Knicks Meltdown – 10.19.17

I’m going to try and do these for every win this season. Oklahoma City beat the Knicks and it was fun to watch. The Peake was rolling and so was this meltdown. Oklahoma City really brought out the pain in this young Knicks team. It was nice seeing them root for Melo AND Westbrook. Check out the first meltdown of the year!

  • go Knicks and Melo
  • hey knicks break a leg — not literally
  • Knicks by 24
  • The Ramon Sessions era begins tonight!!!
  • and hopefully ends tonight.
  • I wonder who is going to stop melo in the post …. Courtney LEE?
  • Melo in this off brand thunder blue looks so wrong.
  • First jump ball Porzingis ever won
  • Billy Donovan looks like an enforcer for the Irish mob
  • does donovan’s hair grow and move, or is it just a fungus on his head?
  • Ah man, that was actually awesome to see. This crowd already loves Melo!
  • What are you doing Kanter…
  • hard to root for melo and the knicks
  • So, what’s new about this game than the last 8 years?
  • Melo is much better at scoring on the Knicks defense than he was playing in it…
  • Shut up, OKC. You’re going to be beating us by 20 by half-time.
  • Just Melo being Melo
  • What is the Thunder mascot supposed to be.
  • some ridiculous shit. it sure doesn’t look like it roars
  • Russ hasn’t chucked like people though he would
  • this is preseason quality
  • Ron Baker guarding Westbrook… LOL
  • Do me a favor and let me know when y’all accept that we should fire Hornacek
  • Why is everyone getting injured.
  • this NBA season is scary
  • I’m already sick of Kanter. Trade him fast…
  • they should fire hornacec at halftime
  • Dang, KP still got no post game.
  • Can KOQ not foul guys at the rim?
  • No, it’s in his contract. He’s required to.
  • CARMELOOOOO AN-THONYYYYYYYYYY. I had to get that out of my system, just one more time Sorry not sorry
  • Yo you can’t call 80 travels a game dawg
  • Who does this guy #7 on the Thunder think he is
  • Westbrook hasn’t even tried to take over game yet
  • OKC’s offense looks pretty bad tbh
  • Westbrook scores at will
  • Kanter has like 3 travels lmao
  • Russ is such a force, man.
  • has another thunder player touched the ball besides russ, melo, PG, and adams on rebounds?
  • This Anthony fellow has got some nerve. It’s like he’s good at basketball or something
  • such BS reffing
  • Kanter is sure looking like prime Amar’e out there
  • More like near end of career Amar’e
  • same thing tbh
  • can’t believe that felton’s still in the league
  • what the f*** is a Lance Thomas
  • refs in full anti knicks mode
  • I think we are better than OKC, I don’t care what the scoreboard says.
  • We might lead the league in turnovers.
  • Youth Movement! (terms and conditions may apply)
  • Russell Westbrook never fouls people btw Just plays super aggressive high speed all the time with maximum contact.
  • Kanter playing nice, he should have whacked Russell
  • Melo trying to heat up now
  • lol Roberson 3
  • It has begun. Enter FARTBHOR. Friendly Alliance of Really Terrible Ball Handling and Oddball rotations
  • Checking in for the first time–does everyone already HATE Ramon Sessions?
  • Very much so
  • Who said PG was better than Westbrook???????
  • OKC didnt even play well and blew the doors off…
  • how many lobs can OKC throw in a row
  • this is the worst lineup in nba history
  • What was Lance doing when he was training with that guy?
  • Getting put on skates by Hoodie Melo.
  • We should at least be able to cut the lead against Melo and OKC’s bench. We’ve seen this happen a million times as a Knick
  • Just saw Westbrook blow by Ron… then realized it was Felton.
  • Ron Baker has turned to a version of James Harden that can’t hit shots or pass well.
  • Do em dirty Melo.
  • gonna be a long season for us
  • OKC does not look that good today and yet they ’re undressing Knicks at will
  • Ron just bounced the ball off his face
  • Fake comeback initiated.
  • KOQ is anti-rim protection.
  • hey look another triple double
  • F*** you Hornaceck
  • hey F*** you Hornaceck
  • Jeff sucks..
  • Horny can eat a d***
  • fire this a***hole if he keeps doing this sh**
  • Just let Dave Bliss be the head coach.
  • Good luck, Melo
  • Nowhere near as strong as Phoenix’s tank tbh
  • OK…uh..well..I watched a Knicks game this year.
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