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During the celebrating of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 112-107 victory over the Houston Rockets on Christmas Day, a milestone went under the radar. Russell Westbrook passed Kevin Durant for all-time leading scorer for the Thunder with 15,967 career points, 25 more points than Durant.

The record does not include the Seattle SuperSonics history or Durant’s rookie season as that season he played for the Sonics. The Thunder moved from Seattle in 2007 in time for the 2008-09 season.

The all-time leading scorer including the SuperSonics is Gary Payton with 18,207 who played for the SuperSonics between 1990-2003.

With Westbrook signing his five-year extension in the preseason Westbrook has made the decision to become a Thunder/Sonics legend not that he wouldn’t already be talked about as one but Westbrook staying for five more years puts him in position to become the all-time leader in the history books.

Some of the records Westbrook is chasing are:

Games Played

Payton holds with 999 Nick Collison is third on that list with 902* Westbrook is sixth with 702. If Westbrook plays every game for the rest of the season he could reach fifth which is Jack Sikma at 715. If Westbrook plays his career average of 70 games a season Westbrook would finish with 1,052 games making him the all-time leader.

Minutes Played

Held by Gary Paton which is 36,858 Westbrook is fifth with 24,020. If Westbrook plays all 82 games playing his average minutes of 34.2 minutes per game he would play 2,804 minutes per season which would add up to after five more years 38,402 minutes making him the all-time leader in minutes.

Field Goal Makes and Attempts

Gary Payton leads with 7,292 field goals and 15,562 attempts Westbrook is fourth in field goals with 5,531 and second in attempts with 12,795. Westbrook averages 7.9 field goals on 18.2 attempts so over five seasons Westbrook could finish with 8,770 field goals and 20,257 attempts making him the all-time leader.

Three-Point Makes and Attempts

The leader of three-point makes and attempts is Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant with 1,143 and 3,009 attempts Westbrook is fifth in three-point makes with 760 and fourth in attempts with 2,429 Westbrook makes an average of 1.1 on 3.5 attempts per game so add five more years and Westbrook would have 1,211 in makes and 3,864 attempts making him the all-time leader in both categories.

Free Throw Makes and Attempts

Kevin Durant leads the organisation with 4,599 makes and 5,212 attempts Westbrook is second with 4,145 and 5,070 Westbrook averages 5.9 makes on 7.2 attempts which over five more years would leave him with 6,564 and 8,022 attempts which would make Westbrook the all-time leader.

Total Rebounds

The leader of total rebounds is Jack Sikma with 7,729 Westbrook is fifth with 4,468 Westbrook averages 6.4 per game for his career so add five more years at that pace and Westbrook would have 7,092 leaving him as the second most rebounds in Thunder/SuperSonics history.


Gary Payton is the all-time leader with 7,384 Westbrook is second with 5,630 Westbrook averages eight per game for his career over five more years Westbrook could finish with 8,910 making him the all-time leader. Steals Gary Payton leads with 2,107 Westbrook is third with 1,224 Westbrook averages 1.7 per game over his career add five more years and he would finish with 1,921 which would make him second on the all-time list.

Westbrook has put himself in a position to become the greatest SuperSonics/Thunder player of all-time by re-signing with the Thunder for five more years instead of leaving to go back home to Los Angeles to team up with a LeBron James or now teammate Paul George instead Westbrook decided if he was going to win an NBA championship it was going to be in Oklahoma City, if he didn’t win a championship he would be happy saying he was a one-man team and could say he gave his all to OKC.

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