Who is the worst Thunder player ever?

Oklahoma City just finished up their ninth season. Oklahoma City has seen some fantastic players come through and some truly bad players. However, has been the worst of them all?

To set down a list of worst players of all-time, we have to need criteria:

Anyone can be really bad player in only couple of games. We need to limit it to at least 20 games played.

We’ll choose one person from every season, so that would narrow it down to nine players. If it’s the same player in multiple years, we’ll label them such Player 2010 and Player 2011.

We’ll factor in PER, PPG, FG%, eFG%, TS%, ORTG-DRTG adjustment, and RPM. We’ll give them a number ranking based on the team, and whoever has the HIGHEST average, meaning worst on the team, will be the worst.

Seasons in which a player is traded are ineligible for the list. Such as Kyle Singler’s first year in Oklahoma City in 2014-15, he was bad but since he was traded at the all-star break, he’s out. We’ll make a single exception, if said player appeared in 50 or more games.

Any player who spent time in the D-League that season is not out. Because you can go down and still come back up and perform.

So, without waiting, here are each worst player for each season.

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