We know Spurs Meltdowns are bad. They’re often racist, misogynistic and often homophobic. This one is no different. While Pop preached diversity and acceptance, their fan base at times is anything but that. Oklahoma City won and here’s the meltdown. Not all Spurs fans are this bad.

  • Get it.
  • Nationally televised game on ABC. Could get ugly.
  • Which Spurs player dies tonight?
  • WestGOAT goes off for 40+ pts
  • Biggest game of the year. Spurs can’t wait any longer to turn this ship around.
  • Prediction: Chimpbrook goes for the trip dub while almost giving up the W for his team. OKC by 5
  • Brewer better than our entire team tbh
  • This offense is painful to watch.
  • WHAT THE F*** is up with this STUPID ASS decision to start Patty over Danny? Is Pop f***ing senile??
  • Pau you useless dinosaur
  • Fatty and Fathead are walking tumors out there
  • Good news is Tony has turned the playoff mode switch on. Bad news is so has gin0bili.
  • Becky can outcoach Pop
  • This team is so beyond trash that Kawhi coming back won’t change sh**.
  • 3 offensive rebounds given up by Rudy Fa***t in this quarter alone
  • OKC with one of the worst scoring benches in the league… Spurs getting obliterated by them.
  • All that work gone in 3 seconds lmao
  • Rookie move Parker
  • wow, absolutely pathetic effort.. playing dumb is just inexcusable
  • Parker’s boneheaded foul with no fouls left to give turns into 4-pts for OKC lol. A microcosm of our season.
  • Adams too long and strong for LMA tbh
  • Yeah we got them right where we want them.
  • If the refs let Adams play defense like Draymond LMA would never score.
  • lol @ cory brewer going off on us
  • first Curry and now Adams …Harden is the next..
  • haha no adams no defense ya fuckers
  • I usually like seeing other nba players hurt but not adams
  • pop more like poop
  • fathead in contract year right there
  • Refs never fails in OKC. Pathetic
  • get this eurof** off the court smh
  • Daddy Donovan running circles around Poop, per par
  • both these teams should be banned from the playoffs
  • Paul george looks like a fat arabian terrorist
  • OKC is hot trash but we’re flaming trash.
  • its like someone told rudy gay “you are rudy gay, you ruin teams”
  • Thunderefs won’t miss a ft and Fathead can’t make one
  • Down by even more when Adams is out…  lolol
  • Donovan only brings out Collison against sh**** teams
  • Collison of all ppl killing us
  • Collison is the worst player in the NBA and he is embarradsing us.
  • You forgot about Gay tbh
  • The crowd cheers for Collison like he’s a Make a wish kid playing in the NBA and the dude is killing the Spurs. Dark times.
  • Billy Donovan has sh** on pop since he’s come into the league.
  • has Poop put in the scrubs yet? oh wait
  • poop already thinking about SXSW panels about anti racism and inclusivity
  • I hate hate this team.
  • Forbes wants off this corpse of a team
  • Like he gets to talk… he’s f***ing terrible.
  • The Thunder ain’t got no respect for the Spurs…none.
  • I’d rather watch my sister have a train run on her than watch LaMarcus Aldridge pass out of a double team, tbh..absolutely nauseating..
  • choo chooo
  • PICS
  • When was the last time the Spurs were this terrible? 2010?
  • 1996-97
  • Ready for this season to end.

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