Thunder home playoff games going cheap

Whether it’s the actual team or the loss of Kevin Durant, tickets are cheaper than they’ve ever been before for the playoffs.

Last season, the Thunder playoff tickets could be had for over $100 for a single first round game. Tickets against the Warriors were going for over $350-400 in the Western Conference Finals, depending on your seat.

Currently, according to Totally Tickets, you can get in the building for Friday night’s Game 3 against the Houston Rockets are as cheap as $70. That’s section 311, which isn’t a horrible seat. It’s a corner section and there is no backboard obstruction.

If you’re trying to sit lower, you’ll have no problem doing so for as little as $121. Section 110, baseline seating isn’t the best seating but you’re in the lower bowl and for some people, and me, that’s the best. I am a bit of a seat snob.

It very well could be tickets are so cheap as the Thunder are facing their fourth 2-0 deficit in franchise history. With the Thunder facing pending elimination on Sunday, the fan base would rather spend it with their family than see a team blow another fourth quarter lead.

“I lose money overall,” Derek Seys says. “I live in Illinois, so I burn 15,000 miles driving, too.”

Though, all season the prices haven’t been selling as they would the past. Oklahoma City season ticket holders have tried to use third party sites, such as Totally Tickets to recoup some of their money, really to no avail.

“Losing Kevin Durant hurt the resale for the regular season,” Jason Hines, a season ticket holder said. “I’ve had to eat a few games this year where I couldn’t sell or attend. Never happened while KD was here.”

For many Thunder fans, it’s the experience and not the team on the court.

“I don’t get to many games,” Meghan Haftman said. “I love the Thunder, no matter who’s on the court.”

For some, avoiding third-party sites has been the way to go.

“I never lost money once this season,” Nick Gray, a season ticket holder said. “We have reasonably priced seats though.”

Gray often packaged his seats in multiple games and sold to friends or on craigslist to help cover the games they didn’t attend.

“I think the triple-double run by Russ helps,” Gray said. “It really picked up after Christmas.”

Oklahoma City could be eliminated on Sunday if they fail to win on Friday night. The Peake will continue to be there and the the fans will continue to roll into the venue, cheering loudly. It’s all now about how expensive the ticket to get to see the Russell Westbrook show will be.

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