Experts overwhelming pick Rockets to win series

We knew the Thunder were underdogs coming into this match up. However, the grim picture being painted by experts is showing how difficult this task may be for the Thunder.


There are 30 experts picking each series over at the world wide leader. Even Oklahoma City’s own Royce Young chooses the Rockets in six games. However, there is one man who goes against all causes, Michael
Wright says Oklahoma City will win in seven games.

  • 9 say Rockets in 5 games.
  • 15 say Rockets in 6 games.
  • 5 say Rockets in 7 games.
  • 1 says Thunder in 7 games.


CBS Sports, home of Matt Moore, aka HP Basketball, they decided they were picking folks, too. Five writers sought out to give us their predictions and this time around, it’s a lot closer than ESPN would have said. While they don’t do a round-by-round game pick, they do an entire bracket instead. Here it is:

  • Bill Reiter: Thunder
  • Ethan Skolnick: Thunder
  • Matt Moore: Rockets
  • James Herbert: Rockets
  • Jack Maloney: Rockets


Over at Sports Blog Nation, there are seven very qualified voters on these series. I have the utmost respect for all seven of them. That said, not a single one of them chose the Thunder. So, let’s avoid going to their website for awhile. Kidding. Kind of.

  • 2 said Rockets in 5 games.
  • 3 said Rockets in 6 games.
  • 2 said Rockets in 7 games.


Another national publication full of highly respected writers. They threw together their opinions, in hopes of our clicks. You’re welcome. We did it. Four journalists tried to reason with one another, giving well thought out reasons why they felt Houston was better than Oklahoma City. While all four chose Houston, they all feel we can push the series. I also added in a USA Today editor who picked the Thunder.

  • Sam Amick: Houston in 6
  • Jeff Zillgitt: Houston in 7
  • Michael Singer: Houston in 7
  • AJ Neuharth-Keusch: Houston in 6.
  • Adi Joseph: Thunder in 7.


While this magazine, turned online publication doesn’t exactly catch your eye at times, they decided to give it their best go with their selections. Two writers poked and prodded, giving it their best shot. You can view their individual choices and reasonings, by clicking on their names.


The boys at SI followed the same format at CBS. We don’t see how many games, as they picked the entire playoffs right now. So, we get an insight to what they were all thinking. Seven writers and seven times they picked the Rockets. Spoiler alert: they all picked the Warriors to win the title, too.

  • Ben Golliver: Rockets
  • Lee Jenkins: Rockets
  • Chris Ballard: Rockets
  • Andrew Sharp: Rockets
  • Jeremy Woo: Rockets
  • DeAntae Prince: Rockets
  • Jake Fischer: Rockets

If you want a running tally: Rockets 51, Thunder 5. They picked Houston 91.1 percent

Oklahoma City has been behind the 8-ball all season long. Why not continue that into the playoffs? Oklahoma City needs all the support they can get, but there’s enough throughout Loud City to get the job done. Playoffs start on Sunday, let’s do it.

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