Thunder release home and away jerseys

While many hoped for an entire rebrand under Nike, the Oklahoma City Thunder did what everyone should have expected and they played it safe. Oklahoma City’s new home (association) and away (icon) jerseys are almost idential than before. The jerseys have a Nike swoosh on the right shoulder, leaving the left open for a potential advertisor. That’ll never happen any time soon.

Oklahoma City also added the “OKC” on the belt and that’s essentially all that changed within the uniforms. We talked about 2k18 leaking the home uniform the other day and the leak was pretty accurate.

Oklahoma City will get two more uniforms, as we’ve talked about before. Those will be release within the season. One is expected to be a futuristic looking font on a blue uniform.

While a rebrand is not out of the question, the Thunder are aware of the average public perception of their logo and uniforms. There has been talk of rebranding but don’t expect it to happen any within the next season or two. This change of adding a smiple “OKC” to the belt, is almost the epitome of the organization.

I, for one, like our icon and association unis. They’re clean. They’re synonymous with winning. Russell Westbrook wears it and that man knows fashion. Do you think he’d put on an ugly uniform? I didn’t think so.


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