• I’m way too excited and hopeful about this game.
  • push off P
  • Gameplan. Make Westbrick shoot every play
  • I’m needing to see some Korver threes. Starting to experience some withdrawals.
  • This is a loss because of Rubio.
  • GFY Russel.
  • Westbrook getting salty in SLC makes me happy every time
  • Call me crazy… but watching the Jazz is way more fun when they’re making shots.
  • Why refs let Westbrook take those swipes at players?
  • Mitchell needs to play angry. I’m sick of watching fade a way 3’s and weak layups.
  • It’s 8 vs 5 tonight boys
  • Well we haven’t dug a hole and have some bad officiating. So that’s good.
  • Mitchell needs to get on board with this extra pass, cutting offense.
  • Who was the frickin’ moron who said the only reason Thabo plays is because he’s a vet?
  • I’m getting some dirty looks from relatives for watching the game on my laptop while we exchange presents. Worth it.
  • Aquaman is a good offensive rebounder
  • Keep in mind this is the best defense in the NBA technically. I think they’ve had a soft schedule but still best DRTG. Jazz playing well.
  • Juan Stockton ladies and gentlemen
  • Paul George is so good this year.
  • We’re getting absolutely boned by the whistles and lack thereof.
  • Jerami Grant and Paul George are their entire team on both ends right now.
  • What’s up with Westbrook? He has like 3 airballs in the half
  • wtf is with all the blown layups?
  • They got Schroooder on the bench who terrorizes us.
  • That weak *** pass by Crowder that led to a steal and PG 3 killed our momentum. Go back to the bench Jae.
  • Damn, Paul George makes me nervous af
  • Force the ball out of George. Don’t over think it. Schroder is a lower threat
  • paul george is really good damn
  • Man Paul George is awesome tonight.
  • Our defense is crap and I’ve lost count of our missed dunks and layups. This should be a blow out
  • Pushoff p is Dad d***ing us
  • Welp, if you can’t finish quarters it won’t make it very easy on you.
  • Cool 23-2 run for the Thunder. Wonder how that feels?
  • PG is going to hit 50. Dick.
  • ****ing hell
  • Missed our shot. Literally
  • make your damn wide open shots!!
  • **** these refs… are you serious?
  • If this isn’t clear ****ing proof that stars get special ****ing treatment I don’t know what is! **** this is a joke!
  • this game is so frustrating… can’t make 3 in 4th q
  • Mitchell only plays good in yellow shoes.
  • He won’t make them both.
  • Good lord.
  • Choke
  • Wtf. I mean. Wtf
  • DM needs a reality check.
  • lmfao those FTs are the story of Mitchell’s season so far
  • Totally ****ed in the *** by the refs.
  • Maybe for Christmas Santa will teach the Jazz how to make a layup and they can win these games.
  • Buddy for Donovan? Kings hang up the phone
  • The Westbrook no call was a blessing for us. His horrid play let us get back into it in the end.

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