Paul George and Russell were doing their comeback thing but it was Gary Harris who had the last laugh but that’s not really where it all ended.

As Russell Westbrook tried to exit the court a fan stepped towards Westbrook, yelling in his face. Westbrook gave the man a nice shove. An obviously intoxicated fan was finally escorted out of the area by security. NBA officials ran over after the fact.

First off, this fan better be lucky Westbrook didn’t body slam him through a couple of tables, Dudley Bros. style.

Secondly, why is this fan on the court? That’s blatantly unacceptable and needs to be addressed by the Nuggets and the NBA. Apparently, this isn’t the first time this happened in Denver this season.

But the action didn’t end there. With the Nuggets and their fans celebrating, one of those fans made his way a few steps out onto the court. A few steps away from Russell Westbrook. A few steps too far.

“They can’t come on the floor,” Westbrook said. “It’s totally unacceptable.”

There are some people out there saying Westbrook will be criticized but that hasn’t been the case so far. While some may think a fine or a potential suspension is upcoming for Westbrook’s touching of the fan, Westbrook had to defend himself in a situation like that. The fan has no right, despite how much he paid for his ticket, to yell in Westbrook’s face without consequences. This fan should be banned from any NBA games going forward.

It’s reported the Denver Police Department hauled the guy away to spend a few hours in jail, most likely for public intoxication and disturbing the peace.

If the NBA suspends Westbrook from such an asinine fan, Adam Silver may have a very upset Brodie, Clay Bennet and the NBPA to deal with.

Another controversial Thunder loss here in Denver and now we await the NBA’s ruling on the L2M report.

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