Russell Westbrook named NBPA MVP and more

It’s the middle of August and Russell Westbrook is still cleaning up awards. The NBA’s Player’s Association released their Player’s Voice Awards and most of it is done without voting released. Westbrook was named the MVP, best dressed and hardest to guard.

The Oklahoma City Thunder becomes only the eighth team in NBA history to have multiple MVP award winners. Westbrook’s rise to the MVP should be no surprise. There were flashes throughout his career of this greatness. His ability to attack the rim became his stallion instead of his Achilles.

In a league of superstars, Oklahoma City has been blessed with one that is truly city first. He speaks of loyalty and wears OKC proudly. His work in the community only tops his work on the hardwood. Oklahoma City is blessed to have a player like Westbrook in our community.

Westbrook beat out James HardenKawhi Leonard, and LeBron James for the MVP.

It’s really not a surprise Westbrook was voted best dressed. The international fashion icon rocks the runway almost as good as he does the NBA hardwood. From his stylish shoes to his fantastic choice of man blouses, Westbrook’s fashion sense knows now bounds.

In the video they say that swag and confidence are key components of winning this coveted award and Russell Westbrook surely has all of that and more.

Westbrook’s win on hardest to guard comes down to his explosion ability through the lane. Like a gun going off, with only milli-seconds to get out of the way, Westbrook’s dominating ability gives defenders fits. It makes the Thunder lethal on offense and with the addition of Paul George, he may be even harder to guard.


There were other awards voted as well as Nick Collison won best Thunder teammate.

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