The Thunder survived the Cavaliers but the Cavaliers didn’t survive the meltdown. Oklahoma City will take their six game win streak back home to play the Rockets. Until then, enjoy the fun meltdown from the Cavs fans.

  • Rough day today. Let’s be honest, this probably won’t help. Still, excited to watch.
  • Wonder what kind of crowds they’re getting for home games now? Seems like the rich people seats are kind of sparse.
  • Jesus steven adams is a thicc boi
  • Adams is actually one of my fav players in the league. Great personality
  • George having a fairly bad game so far
  • Noel, who the f*** did your hair?
  • Do they know Ferguson is ass? C’mon, leave him open…
  • Paul George seemed really good once upon a time. What a fraudulent star
  • I mean I should be upset that we’re losing, but I dunno. I watched Duke.
  • Maybe giving Sexton bursts of 4 mins isn’t the ideal way to develop him? What a shock!
  • JR’s eyes look high AF
  • That’s cause he is high
    I bet JR and Clarkson smoke that same
  • 17-0 scoring run. Cripes.
  • That got out of hand in a hurry
  • The Cavs announcers are honestly the worst in the league
  • Lol our offense.
  • Jordan ain’t gonna change. He wants his and that’s that
  • A quarter away from holding another L.
  • I do not like Noel hair
  • Clarkson got an assist!!!!!!!!!
  • A shining moment in NBA history
  • The f*** was that JR? You had a layup.
  • these turnovers are absurd
  • That was a truly beautiful pass from Stephen Adams.
  • Clarkson’s family is being held hostage. If he passes it, they die.
  • Paul George really isn’t a superstar like they want you to believe
    lol, it’s your fault he just made that buzzer beater
  • PSA: Clarkson prefers Turnovers over Assists on his StatSheet.
  • I’m breaking my screen the next time JR ignores an open Sexton
  • Cavs are dangerously close to winning this.
  • YO PG should be ashamed of hisself for not dominating this game. The only elite player on the court.
    Maybe he’s only Flacco elite.
  • Y’all Clarkson could get a triple double lol
  • JR getting blood on fools
  • Is sextons upside Schröeder?
    I don’t think Schröder’s upside is Schröder.
  • Gonna get relegated
  • This team will go down as the worst team in NBA history. No way they win 10 games
  • Hello 1-10
    Hello Zion
  • The hunt for another W continues another few days.
  • I hate my dishwasher.
  • Man, the transition from being a fan of an annual championship contender to a fan of a top lottery pick contender takes some work
  • I’ve watched every game so far this season. I need more hobbies.

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