The Thunder finally got their first win and it’s against the poor Suns. Their fans are already done with their team and they’re just six games in. The Thunder have a long way to go before they’re remotely in that neighborhood. Enjoy the first meltdown of the season!

  • 1 hour lets not lose by 18+
  • Hopefully we can lose by less than 15 this game. That’d be a great first step.
  • Westbrook triple double and a 20 point loss.
  • The reality is bitter sweet with this team.
  • Just bitter
  • Give Ayton The **** Ball
  • wth is this
  • Why did Jackson just foul Westbrook at midcourt? It was obviously intentional, but he wasn’t on a fastbreak or anything.
  • Still no Warren. **** this franchise.
  • Jackson, Anderson and Chandler in at the same time???? Are we TRYING to lose? WTF!
  • Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers,Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers,Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers,Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers,Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers,Turnovers Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers
  • Good game so far, only losing by 10. We just need to stay under 18
  • Igor might be the worst coach we have ever had. Holy crap. RUN PLAYS THROUGH AYTON.
  • Thunder played badly first quarter but still 10 points ahead.
  • i’m speechless.. this game smh
  • This team will be unwatchable soon
  • Refs sucking Westbrook off as usual.
  • It’s hard to keep my lunch down watching this team. Hurts my eyes.
  • I hate Jackson as much as I hate Ty Montgomery
  • Our offense is almost as bad as our rotations.
  • I feel bad for Booker and Ayton
  • We are the worst team in the league.
  • I can’t wait until we are down by 30 and then finally decide to start giving Ayton the ball.
  • OK I’m annoyed now
  • You can crucify me later, but I am going on a limb and proclaiming we’ll come back to win. You heard it here folks.
  • Westbrook is a blur.
  • The refs just let Westbrook act a clown out there….And then the reward him for it
  • Westbrook taking the piss, lol
  • Woah what an F-U dagger from PG
  • I miss the good old days when the Suns lost a bunch of games too but only by a few points in each loss
  • Noel dominating tonight.
  • feels like the rebuild has just began.
  • This has to be the worst start we have ever started a season through 6 games right?
  • That upcoming schedule still looks brutal.
  • Loss by single digits. 2nd best game of the season. lol
  • Only lost by 7!!!
  • It’s happening! I can see it ! It’s all going up from here
  • So suns play on Halloween here at home… If your looking for costume ideas to wear to the game you can go as the corpse of Tyson Chandler or the skeletons of Ariza, Anderson, and Crawford.
  • We are on pace to a 1-81 season.
  • should I watch the rest of this game on dvr? or save myself the agony?
  • I’m sad

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