Mavs Meltdown! (3-27-17)

  • Here’s to a good clean game.
  • Maybe Cuban can reiterate that Westbrook is not a superstar, he is 5th in his mvp voting and Russ goes off for a 50 point triple double in a blowout win.
  • I’m predicting a win tonight
  • is there anyone in OKC’s rotation that is not big..
  • I’m so F* sick of JJB/Devin selfish basketball.
  • stop passing Dirk and take some shots
  • Mavs kept the Thunder from scoring for almost 6 minutes there in the 2nd quarter!
  • McDermott is such a bust.
  • How bad Doug McDermott’s defense is I wonder
  • OKC needs to drop that mutton chop guy. I haven’t seen him do a single thing that didn’t look awful.
  • Westbrook’s attitude kills the Thunder.
  • Why are we winning and by so much too?
  • wow up 13 with no seth!
  • snow is melting. soon there will be leaves and playoffs
  • I thought Oldadipo couldn’t shoot.
  • Damn Steven Adams is a monster. He looks like an old school center who can play in this new era.
  • The Thunder spent last night trying to chase the Rockets up and down the court. It’s showing. This is another one in the W column.
  • We own this team. It’s a W tonight.
  • wow westbrik needs 2 more assists for another trpl-dbl
  • Can we play OKC every game?
  • Watchin this Westbrook one assist short of a triple double show is amusing. Three failed assists since he came back in.
  • I hate our front office
  • stupid WIN, stupid Org…..
  • if noel can start dunking on oklahoma it’s over
  • shut up, doug mcdermott
  • lets go refs
  • let’s have a few overtimes..
  • How many minutes has Wes played tonight? Dude looks like he’s gassed!
  • If we’re going to win, lets win with our young guys.
  • we will win this… its gonna be dirk time
  • thanks tank?!
  • Gonna lose this one.
  • Jesus christ Barnes has been horrendous.
  • first time as Mavs fan want to lose the game…..
  • PLEASE, LOSE MAVERICKS, LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally, a chance to lose..
  • YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • Team Tank lives….
  • dirk sitting in last 13 seconds. tank is clear and clean
  • fk you secaucus new jersey
  • Refs win
  • completely scripted last 2 mins of basketball…
  • Who was that dissing Westbrook??? Looks pretty good to me.
  • Russ is such a boss. **** yeah. MVP. **** this stupid organisation. Russ to the rescue.
  • Can’t say I’m mad.
  • The NBA disgusts me.
  • BELIEVE!! Thank you Westbrook
  • That was such a trash loss.
  • That officiating was a disgrace. I will take the loss though.
  • Great tank
  • I can’t watch so I checked box score seriously expecting to win and we lost by one!! I checked in the 4th we were up 9..
  • The coaching by Rick Carlisle was genius for a team needing a loss. His refusal to double-team the ball to get it out of Westbrook’s hands at the end of the game was genius. The same strategy worked against Phoenix with Booker.
  • That’d be so crazy if Carlisle planned the last 3 minutes as a tank move.
  • Fun Game to watch and it feels like a win. But we got the L and i its good for us
  • Man, what a weird, f’d-up season.
  • what the hell happened? I closed my screen with 3:40 remaining to catch up with a friend with Mavs leading by 13 and then i see the final score. what happened??
  • Seems like Russell Westbrook happened
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