Taylor Swift lies in congratulating Westbrook in his MVP

Russell Westbrook won the 2016-17 NBA MVP on Monday night. Then, out of no where, the Thunder posted a video of Taylor Swift, of all people, congratulating the Brodie for winning the elusive award.

You may remember back in the day, Russ was on vine and Instagram, singing some Taylor Swift.



So,they got Taylor to say some words on how she taught Russ how to play basketball. It’s cringe worthy at best.

All of this is fake news and it’s really a stretch by the organization to do this. I am curious on how much this cost for Taylor to do this.

“I was the one who taught you how to play basketball,” said in the video. A lie. We all know Westbrook learned from the Gods on how to ball so hard.

Swift also gives credit to Russell in return for inspiring her song “Shake It Off.” This is a surprising revelation as they’re both embattled in a lawsuit over the fact Westbrook was not given proper credit on the album. She obviously is conceding at this point.

“So essentially we have each other to thank for these careers,” Swift said.

Okay, I may be fabricating some, too. At least mine is no where near as bad as this video.

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