Big Three showing how dangerous they can be

The preseason may be over for the Oklahoma City Thunder but the questions will go on. The Thunder have a Big Three once again and the questions arise: How will the Big Three co-exist? Early signs pointing to the Big three excelling with flying colors.

While Russell Westbrook as the ring leader, running Paul George and Carmelo Anthony abreast, the Thunder are aware that little action, only three games, between the trio will have some issues. At times it appears George, the odd man out throughout everything, still has done well in his solo time on the court.

In the win over the Nuggets, we finally saw the big three found their groove and really dominated the Nuggets. The Thunder saw their lead balloon to 20 points with the OK3 on the floor. While their first minutes of the night didn’t exactly show greatness, It was the continuing beating of the drum that wore the Denver Nuggets down. Those minutes of the second half, an 11-0 run, really were the offensive and defensive strengths the Thunder are going to thrive in everyone is in sync.

“It really showed how good of a defensive team we can be when all five guys are on the same accord,” Anthony said.

Every game has been different between the three. On Friday night against the Pelicans, it was Paul George who did large amount of the damage on his own, without the other two, scored 25 points on 7-of-14 shooting and was the shinning star that night.

Against the Rockets on Oct. 3, Anthony dominated, scoring 19 points in the first half. He played only 17 minutes in the half, showed he could throw it down against one of the best still.

However, against the Nuggets on Tuesday night, it was a trio showdown, that saw everyone really step up and show their worth. It was capped off with Russell Westbrook’s 20 points on 9-of-13 shooting. He dished out seven assists in only 28 minutes.

There are some issues. Some bad spacing and some missed shots that probably could have been passed up for a better one. What we’re seeing is three friends who are still learning how to play together and the signs are very positive. Denver is a good team and Oklahoma City when they played the starters, took them to the woodshed.

Some positives we’re seeing with George and Anthony in the lineup, Westbrook’s percentages are up. He’s a career 43.3 percent, but through his three preseason games, he’s shooting 53.6 percent. We’ll ignore his three-point percentage.

Free throw attempts are down across the board. There’s a lot more jump shots within this team this preseason. So, therefore the amount of free throws go down. This could be changed in the regular season. That will only be seen with time.

Paul George shot 45.8 percent from three. No more double teams. No more game planning for him. He’s really throwing into what the Thunder are offering.

Turnovers are up. While Westbrook’s not handing the ball to the opponent at super high rate like he did last season, the ball is being turned over at a high rate. This could be changed once the lineups get set and moved the ball into normal hands. Not a random point guard’s hands in the fourth quarter.

Now, this is all preseason. This could mean absolutely anything and the Thunder are going to be just fine. I think they’re going to be fantastic and really become a flying death machine for opponents.

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