Sure, the Thunder added a couple of “super stars.” This also brought high luxury taxes and expectations. With all of that, the Oklahoma City sent out the 2018-19 season ticket prices and every seat rose in price.

From the Loud City to the super expensive seats, the Thunder made the decision to raise prices based on House Bill 2361. It passed through the State Legislature this summer.

House Bill 2361 states that all tickets under $50 will have a $1 service fee attached. Those above $50 will see a $2 fee attached.

It’s expected to generate at least $2 billion in revenue for the state, which saw a revenue shortfall of $878 million.

Loud City saw prices range. The lowest increase is in the loft. It raises from $15 to $16. That’s a modest $44 addition per ticket. The highest upper level seats saw an increase from $70 to $78. Those mazinee season ticket holders will see an extra $308 on their bill.

In the club seating, those saw modest increases. Such as Terraces both were increased by $3 per seat. That is $132 addition to the season ticket fees. The modest priced club baseline seating, which valued at $90/ticket last season, jumped considerably. It says “call for details.” This usually indicates a drastic price increase.

In the good, lower level seats, the prices all saw an $8-13 increase, depending on the section. The Champion’s Club seating, which are those four sections about mid-court, saw a $23 increase from $275/ticket to $298/ticket.


Many expected ticket prices to go up, so this isn’t a surprise. The fans would have to fit some of the bill and they’re aware of that.

Here’s the email the Thunder sent out this morning: 

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