Podcast S2 E5: Relax, Thunder Fans!

On our podcast, Brady Trantham and Chuck discuss a plethora of topics that lead Oklahoma City into their next battle with Indiana and Minnesota.

Here are a few things we talk about on this episode:

Controversial ending

I broke down the controversial ending here. However, Brady and I give our untethered takes on the whole situation. I may or may not have been crying at one point.


There were plenty of positives to take away from this loss. While no one in Oklahoma City’s organization, especially Russell Westbrook, is about moral victories, we found some.

OK3 is a work in progress

This is a fact. We discuss chemistry issues. Was the last shot scripted? Has Westbrook changed. Oklahoma City answered a couple of questions for us. Raymond Felton is a budding superstar and more.

Andre Roberson’s value

Is Andre Roberson worth the value of his contract? Should we shoot him to the moon or give him a pass since he’s a fantastic defender? There are various ideas and opinions on this one. One thing we all agree on, at least he’s not Kyle Singler.

Thunder Mail Bag

We answer all your Thunder questions — No, the Thunder aren’t getting Monta Ellis. Stop asking.

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