Mavericks Meltdown! 11.12.17

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Mavericks for their second straight win. So, that means we get a Mavericks Meltdown. The Mavs fans understand they’re not great, so this is a little bland. However, they still have some stupid Westbrick comments. So, enjoy!

  • Nail biter for #teamtank.
  • Let’s do this!
  • the time to start getting some wins is now
  • Ugly offensive game from both.
  • leaving dennis in there has this team grow around him
  • felton wasn’t this round on the mavs
  • Dirk is playing with the reserves
  • J. Huestis never heard of him before, Mavs 3 GL defense making it possible
  • nice flop powell
  • Powell is only looking good out there cause Thunder are running a triple SF line up in front court
  • what a terrible game. mid-90s euroball halftime score.
  • russ switched shoes at halftime..
  • Has Carlisle ever been ejected?
  • turnovers galore tonight. what an eyesore
  • westbrick is waking up?
  • The Mavs are committing some bush league turnovers. Sometimes it looks like they’ve never played together.
  • Wes has to make wide open 3s..
  • It annoys me watching them let Westbrick beat them
  • wow, Mejri defending Westbrook, whose gameplan is this
  • Man, I love the way Mejri immediately fires a rebounded ball out to a guard that is going down the court. Mejri actually has some really good B-ball instincts.
  • He just fouls a lot.
  • what a poor defense
  • i wonder if it’s possible carlilse is on the hot seat?
  • No rim protection whatsoever…
  • just look at the beautiful job how Felton runs the offense, he has done better tho than any Mav PG in just only 13 minutes
  • Wes doing some hardcore tank commanding tonight.
  • Dennis gets ZERO calls!! WTF?!?! I get that he is a rookie, but c’mon refs!!!
  • okay maybe mavs have one more shot
  • okc is better without melo..
  • ehe the okc announcer made a funny: “i’m gonna be your schoolbus driver and take you to school”
  • Holyshit how awful are PG13 and Westbrook.
  • If anything, that was a push off by Westbrick.
  • Lol, Wes with the great pass to Westbrook under the rim!
  • You can’t make this crap up; now Clavell passes to Westbrook.
  • Gameover, Noel is in the Game.
  • Poor coaching. Bad loss.
  • Masterful tank job
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