L2M Report: officials missed five calls

The Oklahoma City Thunder lost on a buzzer beater to the Minnesota Timberwolves 115-113 on Sunday night. However, according to the league’s Last Two Minute report, that would’ve never happened if everything was called correctly.

All-in-all there were five missed calls in the final two minutes. Let’s rehash them:

First missed

Taj Gibson collides with Raymond Felton on a three-point attempt. It’s quite obvious as he tackles him to the ground.

It would’ve been three shots for Felton, which he probably would have made. However, Steven Adams scored the and-one bucket. So, the points here were really no difference than if Felton had made all three free throws.

Second missed

Steven Adams was in the paint a little too long and should’ve been called for a three-second call. So, here’s the deal on this as you can see:

His foot is in the paint. He probably misjudged where he was on the court. There was no advantage gained here. Oklahoma City missed a three on the possession. No harm on this one.

Third missed

This one goes against Oklahoma City and Felton. It’s an obvious miss by the officials. Wiggins should’ve been shooting a free throw attempt after his putback. Felton grabbed his arm and tried to prevent him from grabbing the rebound to no avails.

Fourth missed

This is where we start to get into the more obvious fouls. coach Tom Thibodeau called for a timeout but as the report says, the officials were not in place to see him call for it. He should’ve been called for a technical foul, which would’ve given Oklahoma City the ball and a free throw.

You can tell he’s calling for the timeout but the official is paying him no mind. The Peake is loud and I’m sure that official cannot hear him. I can tell you many times I’ve been in basketball arenas and barely been able to hear my own whistle.

Fifth missed

Karl Anthony-Towns screen is legal. Let’s throw that one out the books. He’s set. However, he’s no longer set when Paul George tries to go around him and he makes contact with KAT’s leg. That leg has to be extended. That leg is not apart of the screen in this instance. That’s where the illegal screen is missed.


So — what happens now?

The NBA uses these videos to get better. I know, you’re saying hell no. It’s true. All officials — for now — are human. They are going to make mistakes and will make some really good calls. Due to TV and all of the instant replay, they’re under a huge microscope.

They often go over this video see where they can improve. They’ll make the improvements. If they don’t, the NBA brings is new officials every season.

Why does the NBA do this?

This is all about transparency. As a fan, you’re upset again at the fact the call was missed. If Oklahoma City is a 2 or 3-seed because of this by a single game, you’re all going to look back and throw your hands in the air. However, it’s a thought for you to consider: would you rather the NBA stay silent about mistakes or admit them as they do with the L2M report? I’m pro-transparency.

All-in-all, the Thunder played great in the fourth quarter and as it may seem these errors did not cause the Thunder the game. There were more than enough issues throughout the game causing Oklahoma City this loss. They’ll get better, as will the officials. Until then, yell at us on Twitter or Facebook over this.

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