Top 5 non-KD interesting games

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s schedule is out and boy are there a lot of games. The Thunder play games in three countries. They have odd time games (1 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4 p.m., etc.). They’ll also play on national television a whopping 37 times, including NBATV.

Here are five games you’ll want to catch this season:

Nov. 24 vs. Detroit Pistons

It’s weird. Reggie Jackson ans Russell Westbrook haven’t played each other. Despite all of the trash talking and all of the tears of joy, the two have yet to do battle on the court. Jackson was hurt or the Thunder rested players, so they’ve yet to go toe-to-toe.

There are typically two Westbrook’s that come out when he’s playing someone he geniunely doesn’t like; he either ethers you into non-exisistence or he turns into a fumbling baffoon. We don’t quite see the latter anymore but you never know.

I fully imagine that Westbrook is going to dunk all over Jackson if given the chance. I do think Jackson would run down the tunnel before given Westbrook the satisifaction of dunking on him.

Dec. 7 In Mexico City, against the Brooklyn Nets

While the Brooklyn Nets are essentially the worst team in the association, the Oklahoma City Thunder expanding their brand in the NBA’s Mexico games is an amazing idea. This game, not on national television, will be play in Mexico City and will be the third country Oklahoma City will play in this season.

Over their tenure, Oklahoma City will have played in six different countries.

Dec. 13 at Indiana Pacers

Paul George returns to Indianapolis for the first time in his career not in a Pacer uniform. For George, it’ll be bittersweet. He’ll probably be booed and cheered. The mixed emotions will be higher than a middle school dance.

For the Thunder, they’ll play Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis for the first time. I don’t know if the feelings the Pacers and George have will equal what Oladipo and Domas will be the same but the game will be interesting, none the less.

Jan. 10 at Minnesota T-Wolves

This is the last meeting between the two teams who will probably win the Northwest Division. The national showdown on ESPN will feature Jimmy Butler, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Andrew Wiggins. Also, Taj Gibson will return. Even in his short stint in Bricktown, he’s beloved throughout.

March 20 at Boston Celtics

While the Thunder will play the Celtics in Oklahoma City on Nov. 3, going to Boston in late March will have huge implications on the playoff race. Plus, going to Boston when they’re good can be magical.

The Celtics with everyone could be a special team and with the Thunder, if they glue, could lead this game into a really big game in late March. Plus, being on TNT will help.

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