Real Plus/Minus of the Thunder’s win over Indiana

A new feature we’re debuting is the real plus/minus of the Thunder’s games. They’ll be released when we get them done. When the Thunder win, we’ll bust out more positive comments than negative. When they lose, it’ll be the opposite. This time, the Thunder beat the Pacers 114-96, so let’s check out the box score:


Fast Break Points

The Indiana Pacers came into this game with the Thunder averaging 20 fast break points this season, and The Thunder defense held them to seven fast break points. Oklahoma City scored 14 points on the fast break doubling the Pacers in the fast break game.

Ball movement

The Thunder managed to move the ball around the court superbly looking for the open man it was a real asset against the Pacers who got caught going two to one or on occasion three players to one guy and the Thunder were managing to find the open man who was able to knock down the shot. With guys like Anthony, George and Adams on the court with an elite passer like Westbrook it’s going to be hard to stop when the Thunder have the ball moving around as they did against the Pacers.

Carmelo Anthony’s defense

Carmelo Anthony first half defense was fantastic especially his defensive rebounding which led the Thunder’s transition scoring. Anthony had seven defensive rebounds along with two blocks. Anthony finished the game with 10 defensive rebounds and three blocks he also ended with 28 points shooting 52.9 percent 3-of-7 from three at 42.9 percent.

Victor Oladipo

Everyone was talking about Paul George’s first game against his old side yet Oladipo was also returning to play against his former team, and he was fantastic scoring 35 points five rebounds two blocks and one steal shooting 61.1 percent on 11-of-18 FGs and 5-of-8 three-point shooting at 62.5 percent. He might not be on our side anymore it was still great to see that he has moved on an taken his game to another level.


Paul George foul trouble

Paul George got into early foul trouble against his old team the Indiana Pacers. George was looking to have a good night against his former team, but that was put on hold by some very strict umpire calls that ruined his first game against his old team. George fouled out in the fourth quarter managing only 19 minutes scoring 10 points and one rebound.

Russell Westbrook free throw shooting

Russell Westbrook shot 6-of-10 from the free throw line against the Indiana Pacers continuing his lousy form from the line he is shooting 57.1 percent this season is starting to show he is getting frustrated by his free throw shooting slump. Westbrook is a career 82.2 percent free throw shooter.

Referee foul calls

The referees were terrible in today’s game against the Pacers. The referees were calling every single ticky-tac calls, and it slowed the game down drastically. It also put players in foul trouble, or Paul George’s case fouled out of the game. George (6), Domantas Sabonis (5), Oladipo (5), Jerami Grant (4) and Josh Huestis (4) where all in foul trouble because of terrible calls by the referees.

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