Lawmakers try to tax Thunder tickets

It’s always fun going to an Oklahoma City Thunder game. Over the years, the price has steadily increased and as of this season, the Thunder games are the eight most expensive ticket in the league.

Since the arrival of the New Orleans Hornets, the price of a professional sporting event ticket in Oklahoma City has been tax empted, but the state would like to change that if they could. According to the Oklahoman, lawmakers could push for a sales tax increase to help generate some revenue.

House Bill 2350 would effectively raise the cost of a ticket by 4.5 percent, which is the state sales tax rate. Oklahoma City could also have the option of charging its municipal sales tax.

If it becomes law, the sales tax would apply to tickets bought after July 1, so this season’s tickets wouldn’t be affected.

House Bill 2350 would reinstate sales tax for professional sports tickets, which could raise $1.8 million for Oklahoma’s budget.

If this goes through, the average ticket will increase by approximately $2.50 per game.

It’s unclear if this will actually pass, but it did get through committee stage.

According to Team Marketing, a family of four going to a single game can touch $300 per game and then doing that 41-43 times a year, this could be a huge boost for the economy… or they could find another way to screw this up as they have seemed to do a lot.

This would also apply to other sporting events in the city, such as the Energy and Dodgers.

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