The Oklahoma City Thunder clinched the playoffs with an impressive victory over the Miami Heat. The Heat fans didn’t really comprehend what was going on. A lot of coach hating and a lot of officiating hating. They didn’t even talk about the Russ triple-double, besides calling him a stat stuff. The only thing he was stuffing on Monday night was them W’s! Enjoy the meltdown!

  • Is this a game the Heat even want to win? If they want to lose, am I really in? Not sure…
  • Watch us blow them out.
  • Think I loss my typewriter, haven’t touched over a year, now I’m annoyed
  • So, what happens to thunder if they get eliminated in first round? Iggie?
  • I’m tired of losing, can we win this game?
  • Holy chit what a start
  • wow Heat looking like a pretty decent playoff team right now, 03/04 Pistons 2.0
  • Melo sucks
  • 16-1 LMAO
  • Did OKC get trashed in SoBe last night?
  • So many FT bailouts this quarter. You lucky OKC
  • wtf melo plays defense??
  • i have an exam during wednesday’s game smh i’m in shambles
  • GTFO fatty felton
  • Felton always walks around like he needs a hip replacement
  • dont like playing this thunder team, weird team
  • okc 15-5 run since i’ve turned on the game smh I SORRy
  • Up 6 after that start is pitiful.
  • Man, this is just a parade to the line for OKC huh.
  • Uh oh, Russell getting warm
  • Why is PG so open all the time
  • man, PG so smooth
  • no resistance at the rim against brodie
  • These refs got me hot.
  • How many rebounds is Westbrook gonna get! THIS IS MADNESS
  • i thought PG was in a slump…?
  • Never in my life have I seen someone stat stuff the way that Westbrook does.
  • This ain’t my first rodeo; Wade is just saving his threes for the Elimination games.
  • we are making them take tough shots. i like our chances
  • letting okc bench score is no bueno. careful
  • Who do we gotta stomp on for some free throws?
  • Our bench killed us again.
  • chalm do something about felton
  • **** you Spo i burned a 2nd round pick in Fantasy on Whiteside and he never played in the 4th and now when fantasy season ended and i have a bet on OKC you play Whiteside… **** prick
  • The Oklahoma City FThunder.
  • Lmao we really falling to eighth huh
  • We never get home cooking
  • Talent
  • lol Spo is such a Joke
  • Well I for one am glad I ordered three Papa John’s pizzas at half price after the Atlanta win cause that’s looking like our last win of the season, playoffs included.
  • This team will get curb stomped in the first round.
  • I missed the newest episode of The Terror for this ****?
  • We suck muy grande
  • We just got outscored by 27 points in the fourth. Probably couldve done a little better.
  • WTFFF i had to leave after 4th quarter started… AND we got blown out in that time????
  • Umm just got out of a meeting…wtf happened!?
  • must be one of the worst games ever to start off 16-1 lead or something? i was cooking chicken and missed it
  • Westbrook with more rebs than Whiteside!!?
  • Hard to beat a team starting three guys who have 50 point per game capabilities. That doesn’t include Paul George either.
  • he got felton mad and then we felt his wrath

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