Kyle Singler’s season can only be better next season

Marred by a contract that at the time was lucrative, Kyle Singler has yet to reach expectations during his time in Oklahoma City.

He was a given sharpshooter in Detroit for the Pistons. Getting him with D.J. Augustin for Reggie Jackson appeared to be a steal. He was going to be this stretch three to come off the bench and help Kevin Durant rest. Then, Kevin was hurt and was expected to step into this starting role. While he did step into the starting role, it never panned out and was quickly relegated to the bench.

This season in 32 appearances and two starts, Singler averaged 2.8 points per game on 41 percent shooting and 18.9 percent from three, not a typo.

Singler is a capable defender. He has some length that allows him to guard the perimeter on players who play the three or four, and occasionally the two. However, he’s not a good enough defender to look past what he does on the offensive side.

“I work my entire life to get to the point where I am today,” Singler said. “Of course I want to do the best I can.”

In his three seasons in Oklahoma City, his numbers continue to descend to the depth of worst in the NBA. His 18.9 percent is the worst in the NBA, among players who played in at least 25 games. Singler played in 32 games.

While his defensive rating of 108 is slight respectable, it’s not nearly enough to warrant quality minutes. Though, playing 2-3 minutes per 10 games isn’t exactly helping a confident level. Singler last season did things such as floating tank and meditation to get his mind right.

“There are a few things to try and put into the summer program,” Singler said. “The main thing is spending time in the gym and weight room to refine basketball skills.”

With three years left on his contract, two are guaranteed and the third being a team option, Singler’s time for showing he’s an NBA player is running out.

His PER (Player Efficient Rating) is 5.9, sixth worst among players who played in at least 25 games.

Though, it may not appear Singler is in any rush to get to the best basketball point since he joined Oklahoma City.

“There is nothing more satisfying that you’re putting time into your craft, something you love, the growth you can see in yourself,” Singler said.

Singler is going to his brother’s wedding this summer. Maybe time away from the basketball gym will do him some good. Maybe clearing his mind and enjoying his family will benefit him when he returns. Because in his current form, Singler is a wasted body on a team that’s rebuilding.

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