For those who aren’t aware of what the Meltdowns are: They’re a collection of multiple message boards and website comments from the opponents fan base. I don’t use social media as it’s tough to keep track of the time. Unless it’s just really funny, we tend to avoid those. Message boards are in order and you can see the game change for the opponents as well.

Meltdowns are also a way to show you how not to act as a fan. Rarely anymore, do we see fans say really inappropriate things but they do happen. The NBA is 82 games. Let’s not overreact. Either way, enjoy the Nets fan base meltdown of their 23-point team meltdown!

  • One small step for TANKind
  • One LITTLE leap for Barclays Center!!
  • Nets win!!! Nets win. Nets win? I don’t know, we’ll see.
  • The quest for Zion Williamson starts now.
  • OKC’s defense is too good. it’s gonna be hard to make good passes, they’re very long
  • SMH..grrrr
  • What is happening with the offense that we have Dudley taking step back long 2’s. Just punt the ball into the stands at that point.
  • Offense looking stagnant
  • OKC finally has a weak defender playing in Abrines. I’d keep trying to exploit him, right now with Harris
  • Once again, we are playing to the level of our opponent.
  • We’re up by 6 against a more talented team.
  • lmao diallo has problem with the dimensions of the court
  • how are we winning?
  • why are we winning?
  • Nets are making shots, Thunder kind of playing lazy on offense.
  • I enjoy the 3 person commentary booth
  • Seen way too many double digit leads evaporate with far less time in the game against much worse teams to get comfortable.
  • Jesus, that crowd roar when Westbrook just hit the 3… How the eff are there that many OKC fans in NY, enough to be that loud
  • Brooklyn fan base stinks. Every game they clap harder for the opposition
  • Westbrook is so out of control
  • Read all the whining in this thread when I tuned in during the commercial break…only to find out we’re up 12!?
  • a 20 pt lead feels like a tie game. And a game they will blow in the 4th.
  • We are winning? HOW?
  • Crabbe is hot, OKC is not
  • 16 point lead at the half. So how are they going to blow this one?
  • Game winning Buzzer beater by PG over RHJ Calling it! (this was at 7:45 p.m.)
  • Not falling for It. We coughed up a 7 pt lead in like 10 seconds I’ll watch the condensed game if we win
  • How can Crabbe look so good tonight? After all those crazy airballs he’s been shooting?
  • 20 POINT LEAD!! The kiss of death…
  • 20 point lead?! can’t wait to see us blow it
  • Here come the refs to rescue the thunder
  •  may not watch the 4th Ain’t getting any better than the first 3 quarters And if they blow this, I may never recover
  • Ok guys ..this is how you win the game
  • Thank god Schroeder is not on this team. He has the bbiq of a fifth grader
  • Wow We are winning and yet we still want coaches fired and players traded def during the game.
  • Nets finally getting a few calls
  • They’re definitely losing this game.
  • Need rhj on PG13
  • OKC down only 23 thinking “We got this!”
  • THIS IS B.S.
  • whew!!! For a minute there I thought we might win a game!!!
  • OKC chants in brooklyn, lol, thats nice.
  • Nets should have made it a 40 point lead if they wanted to win
  • We’re playing an away game. What a piss poor fanbase we have.
  • It’s amazing how… Net fans can’t drown out ..the opposing team fans….buncha lackluster fans I tell ya
  • Do we really want to win this game though?
  • Think OKC will take crabbe and Dlo for george?
  • This is pretty remarkable… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this chronic level of choking
  • We were up so many yet if we hold on I feel we got lucky.
  • It’s like we’re setting up a game winner for them.
  • No way they don’t beat us on a game winner right here. I’ve seen this movie before.
  • Rondae on PG13 for the winner First lead in the half…
  • Lmfaooooo
  • Unreal.
  • hahahahahahahaha
  • LOL, hysterical, the guy whos in a zone, lets leave him wide open!!!!
  • How was he open? I don’t even get how that is even possible. PG is the only guy scoring in the 4th.
  • Haha man, I called it!! (He did 9:04 p.m.)
  • just what the doctor ordered
  • hahahahahhahahaha. amazing!!! Really amazing. THis team will not win another game this season!!!
  • We are the WORST team in the league now. Congrats.
  • Where is that Russian owner? Fire this idiot coach.
  • I have passed the stage of anger now…I just laugh as it happens now…these guys really know how to lose
  • It is impossible to watch this anymore…
  • Tbh the reason we lost was cause the Ref Pissed of PG13 on that no call on the and-1 And then he went into beast mode and we have no one close to match that…why you get butler if you could without giving up levert
  • We need to forfeit the rest of the season

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