Hello, Mr. Reliable It’s nice to meet you

“Past behavior is the most reliable predictor of future behavior” – Gordon Livingston

Carmelo Anthony has averaged 20 points per game or more every single year of his career now that’s reliable.

Nine of the 15 years Carmelo Anthony has averaged more than 25 points. Now, that’s reliable.

Now the question is can Carmelo Anthony do what he has reliably done for 15 years with Oklahoma City Thunder. Carmelo has never played with a point guard the caliber of Russell Westbrook.

What am I talking about there is no one like Westbrook. Silly me.

Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Derrick Rose and Baron Davis were not the best versions of themselves. Westbrook is coming off one of the greatest seasons ever played averaging a triple-double winning an MVP it’s safe to say this will be the best point guard Anthony will ever play alongside. They have played three games together, and we have already seen them click on offense linking up on some beautiful trailer plays.


Carmelo Anthony has had a steady build to the preseason Coach Billy Donovan has slowly been raising Anthony’s minutes. He has played 20, 17, 31 and 16 minutes scoring nine, 19, 19 and 16 points. Donovan has played with his lineups playing Anthony with George and Westbrook or with the second unit by himself showing that Carmelo will be quite a flexible asset for Billy Donovan’s team.


Paul George is the player Anthony has been praying for his entire career a guy that can defend the best players in the world who can also take the best defender on offense is what is going to happen this season with the new Big Three in Oklahoma City.

Paul George is a Top 5 small forward on both sides of the court. George is going to take the responsibility of guarding LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard off of Anthony who will be playing the four this year in Donovan’s line up.

Anthony is going to be the most reliable guy on this team he is giving you 20 points every game he plays. Westbrook is going to find an open Carmelo Anthony who has become a tremendous spot-up three-point shooter, lighting it up from three-point range at 41.8 percent from three-point range on catch-and-shoot situations.

Anthony is going to be a significant member of this Big Three he’s the guy you don’t have to worry about he’s giving you 20 points a game and anything more is just gravy.

Were Anthony’s true X-factor on this team might just lie on the defensive side of the ball he can be a real asset with his length and ability to switch with George can be very valuable if he buys in.


Anthony will have the best season of his career at 33 years old. Why? Because he isn’t the man on this team, he will be the second option behind George maybe even third choice depending on who Westbrook decides he wants to be. Carmelo is going to have a lot of space to work with this year on offense he is going to get open looks thanks to Westbrook’s elite passing ability, and the attention George and Westbrook command which will be a welcome part of the game that comes alongside playing with two All-Star players one being a MVP.

I looked forward to getting to know you Mr. Reliable.

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