Westbrook’s postgame comments provides insight

Russell Westbrook may take 43 shots but the man will also take the blame when the Thunder lose.

Despite scoring an NBA playoff record 51 points, 13 assists, and 10 rebounds, the MVP candidate admitted he needed to do a better job in involving his teammates late.

“I have to do better job of finding my guys and trusting them when it’s not going for me,” Westbrook said.

While that sentence may be a generic off the cuff statement from most players, it’s a bit of a slip from a man that often doesn’t let many things slip out. Westbrook, in all of his glory last night, struggled in the fourth quarter. He took more shots in the fourth than any of his teammates attempted all game long. On a normal night, that’s not a bad deal. Often, it’s why the Thunder win. Westbrook was obviously frustrated by the lack of calls and his shot went awry. Oklahoma City went the same way of his shot.

This is something we’ve come to expect and love about Westbrook. The man doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t sit back and go well “I picked up a 50-point triple-double, how about dah?” No, His response is eloquent in verbage, despite hostile.

“I don’t give a f*** about my line. We lost.”

Westbrook’s statements are as loud and at times, as controversial, as his outfits.

It’s easy to say Westbrook is chasing stats. The man has appeared to snatch rebounds out of the hands of his own teammates and fly down the court like a tazmanian devil on Looney Tunes. Statements like “I don’t give a f*** about my line” show what most of the Thunder fans have known, there’s not a lot of stat chasing for Westbrook.

He does what he does out of necessity.

When Westbrook came back in after only sitting for a couple of minutes in the fourth, the frustration was already on Westbrook’s face and the damage was done.

The Thunder coaching staff may make excuses but No. 0 wonn’t. He says it’s his job to win games and when they don’t win, he says it’s his fault, even if it’s really not his fault.

A Westbrook style game with a Westbrook style presser. Nothing than what we’ve come to expect with the NBA Playoffs.

When the Thunder roll out of bed for Friday’s game, expect a renewed vigor within the locker room that we may have not seen on Wednesday night.

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