Nets Meltdown 3-14-17

Russell Westbrook grabbed a triple-double for his 33rd of the season to a standing ovation. Nets fans, mainly Thunder fans applauded him. Oklahoma City beat the Nets 122-104 on Tuesday night. Here’s the meltdown that ensued during the game.

  • Really looking forward to this one.
  • Nets gonna get obliterated on the inside.
  • I see alot of thunder dunks in this game
  • Honestly, I think we’re going to get stomped.
  • I predict this game gets cancelled due to snow and fear of stomping.
  • Lin is somewhere sleeping on his couch with a couple female Lin fans massaging his hammys while playing some christian gospel music as he finds the holy spirit to guard Westbrook tonight.
  • how about if Lin out duels Goatbrook in his fashion, a triple double?
  • We’re keeping it close.
  • RWB already has 8 assists. Great player.
  • RW is a great player, no doubt. But if you pass to undefended big man under the basket you are going to get a lot of assists.
  • Westbrook already near a triple double. Jesus.
  • I’d actually like to see some Hamilton. And the Nets should go under the screen on Westbrook, and dare him to shoot.
  • I think Lin Manuel-Miranda would do poorly guarding Westbrook.
  • Whitehead has such low IQ. lol
  • Wow Lin.
  • So nice to see westbrook unable to score on lin 1v1
  • What a fun half.
  • And very surprised so many people there today with snowstorm since some of the trains are not working or on delay. But seems like a full house from TV.
  • WTF refs…
  • How is that a foul on us? Wow
  • Why do i hate foye so much
  • It’s one thing you lose the ball ($h!t happens), it’s another thing when you lose the ball and not run back on defense.
  • Wow **** these **** refs
  • Westbrook gets a standing ovation for a triple double. lol
  • man.. this home crowd RIP
  • what a home crowd we have! best fans!!! jk
  • what a disgrace home court fans cheering for the opposing team when your own team is still fighting.
  • More OKC fans then Nets fans in attendance. Not just after Westbrook’s trip-dub but throughout the game.
  • This game is over.
  • W.Brook too good!
  • I hope it’ll take those fans that cheered for OKC 4 hours to get home.
  • I can’t stand all those elementary school kids and douchebags in Westbrook jerseys blowing their loads over a triple double
  • If you ever needed evidence as to why I keep saying that the Nets have no fanbase in Brooklyn, tonight was your proof.
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