Norris Cole focuses on the important things

Norris Cole is 28 and in his sixth year in the NBA. Cole joined the Oklahoma City Thunder at the beginning of March, and from there on was battling with Semaj Christon for the backup point guard behind Russell Westbrook. Cole recently played in China, but before that, he played for the Miami Heat, winning two NBA championships.

Cole talked about how it can be difficult joining a team in mid-season, like he did with the Thunder.

“It wasn’t difficult playing basketball…but being a point guard on a new team, learning the personnel and the new terminology, that was kinda tough,” Cole said. “I think I handled it in a professional manner.”

Norris also talked about with Westbrook playing so much, there wasn’t much required of him on court playing, as there would be in a different situation. Although, he did mention there are things required from players off the court that people don’t really see on the surface.

“It is just like any other job, we have things as players that we go through that people don’t see,” Cole said about off the court duties. “Now that the season is over, I can look back and reflect and see some things that I can work on personally.”

Cole also talked about his plan in the offseason and what he will do from here. He has been in China the season before this one, and adamantly talked about getting some quality time with his family.

“Right now I am gonna go home and enjoy my family,” Cole said when asked about his offseason plan. “When the time come, me and my agent will talk.”

Cole did have flashes of him showing he can still be at least a backup point guard in this league, but it was probably just a temporary fit with the Thunder.

Cole then ended his exit interview perfectly with, “Thunder up.”

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