. I want the “this is my home” Book back
  • See what happens when you run your shots through the system
  • All Westbrook
  • I hope you guys enjoyed the trip crashing down to earth tonight. I sure as hell didn’t.
  • Russell ripped out Suns’ heart tonight.
  • With the #1 pick in 2019 NBA draft the Phoenix Suns Select Zion Williamson!
  • Nader owned Oubre there
  • how many Nader haters?
  • Reality people: Okc is the better team.

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