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Through this road trip for the Oklahoma City Thunder, there have been constant questions about Paul George’s future and George has been very honest with his love for Los Angeles.
“You’ve got your stars courtside, it’s a historic building, the energy is great,” George said when asked about what’s special about playing in L.A. “And it’s a chance to really showcase yourself in one of the highest, best markets.
“It just so happens that that’s home for me, so there’s family, there’s friends, there’s teachers, people I grew up around. It’s just a nice environment for me.”

A lot of people have shared their opinions on what George will do and what Georges current teammate Russell Westbrook should be doing to try and convince him to stay Westbrook has his own opinion on what he should do.

Some of the talking TV heads didn’t like the way, Westbrook responded to the question of how he will try and court George to stay the loudest person to express their disdain for Westbrook was FOX Sports personality Colin Cowherd on his show “The Herd.”

If George wants evidence of a player building a brand in a small market while also helping out his hometown he has the best example sitting next to him on the team plane in Westbrook and he can look on this past week to see the evidence.

Westbrook released his first signature shoe with the Jordan Brand releasing the Jordan “Why Not” Zero.1s then later in that same week he opened up his 20th reading room in his hometown of Los Angeles at Highland Elementary in Inglewood, California with his WhyNot Foundation. As well as announcing he will be alongside his foundation opening up nine more in Los Angeles, Westbrook also managed to help out a Californian family by donating the car he won by becoming the 2016 NBA All-Star MVP after theirs had broken down.

This isn’t the first time Westbrook has helped out a family with a brand new car get also helped out a single mom in Oklahoma in 2015 with a brand new car from his 2015 NBA All-Star game MVP, Westbrook shared his outlook on his generous contributions to these thankful families.

“The basketball stuff comes and goes, “Westbrook said.” For me, it’s always been about giving back and finding ways to impact the community where you come from and impact the community all across the world. Me being on a stage that I’m on, obviously basketball is something I love to do, but giving back is something I love doing more.”

If George needs to know he can still do great things for his hometown from Oklahoma City he just needs to turn to his left. George knows who Westbrook is and how he goes about his business it would be strange for Westbrook to start acting differently and act like someone completely different.
Westbrook isn’t going to beg George to stay. Westbrook will let his actions do the talking and in the end that might be the best thing for Westbrook to do.

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