The Thunder lost Westbrook but won the game. The Peli’s fanbase is in full meltdown mode as they’ve lost six straight. Oklahoma City really seemed to push this fanbase to the edge! We’ve all been there. Heck, we just were there at an 0-4 start. One bad comment on the Russ injury but some people stepped up. That was pure class. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Geaux Pels! The win streak starts tonight. Lets get back to .500
  • Great news for the Pelisons is that OKC is terrible from deep.
  • Inauspicious start
  • For a team that prides itself on pace, we are really not doing anything in our transition offense or defense tonight…very sluggish start
  • Not liking how easily they’re getting to the rim right now.
  • this pels team is not great
  • Maybe AD getting traded by Christmas will be a reality. Set him free.
  • Just wait Till the second unit hits the floor.
  • My best guess is we need AD to play perfect, otherwise we don’t stand a chance
  • Adams hits AD with that across the arm, no call. Not the first time.
  • Pelicans look awful . It’s almost like these guys don’t even practice
  • $10 we come out this timeout and get a bad shot if one at all, then okc goes on a quick 5-0 run.
  • Do the Thunder have 30 points in the paint yet?
  • I wonder if we ever don’t give up over 100 this season
  • Game looks horrible n I have 4k
  • Man the Pels have had some ugly possessions
  • What is it with these turnovers. Good lord. Lackadaisical
  • Downside: Frazier sucks. Upside: He’s only playing until Payton gets back.
  • Time to burn it all down
  • Every time I look at the box score for the Thunder I think of Turd Ferguson.
  • moore must have bet on OKC. no other explanation for that pass directly to the wrong roster
  • I don’t need to prove my fandom to you. Ask your wife.
  • is AD missing shots on purpose
  • Mic’s just picked up Westbrook swearing and the refs. Not a tech? hmm.
  • We can really afford this sloppy ****
  • AD said he was the best in the league. He needs to prove it because he’s not even close like this.
  • some of our turnovers are just pure comedy
  • Sorry guys, this is just pathetic exhibition of basketball by the Pels
  • Get healthy Westbrook
  • I done it in grade school. Crutches for a week but lingered pain for awhile. I hope he has a quick return for them. He is a fierce competitor.
  • Well that sucked for Westbrook. There aren’t many things more painful than that split second while you turn your ankle bad like that.
  • If Westbrook can’t play…..OKC may be good…..
  • Hopefully he’s alright. Not alright enough to come back into this game, but alright.
  • Westbrook on the ground, audibly screaming. Sounds painful.
  • Don’t like seeing a player hobble off the court.. unless it’s Russ or Harden
  • Nah..I don’t want to see any player go out like that
  • Not cool. I hate seeing guys get hurt. Don’t wish it upon anyone. Anyone who has played this game has been down that road.
  • Have these guys now forgotten how to catch the ball?
  • What in the actual frick is going on with this team?
  • They really need a vocal guy to rally these guys in these moments
  • We’re just not a good basketball team.
  • Steve Adams has dominated AD tonight.
  • and heeeeerrrreee come the turnoversss
  • Lmao, get that trash Frazier off the floor dude is just crap literally frank can’t be any worse and atleast he can score
  • He couldn’t defend my grandmother. She’s in a wheelchair.
  • Offensively and defensively this is the worst they have looked in awhile.
  • Westbrook is an anchor. OKC needs to pray he’s out a while.
  • OKC has played poorly and leads by 10
  • AD looks like complete garbage
  • Well, at least we can keep our heads up. We played a good 4 quarters.
    Across the last 5 games.
  • This team sucks.

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