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The Thunder host the Jazz tomorrow and what are all of the “experts” saying on who’s going to win the series? We already know Five Thirty Eight said it is a relatively toss up. So, what are the other experts saying throughout the internet-sphere? Here are some of the more prominent ones:


13 of the 22 pick Oklahoma City to top the Jazz in the first round. Unlike last season, where all 30 picked Oklahoma City to lose to Houston, Oklahoma City is the favorite. Home court has a lot to do with it, I’m sure. One thing is for sure, no one picked this series to go less than six games.

  • 8 have Oklahoma City winning in 7 games.
  • 5 have Oklahoma City winning in 6 games.
  • 3 have Utah winning in 7 games.
  • 6 have Utah winning in 6 games.

CBS Sports

Over at CBS, there are only six selectors and they’re split 3-3 on their choices. Every single person has the series going seven games, with three of them thinking Utah could win a Game 7 on the road in Oklahoma City.

  • Reid Forgave: Jazz in 7
  • Brad Botkin: Thunder in 7
  • James Herbert: Jazz in 7
  • Collin Ward-Henninger: Thunder in 7
  • Jack Maloney: Thunder in 7
  • Chris Barnwell: Jazz in 7

USA Today

Another national publication full of highly respected writers. They threw together their opinions, in hopes of our clicks. You’re welcome. We did it. Four journalists tried to reason with one another, giving well thought out reasons why they felt Utah was better than Oklahoma City. Two chose Utah, two chose Oklahoma City. Once again, the series that’s the most even splits the decisions.

  • Sam Amick: Thunder in 6
  • Jeff Zillgitt: Jazz in 6
  • Michael Singer: Thunder in 7
  • AJ Neuhart-Keusch: Jazz in 6

Sporting News

Sporting News might be full of clickbait throughout the season. They’re doing it again with all of the predictions here. Sure, we’re no worse than they are for this. In the past there have been multiple picks but for this, there’s only Sean Deveney.

  • Thunder in 7

There are a lot of sites who are doing previews, than predictions, unlike in the past. Oklahoma City is picked 19 of 33 times. Every single person picked the series to go at least six games. So, I hope you buckle up and getting ready for the long haul.


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