Jazz Meltdown! 1.23.17

The Thunder popped the Jazz on Monday night in an event that saw Westbrook almost end Gobert and Russ nailing essentially a buzzer beater. It’s good to be a Russ fan. Jazz fans complaining about a lot, tried to say there was an illegal screen, but some were sensible. Good game from the Thunder!

  • we can’t let them break away from us.
  • offensive foul much … seriously
  • kanter gulen
  • wow how’d hill finish that!?
  • Because Cameron Payne is trash.
  • are there bigger homer announcers in the NBA than OKC?
  • Russell’s easily on pace for his first triple-double vs utah
  • As long as Kanter gets the “L” it doesn’t matter.
  • this OKC lineup shouldn’t score a single point
  • Refs seem to favoring us a bit tonight. A couple soft calls against OKC i think
  • That scared me ****less that Rudy was going to get hurt
  • damn westbrook is on fire lmao
  • **** sabonis for not helping him up though. If I saw a player get upended regardless what happened I’d help them up.
  • westbrook with 22/5/6 in the first half? video game numbers
  • holy **** if westbrook would’ve got that…..
  • force Westbrook to hit jumpshots I say we win.
  • Considering that Westbrook has 22 at the half, the Jazz are pretty luck to be in this game.
  • the Jazz seem to want to lose this game
  • ****ing free throws holy ****
  • Rudy post up starting 15 ft away… lmao whats happening
  • We are so much better than them.
  • The Thunder don’t have very good bench scoring. At least not tonight.
  • This Jazz squad is balls deep.
  • See what Jerami Grant just did? No one was guarding him so he drove it and scored. Exum could do that.
  • It’d be nice if Hayward took over and just won this.
  • Russell Westbrick tbh
  • Our offense is absolutely **** atm
  • I think we pull this one out.
  • damn Westbrook, bricking every mid range jumper in second half and then 30 ft 3 pointer is nothing but net…
  • Can we stop Westbrook down the stretch
  • Hahaha Hill touched Westbrook’s face!
  • What a rebound by adams
  • That Steven adams offensive rebound was beastly as ****. Gotta give it to him, that was one of the best rebounds I ever saw.
  • GH with the bomb!
  • Ugh, so much time.
  • Wow, couldn’t have been more wide open.
  • LMAO was just about to post “Hayward’s been a ghost this half”
  • What do you do about that? Dude is pissed.
  • I mean, really…you gonna give him that you don’t deserve to win
  • So tired of Westbrook….
  • I would be too after that clutch performance.
  • Jazz dun ****ed up tonight. Didn’t really deserve to win that
  • Kanter and Adams abused rudy’s ass.
  • Refs missed a lot of blatant fouls on both sides. Highlights were Ingles shoving some dude out of the paint and Hill face-palming Westbrook’s stupid face. I’m sure there were more but I didn’t watch the middle of the game. Refs didn’t blow this game for us….
  • OKC really took it too us, and deserved to win.
  • when is the game going to start
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