The Thunder beat the Heat and the Heatle fans provided the weirdest meltdown in sometime. Oklahoma City moves to only four games from clenching their playoff spot. I’m kinda sad how much they make fun of Raymond Felton. Enjoy this meltdown. If you can.

  • We’re gonna lose. Smh
  • Corey Brewer gonna go off on us smh
  • Big game.
  • let’s secure the 7th seed
  • Defense pls.
  • contain adams
  • camelo trash
  • so many offensive fouls
  • think we got bad version of okc tonite
  • think we got bad version of heat too
  • Yes, They play not good tonight,
  • this okc zone, messes with us even more than chalm zone
  • This team won’t beat any “GOOD TEAMS” without Wade and Whiteside.
  • Low energy here
  • anime center too much for us without whiteside so far as expected
  • How is Raymond Felton still in the league? Askin for a friend
  • don’t let pg13 go off
  • felton is actually one of the better players on the bench for em.. that’s how bad their bench is
  • Pretty bad when a fat point guard is your bench’s main offense.
  • I miss mike beasley
  • zero resistance at the rim or on the board
  • 4 point game. Need better second half
  • Gonna watch the halftime show on Pornhub.
  • None of their stars have really gone off yet, be carful
  • playing good defense. defending 3s and not letting get on fast breaks. i expect a w op
  • I don’t think I can do this, okc too good
  • I hate our team
  • We got this.
  • i feel like the score hasn’t changed in 10 years
  • Of course Adam’s is killing us.
  • Adams making hooks practically from the 3pt line sheesh.
  • How are we in this game?
  • We need to stop adams with the most powerful force in all of anime: friendship
  • Wow is this dude adams really killing us?
  • aquaman so dominant
  • adams would be great in our system
  • adams would be great in any system
  • we’re in this game thanks to melo
  • we need separation here against their bench
  • they r bricking from 3s
  • Raymond felton owning wade. Lol
  • someone promise felton a pizza or something after the game?
  • a stick of butter covered in sugar
  • lol pretty sure i saw him snackin on a deep fried snickers during a time out
  • OKC bench killing us
  • Would Adams be better than Whiteside in our system?
  • I love Steven Adams. We will lure him in with Kawhi, GiAnt and AD.
  • Not working again.
  • Adams chitted on us too
  • Extremely poor awareness by Ellington. Gotta foul Adams.
  • Chalms couldn’t get the job done , is ok buddy , it happens to the best of us
  • sadcharmanderrain.gif
  • Being a Heat fan is taking years off my life.

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