Bulls Meltsdown 12.17.18

  • they gotta be in full revenge mode after dropping a game to us last week, especially Russ after being blocked by our rook.
  • Away game against a good western team that we beat just 10 days ago? Yeah, this is a 25+ pt loss.
  • This ain’t going to be pretty. Anything better than a 20 point loss is a moral victory.
  • lol okc starting off the game laying some impressive bricks.
  • Dunn needs to chill the f out. He could easily have 2 fouls rn.
  • The bulls started good let’s see if the spurs win turns the corner for them
  • What the hell did Dunn just do to Aquaman? Crushed him and walked away like a bada$$
  • Man, I hate Justin Holiday…
  • are you kidding me Lauri? Come on dude attack the **** rim.
  • I strongly dislike every player on the floor other than Bobby.
  • Adams out there giving moving, at a sprint screens on Lopez….yet Dunn gets offensive fouls
  • WTF is lopez doing, you can’t flash for a entry pass then bail that soon. He is checked out for half his stints on the floor.
  • I thought we were done with the Cameron Payne Experience.
  • Payne should be on the bench permanently
  • what a garbage possession, good job Payne!
  • This team sucks so **** bad.
  • These refs are pissing me off
  • The Thunder don’t need official help to beat the Bulls….
  • I’d pay 100 dollars to punch Lopez or Payne in the face.
  • payne almost blew an wide open layup…Nothing comes easy for this guy…
  • Payne is the leading cause of the opiod epidemic…
  • Schroder is annoying. We never have anyone who can stop him.
  • I’m confused why Robin Lopez touches the ball more on offense than Lauri.
  • Westbrook looks like he’s getting tired, we’ve been all over him great team game on him.
  • We should stop putting Holiday on George.
  • Paul George is like I don’t have to play defense as Lavine is out so I can just have fun on offense as Arci can’t guard him or Holiday.
  • must be nice to have good players.
  • And just like that its 20
  • remember when boylen said we would start playing winning basketball?
  • what is lauri doing? he looks awful.
  • Archie on Westbrook is a terrible gameplan
  • Damn Grant… That was a nasty dunk
  • Lopez just walked away from Adams in the paint and gave up a dunk….
  • i turned it off, unwatchable, tank on.
  • This is probably the only season that I have more “I’m glad, I’m going to work than finish a Bulls game” day. lol
  • Feel like Westbrook main goal is to get triple doubles
  • Hell watching Lopez beat the piss out of someone would be more entertaining than this game.
  • Am I the only one that hoped a fan would say something resulting in Payne going in the stands and being suspended for the remainder of the season?
  • Payne is the worst player I’ve ever seen
  • Why is Payne even playing? He has no future here. Play Hutch.
  • Maybe Payne can be ejected,that’s the only way he won’t playing big minutes for the Bulls
  • The Bulls are coaching apparently requires having one of, or both Archie and Jughead on the floor at all times
  • Robin is one of the few guys on this team with balls. Love that guy.
  • Cam Payne fouling out is happiness…
  • The Bulls are painful to watch.
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