Beverley fined $25,000 for Friday’s incident

The NBA announced on Sunday Patrick Beverley will be fined $25,000 for his confrontation with a fan after Friday’s Oklahoma City Game 3 win.

On Friday night, Beverley barreled into the stands, sliding near the legs of an awaiting fan. That fan leaned over, said some words and Beverley, jumped up and starting pointing at the fan. Nothing came of it until after the game.

After the game, Beverley and said fan, Stuart Scaramucci exchanged words. Scaramucci is the son of minority Thunder owner Jay Scaramucci. It’s unknown what was said but it was enough the two had to be separated.

On Saturday morning, the NBA announced they were investigating the incident and Beverley offered no comment while the NBA is looking into the situation.

It didn’t appear there was any physical altercation but fans have been thrown out of the arena for less. ESPN has a video of the second quarter interaction and the post game from a different angle.

We have this angle submitted by a Thunder team source.


It’s unknown what really transpired as the NBA press release just says this:

Beverley said he would speak after the incident was fully investigated. So, expect comments on the situation to come out today. Oklahoma City and Houston play in Game 4 today at 2:30 p.m. on ABC.

This is the second time this series someone has been levied a fine. Russell Westbrook was fined $15,000 for using inappropriate language at the end of Game 2.

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