Paul George’s return odds and boos

It’s not always easy for former players to return to the land they once called home. It’s also not easy to return to a place that said player once said he was not going to re-sign.

The boos will be swift. The cheers will be sporadic. However, Paul George’s return to Indiana on Dec. 13 will be something the Thunder have seen a few times. James Harden’s return. Kevin Durant’s return. Not all will be as nice as Kendrick Perkins or Serge Ibaka’s return. However, all have the same thing in common: it’ll be awkward.

George will go down a different tunnel. He’ll get turned around and eventually find himself in the right locker room. He’ll walk down the halls as if it’s his old high school, reliving his glory days. Those joyous moments, though, in the past. George will call it “just another game.” Everyone will in fact know it’s not. The love for Indiana George had is there, despite the irrational feeling some Pacer fans may have. The man did give Indiana notice so they could trade him and salvage something for him. Unlike a certain someone we know…

We booked it as one of our Top 5 non-KD scheduled games.

There are some odds out there on George’s return to Indianapolis:

Over/under points for Paul George: 35.5

I’m going to have to pull the under on this one. While Paul George is a superstar, a glorified top 10 player in the world, you have to realize this is still Russell Westbrook’s team. George going for 35.5 or more on this team will take some doing. Indiana will be out for some blood and the atmosphere will be electric. I’ll go under.

Odds Paul George scores more points than Oladipo and Sabonis combined: 2:3

This one is a toss up. Oladipo has the ability to score in bunches but Sabonis is going to be your wild card. If he can hit some three-pointers, it could sway this in the duo’s favor. I’m going to side with Paul George because if Domas only has two or three points, George might only need 23-24 points to beat them.

Odds Paul George gets booed in Indiana: 1:9

There is no boundaries for this one. Does booing mean the entire arena, partial or just a smattering? There are going to be some boos. I’ll go as far to say there will be a lot of boos. This is an easy way to make a buck if you ask me.

While the Thunder should win the game easily, you’ll see some exciting moments, as when you saw the return of Durant against Westbrook. There will be some fireworks but for the most part the game could be out of hand for a majority of the contest.

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