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Thunder reactions of Westbrook extension

Russell Westbrook‘s signature on his NBA-record $205 million dollar contract extension sent shockwaves across the league. The 28-year old reigning MVP essentially will play what many believe will be the prime of his career with the franchise who drafted him in Oklahoma City.

It says a lot about his commitment here and when the time comes it will be easier to make my decision. -Paul George on how Westbrook affects his future

Fellow NBA greats like LeBron James sent their well-wishes to Westbrook through social media.

Nothing hit closer to home than with Westbrook’s own teammates.

I think everybody should be happy. For the future he is the cornerstone of this organization. -Carmelo Anthony on Russell Westbrook’s extension

While the extension is exciting for Thunder fans and allows the organization to breathe a sigh of relief, the ripple effects from Westbrook’s signature could have something to say about keeping the current big three intact.

Paul George has only been Westbrook’s partner for almost three months and he spoke after practice on Saturday how the point guard’s commitment to Oklahoma City will affect his own future.

“Absolutely,” George said when asked if Westbrook’s extension would be a factor in his future with the Thunder. “It says a lot about his commitment here and when the time comes it will be easier to make my decision.”

Surprisingly, George admitted he found out about the news on NBA TV.

Carmelo Anthony was extremely candid during his reaction to the extension.

“I was happy,” Anthony said. “I think everybody should be happy. For the future he is the cornerstone of this organization.”

Anthony has had plenty of experience with the business side of the league. His time in New York was littered with contractual language and headlines. His response to how players taking care of the business aspect of basketball and reliving the pressure that comes with it was enlightening.

“That burden is off,” Anthony said. “Although we try not to think about it, we think about it. It’s something that we have to keep in the back of our minds, our future. I’m pretty sure he is happy to focus only on basketball.”

“Also, not have to answer the questions,” Anthony said with a smile. “He won’t have to answer those questions anymore.”

Westbrook is expected to be available Sunday prior to the Blue/White scrimmage for the first time since the signing. He continues to be held out of practice due to the PRP injection he received late in the offseason although Billy Donovan said as of Saturday he began to do non-contact drills.

He is not expected to participate in the scrimmage.

Here is the video excerpt of the question I asked to Anthony.



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Russell Westbrook signs 5-year extension

It’s only taken two months but Russell Westbrook has finally signed his five-year $205 million dollar extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook’s extension ends tons of speculation the MVP winner wanted out of Oklahoma City. Time and time again, Westbrook reiterated Oklahoma City was the place he wanted to be and once again Westbrook signed and showed his loyalty to the city. He didn’t have to. His obligation was done last August. However, this man one ups his own self.

Thunder Digest confirmed the signing earlier this morning.

“Russell’s commitment to the Thunder organization since its inception in 2008 has helped propel us to great heights and stare down great challenges over our first decade,” said Presti. “We are extremely fortunate to have an athlete, competitor and person such as Russell wear the Thunder uniform. To have him cement his legacy as a leader as we enter into our 10th season in Oklahoma City is extraordinary. I am extremely grateful to Russell, his family and to our ownership for the commitment and support that they have demonstrated in supporting our vision for the Thunder.”

For Oklahoma City, they have a superstar in Bricktown for many moons to go. While Paul George and Carmelo Anthony may want to bolt for larger cities, it’s Westbrook who will continue to be the staple in Oklahoma City for the foreseeable future.

Westbrook will be 34 when his extension is up as he’s signed through the 2022-23 season.

The new CBA allows players like Westbrook to sign an extension known as the Designated Player Veteran Exception. The DPVE allows for Westbrook to make anywhere from 30-35 percent of the salary cap, which will be an estimated $102 million in 2018-19 when his DPVE kicks in. Westbrook was under contract for one more season at $28.5 million on his original contract re-negotiation signed last summer.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is no place I would rather be than Oklahoma City,” said Westbrook. “I am so honored to have the opportunity to continue my career here with the Thunder. From day one the support that Mr. Bennett, Sam, Troy and the entire organization have given me and my family has been incredible, and we are so grateful. When you play in Oklahoma City you play in front of the best fans in the world, I’m looking forward to bringing everything I’ve got, for them, this city and for this organization. WHY NOT?”

Russell Westbrook won the 2016-17 NBA MVP last season, scoring an NBA record 42 triple-doubles. He then averaged a triple-double just for show. Oklahoma City is in great hands.

Oklahoma City’s largest priority, signing Westbrook, is accomplished. Now trying to secure Paul George and/or Carmelo Anthony remains next on task. It is believed both will opt out of their player options. However, the Thunder retain the bird rights on both players.

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How Carmelo Anthony’s passing helps OKC

After a few days in Oklahoma City, the role of Carmelo Anthony is already a topic of discussion.

Of course, the 2017-18 Thunder is the best team that Anthony has played with on paper. Playing alongside Paul George and Russell Westbrook will allow opportunities for each to thrive and show the best of their capabilities.

I do think he has very, very good vision. And I think he put that on display with Team USA at points in time.

-Billy Donovan on Anthony’s passing.

The specter of “there aren’t enough basketballs to go around” continues to loom large over the organization. How can three ball-dominant players co-exist in a way that the Thunder can achieve their full potential?

Some of these questions were going to be there even if the Anthony trade did not occur. With a shorter preseason and less time to gel with his teammates, detractors of Anthony’s game — or what they think Anthony’s game is — will prosper until actual basketball begins.

Everyone knows about the scoring Anthony will provide. His 24.8 points per game over his career speaks for itself. Thunder GM Sam Presti highlighted an underrated facet of his game — his passing.

Even head coach Billy Donovan raved about his passing ability at Thunder Media Day.

“Carmelo, even the last two years playing against the Knicks, watching film, he’s really a smart player,” Donovan said. “He knows how to play. I think he’s got a good feel of how to play. I do think he sees the floor.”

Westbrook is a proven passer. George has shown the ability to play off the ball and within an offense. Anthony’s passing can be an advantage for Oklahoma City if Donovan allows the offense to flow through him similar to Enes Kanter with the second unit.

With a few weeks until the regular season starts let us imagine how Anthony’s passing can benefit the Thunder, broken down by player or position.

Steven Adams/Center Position

Right off the bat, Anthony demands so much attention with the ball in his hands. With the athleticism and talent on this roster, Oklahoma City will have plenty of opportunities for fast breaks.

Steven Adams is a player often mentioned as one who will benefit the most with more spacing on the floor. Anthony’s ability as a passer can flourish with an athletic big like Adams running the floor after steals or up-tempo possessions.

Adams has the ability to do damage off of high pick and roll. On possessions where Anthony finds himself with the ball and Adams begins to screen the high defender, the New Zealander will have clear lanes to the rim.

Last season around the 15th game mark, opponents had scouted the Thunder and took away Adams’ lob opportunities from Westbrook, as well as crowded the paint effectively taking Adams out of the game.

The factor of Adams being schemed out of games is less likely given the talent increase. The lane will be open for Adams to feast down low.

Another huge facet of Anthony’s game is his willingness to get physical on the block. With his size, he has the ability to bully smaller fours and threes with ease. This attention from the defense allows the backside to be wide open under the rim.

Perimeter Shooters

“Floor spacing” will be a phrase you will hear countless times this season. The transition from last year’s Thunder squad to this year’s is incredible.

With this roster having a nice balance between defenders and scorers, the fast break off of turnover possessions will be plentiful.

The attention that Anthony garners from defenders in desperate attempts to get back on defense allows shooters to find lonely spots in the corner. Anthony’s vision is impressive when he has capable shooters at his disposal.

“I do think he has very, very good vision,” Donovan said. “And I think he put that on display with Team USA at points in time.”

His vision is really impressive when you see examples of him passing across the three point area once the defense collapses onto him.

Alex Abrines, George and others will have open opportunities once Anthony drives towards the hoop.

Russell Westbrook

This is where the fun begins. Considering both player are high-usage rate/iso-centric players, there are some who are hesitant to call the basketball marriage between Anthony and Westbrook an immediate success.

But there is too much talent and too lofty of goals for these great players to not figure it out. Once the reigning MVP and Anthony can learn how to play with one another effectively, the highlights will come.

When you have such talented offensive players that demand so much attention, they are generating good shots for other people.

-Donovan on Anthony’s passing

Typically, Westbrook enjoys dumping the ball off to another player and remaining at the top of the three point line. This was the case when Kanter and Westbrook shared the floor. Expect some half-court possessions with Westbrook dumping it off to Anthony on the block to happen.

Once Anthony asserts himself on the block and influences the defense towards him, Westbrook will have a lane to the basket.

“When you have such talented offensive players that demand so much attention, they are generating good shots for other people,” Donovan said after practice. “The ball is moving well right now and we need to keep that going.”

Simply put, Oklahoma City will have a plethora of opportunities to not only bring out the best in their new Big Three, but also showcase the talents of their role players.

Guys like Adams, Abrines, Jerami Grant — who showed he is more than capable and willing to shoot the long ball — and Patrick Patterson can thrive on a team with multiple stars.

If Oklahoma City is going to have success deep in the postseason, Anthony’s passing in harmony with the rest of his team can have a lot to say about it.

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NBA passes lottery reform

The NBA’s Board of Governors have passed new legislation for draft lottery reform, giving the top three teams the same odds according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Board of Governors also passed guidelines for resting healthy players in the regular season, too.

Voting happened over a two-day period in New York. Lottery reform will become law in 2019. Oklahoma City was the one team who voted no on the lottery reform as it passed 29-1.

So, this is something that was reported earlier this month. This isn’t too unexpected to read. The resting guidelines also isn’t too surprising. Adam Silver and fans have been quite vocal with teams resting players, especially during national televised games.

While the 82 games can be a grind for anyone, it’s a bit far fetched to force teams to play their best players every game. I think we’re going to see excuses for players being “hurt.”

Lottery reform looks to quell any hopes of tanking. While the top three have the same odds, the rest of the NBA has improved odds, except the last lottery spot.

Now, a lot of this won’t effect Oklahoma City as they don’t have a first round pick for some time. We hope they don’t have to draft in this area for awhile. Maybe General Manager Sam Presti will find a way to fleece a team for their lottery pick.

In the new resting legislation, Silver will have the discretionary ability to fine teams for resting players in several instances, including sitting multiple players outside of unusual circumstances in a single game, and healthy players in nationally televised ESPN, ABC and TNT games.

When teams decide to rest players in games, they’ll be encouraged to do so for home instead of away games. Star players sitting out are expected to be on the bench during games and encouraged to be accessible to fans for interaction before the game.

The NBA rid the 2017-18 season schedule of back-to-back games around nationally televised appearances, giving teams presumably less to sit out players for high-profile games.

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Space becomes a commodity with new lineups

Yeah, sure you had to pinch yourself in order to remember that Carmelo Anthony and Paul George are a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, one thing you don’t have to freak out about this season is space.

It’s going to be plenty. No more teams building a wall and forcing Russell Westbrook to beat four defenders — he did — and no more just super bad shot selections because defenses played 5-on-1. You think the Thunder’s space was nice with Kevin Durant? Adding in a third superstar changes the game.

Last season, this is what we saw, Westbrook barreling into the paint and getting to the rim. He does it surrounded by a hoard of defenders. That’s all well and good. However, when you have no real offensive help. Let’s be honest, Victor Oladipo was about as consistent as a pathological liar. While Westbrook often did not have any perimeter help — The Thunder ranked 30th in three-point shooting — his ability to get to the rim is second to none.

As we see here in this still against Miami, four defenders leave their players to defend Westbrook. He scores on the drive. However, they know two things: 1) With Westbrook attacking the rim, there aren’t as many reliable shooters on the floor for Westbrook to kick it out to. It’s just Alex Abrines, Andre Roberson and Jerami Grant. 2) Westbrook gets on that one-track mindset to just go up when he’s attacking. His drive-and-kick numbers last year were career lows.

So, where is Westbrook going to go with the ball? He goes to the rim and scores. Oklahoma City won this game on the back of Westbrook.

It’ll start with George and Anthony hanging out on the perimeter. No more leaving players like Alex Abrines open in the corner. When two players of that talent are on your roster, defenses can no longer game plan for only Westbrook. That three-man wall you see in the image above will be forced to hold their ground because if you’re going to leave Paul George or Carmelo Anthony open, the Thunder’s chances just improved considerably.

Westbrook will have to give the ball up more. While that tunnel vision is known on Westbrook and mentioned above in point No. 2, his sometimes flawed method of barreling into the paint without the regard of his teammates standing alone on the outside, looking in. However, if we go back to the previous year with Durant in tow, the MVP found his teammates open a lot of the time. More points were created due to the lesser attention on him.

Paul George is a career 37 percent three-point shooter. Last season alone, the former Fresno State Bulldog nailed 39.3 percent of his treys. While Melo is not nearly as efficient as George, Melo’s 35.9 percent three-point shooting last season would have ranked him fifth last season. If you compare last year’s numbers to this season, last year’s roster shot 32.7 percent from deep. Even with the others removed, the average still remained at 37.7 percent. Now, let’s add in a one-on-one guarded George and Melo: the Thunder’s average jumps to 34.8 percent. That would be good enough for 20th in the NBA, a whole 10 teams jumped.

It starts with Westbrook’s ability to drive and not be attacked by five guys. It starts with George and Anthony doing their jobs and puling defenders away from Westbrook. The Thunder are on the verge of something great and it starts at becoming more efficient on the offensive end.

If the Thunder can do that, this offense could become a flying death machine, rivaling those in Miami.

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Annual Blue-White Scrimmage Oct. 1 at Edmond North

The annual Blue-White scrimmage has been all over from Oklahoma City, Newcastle, Choctaw, Moore, Bixby, Bethany, Yukon and Midwest City. It’s Edmond’s turn to get a crack at it. The Oklahoma City Thunder will host their annual Blue-White scrimmage on Sunday, Oct. 1 at Edmond North High School at 2 p.m.

If you’ve never been to a Blue-White scrimmage, here’s how it goes: The Thunder will hold a very loose version of practice. It’s really like warm up but they run a couple of drills. The Storm Chasers are out and about. Rumble is doing his thing. Outside of the school, they’ll hold a Thunder Alley for everyone. That’ll start about 11 a.m. They’ll have bouncy castle things. They’ll really be doing this for the kiddos.

After they run through the fake drills to make it seem like you’re REALLY  at practice, they’ll hold an mini scrimmage that we’ll be able to see the Thunder in all of their glory for those in the arena.

“We are extremely proud to tip off our 10th season with this great community tradition, and we’re grateful to the Edmond North community for hosting us,” said Brian Byrnes, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing for the Thunder. “We’ve played the Blue and White Scrimmage in a different location every year to show our fans across Oklahoma how deeply we appreciate their support and how much we value the connection they feel with our team.”

Tickets will only be handed out by the Edmond North administration to the students via raffle. This is best to keep the tickets in the community and not getting out there on the open market, jacking up the prices as this is a free event for the local community. However, all Thunder Alley festivities will be open to the public.

Thunder Digest will be live on the scene with Brady Trantham bringing you the 411.

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Some thoughts from Thunder Media Day 2017

The Oklahoma City Thunder held their annual media day on Monday, Sept. 25 and it was business as usual for the players as this is the 10th season of doing this and with so many veterans on the team this season, it’s nothing new to them. I started this as a five thoughts type of deal and just rambled. 1,600 words later, here you go:

Kanter will be missed

Kanter was a lively guy while in Oklahoma City. He talked about his love constantly of the city and the citizens of this great state. With him being traded only 48 hours earlier, it was a given his name would be brought up in what he means to people.

Russell Westbrook probably said it best for everyone:

Kanter is an amazing guy and it was great to have him here. He always brought the flavor to the locker room.


Of course Steven Adams had to be asked as a fellow ‘Stache Bro:

Locker room relationships are different than any other. I will certainly miss him on the court.

-Steven Adams

Melo seemed happy, relieved

Why Carmelo Anthony said there was no bad feelings towards those in New York. His chapter is done. The man is moved on. He wore his hoodie with bravado and explained how it started. He made jokes when someone implied maybe he could come off the bench. Oklahoma City is getting a talker. This 10-time NBA All-Star has real thought into what he says. Even when he’s probably trolling. The man gave long-winded answers, but they weren’t talking in circles. He doesn’t want many things taken out of context. That was obvious, despite some things via social media being done so.

I didn’t come here to be a rebounder. I came here to do what I do best and I am excited to be here.


However, Melo smiled. He cracked jokes. The man is ready to start a new act in his play of life. He seems to really still love to play the game of basketball.

When many think of what is going to cause any rifts between this trio, Melo shot down any idea of him trying to take Russell Westbrook’s star.

I’m not coming here to take any spotlight


No one asked Russ about being a father

You know, this is partially my fault. I didn’t. I should have. I did not think about it until afterwards. Oklahoma City’s newest MVP became a father this summer, little baby Noah came into this world dressed to the nines. Westbrook mentioned becoming a father when asked about whether or not he’s going to sign a contract before the Oct. 16 deadline.

It’s been a long summer. Had a baby, been working on a little father hood.

-Russell Westbrook.

We all asked about playing with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. However, we didn’t ask how being a father was. I’m sure he feels a little let down, a little used. For us as journalists, we have to appeal to the people side of these players.

We’ve seen his snap chat. We understand how important Noah is to him. I let him and everyone down by not asking about it.

OK3 are definitely close bros

We knew they were friends but watching them joke with one another and having a blast during the photo portion of the media day. They were joking, giving each other a hard time and just seemed to be enjoying being on the same team. It’s been awhile since all three had real help and I think they’re finally happy they’re getting it.

Players answers to protests questions

Billy Donovan started it out by saying he respects the flag and doesn’t want to offend anyone. Sam Presti shot off saying he supports the player’s right to protest peacefully. While it’s such a generic answer, which is what the Thunder want, it doesn’t really give us any insight.

Westbrook started out the player’s portion of the answering of the questions.

The things he’s saying is outrageous. It’s uncalled for. It’s unnecessary. I don’t agree with anything he said.


While Raymond Felton said he wasn’t political and others say they’ll decide as a team on what to do, Westbrook, the leader of this team, spoke up and from what I gathered, spoke really for the team on this topic.

Paul George, often stoic in demeanor, left his own opinion on the dais:

I thought what the NFL is doing right now is beautiful. They’re showing a lot of power, not only from the players but the front office making statements that they’re going to back their players up in whatever they do.


Nick Collison gave a very thought provoking comment on it all:

“I think he has an opportunity to try to bring people together. Seems like every time he has a chance, he tries to tear people apart,” Collison said. “I don’t know if it’s for political gain or what, but I think part of being an American, and loving America and loving the country is loving your fellow American and other people that make up this country.

“Players are in an interesting position in this country in that they have a voice. They can try to use that for good to unite the country. I know that’s a tricky situation, a lot of people disagree with it. I just wish instead of saying it’s us against them or fighting the culture war that everyone seems to fight all the time, I just wish there would be more listening and trying to make it better and solve problems instead of just point out whose fault it is for problems.”

I’m nervous, I’ll come back

We gotta address the elephant in the room. The reporter who was so nervous he couldn’t talk to Russell Westbrook was one of our guys. The Thunder media room busted up laughing and so did Russ. The guy was one of ours. Unfortunately, in his first ever press conference, the guy choked and I hope he learns from the situation. He’s going to hopefully get better. No, it wasn’t Brady. It was Brady who said “we’ve all been there” and asked a follow up question.

In his defense, he hit Collison with a full question. So, there was a redeeming story on media day after all.

I kept forgetting who Isaiah Canaan and Rashawn Thomas was

I feel embarrassed, I’m supposed to know who all these players are. However, Canaan only signed on Saturday and I’ve barely seen a picture of Thomas. However, there was more than once when I saw them walk around and was like, “Who’s man is this?”

Someone buy Terrance Ferguson a sandwich

This man must not have eaten while in Australia. The Tulsa native looked like he was held together by twigs and twine. The Thunder say he’s 185 lbs. I’d like to see him step on the scale. He looks closer to 170. When the Thunder finally get him into the weight room.

Sam Presti praises ownership for this team

A surprising turn of events happened even before the start of the day, Presti took the dais and fielded questions about the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony. He was openly praising Clay Bennett and Co. on their patience (and money) with this roster. As of right now, the roster is at $132 million for the season, approximately $7 million over the tax line. With their tax and their salary cap, their money situation is about $160 million.

Championship talk is back

Paul George said on Monday afternoon this felt like a championship team. It has the same feel. You have over 20 all-star appearances, multiple gold medals and three 20-point scorers all on one team, that’s the feeling you get. This team is going to be very special when May rolls around.

Westbrook is a man who often keeps it simple:

We have one goal: to win a championship


Hoodie Melo is in Bricktown for the foreseeable future

One of the best moments of media day was watching Carmelo Anthony walk in front of me wearing that hoodie under his jersey. He didn’t have to do it, but he did it. He cracked jokes about not coming off the bench and really talked about who he was as a person, player.

While wearing the hoodie, Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman, asked Melo about the feeling everyone had about him never wanting to play for a small market team because, you know it’s small. Melo interrupted him an said this:

They said that because they don’t know me.

Eye opening. It’s true, I searched the internet and unknown anywhere in the google-sphere, I cannot find Melo saying that.

If you’re curious where the hoodie Melo came from, this is what Anthony had to say:

“It started with a beanie, like I was just in the gym and I didn’t have a haircut, and I was like, ‘I’m just gonna go and throw a hat on. I wanted to sweat, and I just started working back out in the summer,” he explained. “From there, it went to a hoodie and it got out, and the phenomenon started.

“For me, it was just about showing a different focus that I have, a different motivation, and just locking in to what I have to do. And locking myself into the gym, and locking myself into focusing in on my body. Because I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was so much going on that was surrounding me that I just wanted to find a way that I can just focus in, and that’s when Hoodie Melo was created.”

I’ll have to point out Paul George isn’t a fan of the hoodie. He yelled into his presser and said “take that dumb ass hoodie off!”

Nick Collison still is Mr. Thunder

The water flowed through the bottles of Disani and other brands through media day as players chugged under the heat lamps that are often shining lights for video cameras.

It’s probably my last year

– Collison

Nick Collison said He wasn’t expecting any farewell tours or anything. He just wants to go out and play basketball for another year.

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Dwyane Wade close to deal with Cavs

Former All-Star shooting guard and free agent Dwyane Wade is close to coming to a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The free agent signing that will reunite both Wade and LeBron James is expected to be finalized Wednesday according to ESPN‘s Adrian Wojnarowski.

This comes as news to Oklahoma City Thunder fans who had thoughts of Wade coming off the bench to supplement the trio of Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George dancing in their heads.

Earlier in the week, Wojnarowski reported that Oklahoma City was making an “aggressive bid” for Wade’s services. Even going as far to share that both Wade and George spent a considerable amount of time together working out over the summer.

At Thunder Media Day, Anthony let it known what his thoughts on the potential signing of his long-time close friend Wade.

“Come on D,” Anthony said with a smile. “You know where ya wanna be.”

Sam Presti even hinted during his brief media availability that Wade was a long shot to come to Oklahoma City.

“Often times, players know where they are going beforehand,” Presti explained. “That is the nature of the league today.”

It appears that the ability to start with Cleveland rather than come off the bench with the Thunder as well as the relationship between Wade and James won out in the end.

While it is unclear what the Thunder would do if Wade were to sign with Oklahoma City, it is fair to assume a sixth-man role would be the likely outcome. Andre Roberson would retain his starter status in order to be more effective in his role.

Losing out on Wade is no surprise. It was always going to be a long shot despite what his relationships with Anthony or George are. At age 35, Wade’s prime is in the rearview mirror but he can still contribute and be a valuable piece to a championship contender. His role will likely be larger in Cleveland than in Oklahoma City.

Despite having a starting five that includes three All-Stars, Oklahoma City still has areas of their roster that can be improved via player movements. Presti’s aggressiveness over the summer suggests that he will continue to improve this roster in order to compete against the top teams in the league.


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That one time when Darci Lynne shows up Rumble

Darci Lynne, the 12-year old ventriloquist sensation that won America’s Got Talent last week is no stranger to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Just a few years ago, when she was a little tot, she decided to show Rumble the Bison up.

Darci flipped and showed up Rumble so much, he bowed to her. The crowd cheer and it was hilarious.

Darci Lynne winning America’s Got Talent is amazing. If you haven’t checked her out, you can view some of her videos below. The Edmond native really went above and beyond wowing the judges and the crowds. She even received a golden buzzer, immediately moving her to the next round.

On the finale, Darci brought out her puppet Petunia to perform Anything You Can Do with fellow ventriloquist Terry Fator.

Darci beat out 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale at the end of the show.

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