The Oklahoma City Thunder rolled on the Wizards. The Thunder did what they needed to and more. Washington stood no chance. It’s weird, you know? Oklahoma City could play a part in both times Scottie Brooks gets fired. Good guy, probably not the best coach. The Wizards fans tend to agree with that statement. Enjoy the meltdown!

  • Tough 1st game. National TV, having to go against Adams head up with Westbrook driving at your throat all game.
  • Everybody eats against the Wizards horrible perimeter defense.
  • PG was shooting 0-10 threes yesterday. He will kill us from perimeter tonight …
  • The first drive by by okc they pulled up without challenging dwight and missed. This is what we’ve been missing.
  • 3-13 End, end, end!!! Referees, declare end of the match!
  • Yesterday, the Hornets were leading like 12-0 or so … and then lost.
  • Look like a completely different team with Dwight
  • 23-22 after 6 mins. – no team plays defense
  • The first team which starts playing defense wins
  • Sorry guys, this is not basketball. Not a lick of defense from either side. Not impressed.
  • Brand new team with Dwight
  • Brooks is a fool
  • Does your team struggle from 3? have your players been ice cold from the field?? have a dose of the Wizard’s D to cure what ails you.
  • 1-6 and brooks still running all bench lineups
  • Sometimes I just want to smack Oubre brahhh omg!!
  • Oubre is a dumbass
  • F***. Scott. Brooks.
  • somebody tell me how Austin Rivers is going to help the bench.
  • Ughh this team makes you lose excitement within seconds man
  • I see you Scott Brooks… I wish I didn’t.
  • wizards drinking game
    1. drink every minute an all bench lineup is in the game
2. drink every time an Otto Grimace is spotted
3. drink at every contested long 2
4. drink every 5th offensive rebound given up. 
5. 2 drinks for a Kieff tech
6. finish your drink if Ian mahinmi fouls out.
  • Westbrook is going to get as many layups as he wants tonight.
  • Wizards defense is a joke.
  • Luckily, OKC blows a lot of leads
  • Obvious to me the coaching is severely lacking.
  • if this game doesn’t work out, at least i got my Wu Tang Wizards hoodie
  • The defense isn’t atrocious, because there isn’t any.
  • Time to start the rebuild
  • This is going be a 59 point loss
  • Though the music is turned up to 100 here in Capital One Arena, you can still hear the boos and the “You Suck!” hisses as the Wizards walk off the court, down 79-50 at halftime.
  • What will it take for Brooks to get canned?
  • Remember when people thought Howard would fix the defense?
  • Grunfeld must be fired first!
  • OKC is not this good
  • this is such an embarrassment
  • Wizards fans, if the Wizards opponent scores 135 points or more, it’s Wizards night at Papa John’s!
  • At least they’re booing!
  • They deserve every boo they get. This is unacceptable.
  • We need to all go to a home game and chant FI-RE BROOKS! FI-RE BROOKS!
  • Wall is a joke right now. 6 TOs at the half and pouting on defense
  • I’m down here in Hornet’s territory. Why am I bothering with this team?
  • We flat out SUCK!
  • The effort is so embarrassing.
  • this is sad. Otto is getting benched.
  • Scott Brooks is the lemon juice in a paper cut to this team
  • What a joke of a franchise
  • We must be the least exciting team in the league
  • Everyone is responsible.
  • Is there anywhere on the court teams don’t shoot well on us?
  • I do not like van Gundy but even he would be better than Brooks
  • I blacked out, did we win?

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