Grizzlies Meltdown! 4-5-17

The Oklahoma City Thunder were saved by Russell Westbrook again and the Grizzlies fan base couldn’t believe it like most of the NBA hasn’t either. While the Meltdown isn’t long it is a quality one by the Memphis fans. Check it out!

  • I am so torn between wanting to watch Westbrook break an NBA record in person and wanting to deny him that record on our home court.
  • i feel we should play the last 4 games as it was preseason to avold any more injury
  • Not expecting much tonight. The Grizzlies don’t want to win this game.
  • i really hope they dont overcommit on the help defense for westbrook, let him go for 40-50
  • Tony Allen is so frustratingly bad sometimes.
  • It’s official, Marc and Mike’s offensive games are allergic to each other and cannot exist together.
  • Tony Allen is pretty athletic – I don’t think GNG has done him any favors over the years offensively.
  • If you think Marc Gasol is a good rebounder you have some issues.
  • Gasol scoring well now that alpha Conley is out..Wow what are the odds?
  • I love it when they get rolling like this
  • Sickening listening to all these bandwagon fans
  • Who the heck leaves doug mcdermott that wide open?
  • Wow…Grizz as usual getting F’d by refs
  • I don’t even know why fans boo. The grizz organization don’t care enough to stand up for this team. I’ll keep saying this until somebody stands up to the nba. I’m sick of this **** being called at our place.
  • One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen
  • really good game – glad the guys are bringing it.
  • ******* blatant garbage call again.
  • Man…Westbrook is other worldly
  • Westbrook is just on another level.
  • You just can’t beat that man, can’t beat it.
  • Just run out the clock to say F YOU to Westbrook, I don’t want us to be the team that gets him his record. No chance for a rebound.
  • Best player in the league right there
  • FTW go ahead and give that dude MVP —
  • Westbrook is a certified killer.
  • Lebron can’t do what russell westbrook does
  • Never thought I’d say this but Westbrook is fun to watch though.
  • If Westbrook played for the Grizz he would be the greatest thing since strawberry ice cream.
  • I’m going to have nightmares about Russell Westbrook now
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