The Houston Rockets never foul says every Houston fan ever. They complained about Oklahoma City free throw advantage but ignored the 34-11 advantage they had the last time these two played. What a bunch of cry babies this time around. Oklahoma City didn’t play well and stole a game in Houston. Enjoy the Meltdown!

  • The Brook of the West cometh……..
  • Step on their throats and don’t let up.
  • Corey Brewer is gonna drop season high.
  • I will be at the game, I’ve got some boos saved up for Westbrook
  • I’d LOVE to see Beard give the Thunder a serious beatdown tonight.
  • would love to beat the thunder and knock them out of the playoffs
  • Please let Westbrook take all the 3-pointers to his heart’s desire — the omen for a Thunder loss.
  • I’m all in on OKC in 9th
  • Of course carmelo and pg break out of their slumps today
  • Aww the Thunder fans think they still have a shot!
  • We gonna try on defense tonight?
  • Carmelo is going off WTF!?
  • The flukiest quarter of OKC offense this season. They won’t score 25 in the 2nd
  • Melo bricks coming soon just wait a bit
  • Thunders brickers turn into shooting God this game.
  • I hate games on national tv, all they do is oohhh and ahhh about ANY team playing houston. It’ f*&@%#! disgusting…
  • Down six is nothing to a championship caliber team. We will persevere fellas.
  • Im going to need Nene to put Jerami Grant in the rim.
  • rockets looks like **** on both ends.
  • Joe Johnson’s defense is so bad, it’s really going to hurt us during the playoffs.
  • I’ve seen enough refs paid for thunder
  • bad news for the rockets, westbrook, pg, and melo all on.
  • Ok now hardens buzz is wearing off finally
  • lol JVG is right, that is NOT a foul on paul george. that’s an offensive foul on harden or a no call, harden is the one hooking his arm around paul george
  • Westbrick in full effect
  • Thankfully Corey Sewer plays for OKC
  • LMAO at Harden. He made the refs call a foul by way of fetal position.
  • i love how corey brewer blatantly gets fouled and it doesn’t get called but he does not sit there and whine to the refs! he rushes back and hustles and gets back on DEFENSE. i respect that.
  • Screw these refs
  • Westbrook did that on purpose, I’m sure
  • Officiating for both sides has been garbage.
  • Harden now is pissed. OKC is dead.
  • Lol, too bad for OKC Melo won’t do this in the playoffs
  • My goodness. Westbrook just does not shut up.
  • Would love to see OKC out of the playoffs !
  • The blunder threw their best punches and harden just single handedly said f*** you. Lol
  • This game is a clear case of the other team playing their best form of basketball and we still lead.  I say at least a 10 point victory for us.
  • Fun game! First one I’ve been to in like 3 years. I made sure to arrive late so I wouldn’t look out of place.
  • Man I wanna hit Mo cheeks right in the kisser… this bum made it but not Rudy T. Smh.
  • corey brewer keeping the rockets in the game lmao
  • MAKE YOUR ****ING FREE THROWS JAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8 on 5 and the Thunder are still losing
  • Another tech on us lmao
  • Paul George should’ve fouled out by now!! Rigged!!
  • whenever we put in these two grandpas nene and jj at the same time, we lose lead…
  • joe johnson should get 0 minutes in the playoffs.
  • Of course Westbrook would hit a three against us.
  • This may be a nba move here… Rockets lose
  • uhh, wow harden. just get completely embarrassed by westbrook. a complete clowning.
  • This is like a horrible 4th quarter team .
  • Westbrook looks fantastic.
  • Time for a patented Rockets 15-2 run.
  • Westbrook’s intensity is unmatched in the league
  • If Melo blocks you at the rim. Retire.
  • harden ****ing choked.
  • it’s like he’s trying to lose mvp
  • The Refs have completely f***ed us
  • This team didn’t handle the pressure very well.
  • another technical. STOP CRYING LIKE B***ES AND PLAY BALL.
  • Refs gave them about 10 points so we should’ve won in my book
  • he lost the ball again…wtf is up with Harden and pressure?
  • Rockets lost!!!….Westbrook deserves MVP over Harden!!
  • Harden bricking fts when they chant MVP just shows how mentally weak he is.
  • Go home rockets. You’re drunk

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